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     yep !!!!! it's finfished !!!!!     
i have the pleasure to introduce the    
first issue of this mag called A-HEAD !!
the most of you waited for this mag     
about an half a year , but after sum    
problems with the editors and the groups
i was able to finish it .               
i must give a special thanx to all the  
cool dudes , which have voted in this   
mag !!                                  
megathanx pal .                         
but now to the mag !!!!                 
here you find new ideas of chapters and 
i hope you all like the new ideas .     
i have got two chapters from DIABOLO of 
LOWER LEVEL(???) which he had written   
for the bitmania , but he have sum      
troubles with the bitmania , coz it     
could be , that the bitmania will never 
be released again . so he gave to me a  
mag review and a party report about the 
aars pardey . megathanx pal !!!!!       
it could be , that he write sum texts in
other issues from a-head . but that's   
not sure at this noment .               
now to the news in this issue !!!       
i must say a sorry for old news in it , 
but i had not get newer ones last time .
and a sorry for no swappercharts in the 
charts chapter , but i promise you ,    
that in the next issue are swappercharts
but what to write here more ??          
i think , all is written for this first 
issue .                                 
right your joy !!!                      
for reactions write to the following    
addy :                                  
             BENNO / TRANCE             
that's all here . press button for menu 
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