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    party report from'the party 1992    
           part ii,the final'           
               by diabolo               
welcome reader to the report from the   
aars x-mas party which was arranged by  
camelot on the c64 in cold denmark.     
the party start was set on the 27th of  
december 0800 cet. we (benno/trance,rrr/
oxyron and me) already arrived at 0730  
at the conference centre after we had   
driven in our car during the night.     
we were astonished that there were      
already quite many cars on the parkiing 
place half an hour before the official  
beginning. it was very cold outside     
and we were lucky when we discovered    
that one could already enter the warm(!)
hall. we went torwards the place where  
you had to pay the entrence money. there
was a very long row of people waiting.  
it took us 2+1/2 hours(!)to get to the  
desk where we had to pay the entrence   
fee. after having paid we got a white-  
orange band round our wrist which       
should make it easier for the organizers
to see if people had paid or not.       
furthermore a 3.5 votedisc was handed   
out which allowed us to vote for the    
various competitions on an amiga.       
unfortunately an error occured on these 
discs but it was repared after giving   
 the discs back to an organizer.        
a little sheet with a timetable of the  
competitions and other things was       
available at the information desc.      
after having fetched our equipment out  
of my car and installing it,we had a    
look through the halls. in hall 1 was   
the information where you also could    
deposit your contribution for the compos
later on, a little computer shop with   
discs etc, a cafeteria, a snackbar and  
ofcourse the 600x550 cm large screen on 
which mtv,compos,information and live-  
pictures,which were shot in the halls,  
were displayed. this carpeted hall was  
resrved for amigas and pc's. on the     
reserved tables were sheets on which    
groupnames were written. the same had   
been done in hall 2 which was planned   
to be the c64 hall. but more than half  
of the hall was occupied by amigas and  
pc's later on. at the edge of hall 2 was
the main entrence. both,hall 1 and 2,   
were divided into parts by moveable     
partition walls. on the edges of some   
tables were plastic bags which were used
as dustliners. later on the first day   
both halls were filled and all space the
halls offered was needed to accommodate 
all people. the third hall was t`e      
sleeping hall where you could sleep on  
the ground. one bad thing was that it   
was strictly forbidden to sleep in the  
other halls. it made no sense to me why 
i should not sleep on my chair in front 
of my equipment. two times some         
organizers forced me to sleep in hall 3;
but without success. later,rrr told me, 
they threatened to cancel the compos or 
the party if people were going on with  
sleeping in the halls.                  
the halls were always clean as the hired
personal did their job. only in the     
three (!) toilets was a little mews     
because the bin for the used papertowels
was too small so that there was soon a  
hill of th3se. i only discovered two (!)
showers,one for men,one for women which 
could luckily be used by everybody.     
nevertheless there was always a row of  
people in front of the showers and      
people had to wait 1+1/2 hours to have a
we builed up our computer in the middle 
of hall 2. at the same table was the    
oxyron crew busily finishing their      
demoparts. people and groups that i     
personally saw at the party are:        
oxyron (tts,graham,axis,slide,rrr,kirk, 
trance (benno,asmodis,luka,...)         
antic (incubus,zyron,...)               
padua (syndrom,bulldog,...)             
spirit (ans,bulldog,...)                
smash design (tardox,ivan,...)          
and some more.                          
around 1 o'clock in the morning was a   
little techno concert which i           
unfortunately missed just as the game   
the amiga graphics compo was really     
great. alltogether there were about 50  
pics. some pictures they showed were    
just brilliant and close to perfection. 
in my opinion the picture with some     
flying dragons as theme was the best.   
but there were many more good pictures, 
many of the good ones were showing two  
fighting humans in former times. one    
picture was supposed to be a joke and it
made everybody laugh. it was a flying   
bird that could have been drawn by a    
child of 5 years and it got loud        
the music compo was not that good as    
the musics sounded all the same. the    
projectionists printed that about 250   
musics were handed in for the sound     
compo and only 34 were chosen to be     
played. the amount of musics were       
probably a joke because i don't think   
that 250 musicians were present at the  
the fast-intro-compo was one of the most
amusing parts of all competitions.      
some were really simple. just a logo and
a scroller looking like a standard intro
on the c64 but below the amiga standard.
one intro that looked quite good in the 
beginning did selfdestruction as the    
line routine which was supposed to look 
quite well wrote the datas in the       
bitmap of the logo. but i don't want to 
slag on all intros as i'm not sure how  
much time they groups had to finish     
their intros,                           
the'normal'intro-compo was astonishing. 
some intros looked like demoparts with  
excellent coding. the'intro'from rebels 
was one of the best. but also some      
others whose names i can't remember     
had the same quality. one featured      
raytracing, another 3d-views out of a   
vehicle driving through a city.         
i can't say anyting about the amiga     
demo-compo because we were alredy on our
way back to germany when it started.    
the pc demo-compo was quite good if i   
consider that the scene on pc is not    
that large yet. most of the demos       
contained standard effects like dycps,  
multiplexing and techtech. only some    
contained filled vector cubes which were
not as good as on amiga or c64 if i look
at coma light 8. but i liked most of the
the c64 graphics compo had some really  
nice pictures,totally about 25. the best
ones were from ans/spirit, ivan/smash   
design and some more. in my view the    
winning pic was the picture from a      
gfx-artist from vision,showing a vamp   
carrying a lady in front of a castle    
in the moonlight.                       
in the music competition 14 sounds took 
part. the music from devilock/x-rated   
had a good rythm but was not diversified
enough to have the number one spot.     
personally i think that the tune from   
steel/scs/origo was the best one.       
at 5 o'clock in the morning the c64     
demo-compo was held. totally about      
11 groups took part like noice,varsity, 
trance,oxyron,visual reality,smash      
design,starion,dunex and some more.     
the best demo was undoubted coma light 8
from oxyron. the demos from visual      
reality and starion were good,too.      
but both did not get spread. starion    
did not spread it because it seems to   
become fashion to keep one's demo after 
the compo. visual reality did not link  
their demo in time so that they showed  
the parts seperately with a monitor.    
perhaps people awaited more demos from  
some elite groups but the demo-compo    
and the graphics+music competition were 
of a high standard.                     
finally i can say that the party was a  
success. the organization was good,     
the sound equipment and the big screen  
made the compos a real enjoyment and    
the quantity of wares that were released
was ok.                                 
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