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finally..we are back......!             
who is back ? bah..silly question.......
trance is back .after a 3 and a half    
months delay. here is                   
a-head issue 2!!                        
and bizarre is typing sum crap here in  
that nice chapter called editorial...!  
i also made the following chapters:     
maybe sum credits now...all coding done 
by underdog/trance !                    
logo by crate /padua                    
zax by                                  
in the menu   :oliver klee              
in da chapters:cane/spirit              
text : bizarre and doc holliday         
now..some guys will ask what's up with  
benno ! well..that exactly is what we   
(doc h. and me) also have asked our-    
selves for the past 11 weeks or so...   
but always (yes:always!!!!) when either 
him (d.h) or me called him up and asked 
what was up with the new menu,etc..     
we could hear 2 nice words in return    
of benno :  " n o   t i m e "           
that's ridiculous,eh ?                  
well.we didn't want to use that shitty  
issue 1 's outfit again,coz nobody      
really liked it (neither you nor us)    
so,one of our allmighties,underdog,     
coded that menu,ya can see in this      
issue 2,in just 3 weeks...that also     
means of coz,it's not yet 100 %         
improved..so in every further issue     
of a-head ,there 'll be improvements    
of coz a-head will now be a really      
regulary released mag...we think        
about releasing it once a month..or so..
i hope everything works right,and that  
many guys can read these lines here now 
on saturday,may 29 th 1993 in a nice    
wellknown town called gothenburg !      
issue 3 is supposed to be released      
in late june...it just depends on the   
amount of votesheets i 'll get...as     
soon as i will have 150 sheets,issue 3  
is on its way to yer screens..the same  
is planned for all upcoming issues !    
i advise ya to read all chapters..coz   
lotsa interesting things and stuff for  
you to laugh can be found everywhere !  
i'm a bit proud of the charts ,coz they 
are really big ! at least top 60        
everywhere...and some categories even   
are listed up to top 100 or more...     
in every case ,do not forget loading    
the mixed chapter !                     
i don't feel like crapping around in    
da editorial just to increase the amount
of text with useless blabla.....        
so,it won't be much more in this chapter
...but i think..the mag is filled with  
much text ,without too much blabla,eh?  
(well as i hope ya read this chapter as 
first,ya don't yet know about the other 
i want all of you,to give me a reaction 
for this issue,just tell me yer         
honest opinion..don't come with crap    
like "cool mag,keep it up" or so..      
if you want to get in touch with us...  
write to me..for anything about a-head  
,also for a hot swap and friendship     
+ techno tapes and stamps swap....      
of coz also 4 anything else......       
or just call : +xx/(0) xxx/xxxxxx       
ask 4 jose ....!                        
ya also can write to doc holliday:      
now i wish ya a really funny time       
reading this magazine....see ya in      
sum other chapters..and in issue 3      
zieht den bayern die lederhosen aus!    
bizarre !                               

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