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ah...cool..ya haven't forgotten to load 
the mixed chapter..thanx...             
so..bizarre here with a mixed chapter!  
what is it about ,ya may ask ?          
well.in this chapter i willl write sum  
things that are not long enough to start
an own chapter for it...                
here i can also write thing i have      
forgotten somewhere else..as addies     
or last minute news or whatever....     
i will start that chapter now with      
the review of the new album by          
2 unlimited called "no limits"          
it consitst of 14 tracks..8 on side a   
and the final 6 on side b               
(where else)                            
i will now list all the songs and give  
a short comment on every of 'em..then   
i will give my personal percentage that 
that song deserves in my opinion! after 
that i'll give ya my total-opinion of   
the entire album!                       
1. no limits    100 %                   
this is the song so far 1993 i think!   
it's just brilliant...on the album they 
have put the version that ya can see    
in the video !                          
2. tribal dance  97 %                   
another great song ..the version        
is a bit longer than the normal single- 
version or the video-version            
3. mysterious    87 %                   
yeah..also the 3rd song is coool!       
it's different from the typical         
2 unlimited beats you all know !        
that song could be the 3rd single from  
that album..it's cool!                  
4. faces      61 %                      
yep..that one isn't so good..it seems to
be an albumfiller...!                   
it is about "different races,different  
faces " but it isn't as catchy as the   
first 3 tracks..                        
5. maximum overdrive   72 %             
this one is a bit better than the       
previous one ,but all in all it is a bit
boring..it has nothing special..        
6. the power age    85 %                
i really  like that one...it begins a   
bit boring,but here is a cool refrain   
sung by anita of coz..that one is really
cool..yeah! between it of coz the       
usual "rapping" by ray..hehe!           
cool song..maybe the 4th single or so   
let's see..                             
7. break the chain  80 %                
another pretty good song..it begins with
the interesting words "come on,come on" 
hehe! but sum cool parts by anita       
8. kiss me bliss me  73 %               
this one is again not sooo good..but    
it's not bad either....the thing is,    
it is nothing special...                
and it's the final track on side 1      
for yer information...i have bought it  
on tape !                               
now side 2                              
9.throw the groove down  91 %           
this one or "mysterious" should be the  
next single release...it is great!      
it has something special that is hard   
to describe in sum words...first the    
beat is different again...then there    
are sum funny stereo effects,especially 
when ya listen to it by headphones..    
and anita's voice is wonderful again..  
ah yeah..and ray is also present ..i    
think i don't have to explain ,what his 
part is on that song..hehe!             
10. r.u.o.k     90 %                    
first of all, r.u.o.k stands for        
"are you okay?"                         
yeah..that one has again the typical    
2 unlimited sound.but that isn't all... 
in the refrain a very nice background-  
beat ( or what ever ya wanna call it )  
appears..it's great.....!               
to be honest..the song only consists of 
2 different parts...but both are great..
11. let the beat control yer body       
       85 %                             
it begins with 12 times in a row (!)    
mentioning the title...                 
hehe...the rest is typical for that     
group..it has sum cool parts ,but all in
all it ain't as good as some other      
tracks on this album..but nevertheless  
85 % for it..                           
12. invite me to trance !   73 %        
cool title..indeed..                    
it begins rather strange..with a long   
"uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh" or so...dunno 
how to explain it..then a nice beat     
starts..and i'm waiting for sum cool    
effects...anita starts singing..but..   
nothing really happens..hm.no..this     
one is rather boring..                  
13. where are you know  38 %            
urg..i thought..what's that....         
but it's true ..it is a ballad..uuurgs! 
how is that possible.??                 
well..i normally hate ballads..hmm..    
anita 's voice saves some points in     
my opinion..but i only hope that they   
will never release a ballad as single...
and if they will do it,do me a favor,and
don't buy it,coz if it won't be success-
ful,they wouldn't do that again,hehe!   
14. gimme shelter on a rainy day        
               21 %                     
last and least that song..yes..it's     
by far the worst....another ballad..but 
even worse than the prrevious one...    
now i am hoping for many more albums    
in the future                           
now the summary:                        
2 unlimited : no limits   75 %          
yep..75 % sounds rather bad..but        
now don't count the ballads and we get  
82 % and that is very good for an album!
i just can say apart from the 2 hit-sing
les,there are 3 more who are worth being
released in my opinion....yeah!         
a great album !                         
buy it !                                
yes..that was the first bit of the      
mixed chapter....next up a bit about    
the reactions we got after issue 1:     
well,i won't wrote down every single    
reaction here..i will summarize them..  
coz all in all we could hear or read    
the following!                          
nice new mag..pretty good for issue 1   
but,very ugly graphics..remove them     
(we have done it)..also the amount of   
text could be better..( it is better....
think of the biiiig chart-section,or    
doc hollidays great chapters...)        
the menu sucked..(we completely changed 
it)...so what else do ya want ?         
yep..it will be released regulary.......
once per month we all hope....!         
if ya wanna react on anything con-      
cerning this issue's text ,write to     
me,bizarre ..or call +xx/(x)xxx/xxxxxx  
ask 4 jose... if ya feel like           
complaining about the "technical"       
points of a-head issue 2...tell it      
to doc holliday!                        
next time..i'll write real reactions,but
that only works when you react.eh ?     
so ,do it..write something on the back  
of da new a-head votesheet....          
the one made by zapotek/trance          
why the new one ?                       
ok..take a look on it now....as ya      
can see ..there is something called     
"real music" ..there we have            
"best groups" "best singles of all time"
and "best singles of the past 52 weeks" 
well..best groups does not mean xentax  
or t.i.a  i say real music .so there    
vote for your favourite music-groups,   
or male/female singers                  
as 2 unlimited,def leppard,felix,       
utah saints,manowar,bryan adams,snap,   
ace of base,metallica,megadeth ,madonna 
,jade ,l.a.style..or whatever...but     
not computer groups,ok ?                
best singles of all time speaks for     
itself...chose yer favourite 10 songs   
of all time,and write them down...      
do the same for the "best singles of    
da past 52 weeks" so ya can vote for    
anything being released from june 1992  
to may 1993..got it..also for brandnew  
stuff..but for eg "don't you want me "  
by felix ,too..got it ?                 
the sense of all that is ,that from     
issue 3 on ,i 'll will reveal the       
scene's top 40 in all above mentioned   
3 categories...so fill that real music  
section in..thanx! also fill in the     
other normal ones,as well..if ya don't  
yet have a new votesheet.then fill an   
old one without that music stuff...     
nobody will care...                     
now time for the votesheet spreader     
1. mj/maniax..................16        
2. darkman/extacy..............9        
3. jazzcat/bodycount...........4        
4. antifan/equinoxe............3        
5. honza/hondani/death.........3        
6. fli/?? .....................2        
7. starlight/bronx.............2        
8. bacillus/death..............2        
9. newcommer/equinoxe..........1        
thanx to all...as promised,the top 5    
spreaders will get something soon.as    
a present...next time again,the top 5   
spreaders will be rewarded !            
what next ? now here is the ceremony of 
the funniest votesheet !                
yep..i chose this  one                  
the addy on the back by "tdk/legend"    
who was voted as number 1 swapper ?     
airwolf !                               
of coz i destroyed that sheet ,and      
did not count it !                      
if you now don't know,what's so funny   
about it,maybe then you are a bit lame! 
sorry but that's the truth..and now     
i also want the "non-knowings" to laugh:
tdk/legend is a fake person created by  
airwolf/success...got it ?              
and that's where the mixed chapter      
leaves ya...see ya somewhere else...    
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