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             interview with


what is your handle/group?   xxer/triad

what is your real name?  peter jonsson

what do you do in your group?  i am the
most active modem trader in triad,also
i do some mail trade and i even use to
be the second hand of jerry when he
needs help or an opinion.

what country do you live in?  sweden
land of the vikings!

height: 1.80 metres  weight: 60kg
dob: july 19,1974 and i am as you may
of noticed by my first name a MALE!

at the moment i am working in a super-

tell us about you:  well,i am glued to
all pinball machines downtown,like to go
out and have a beer,then hopefully a
cold fosters or michelob down the pub,&
i need a driving licence!
how long have you been in the scene?  i
guess it's 6 yrs now i have been laming
around with my c64,been in TRIAD for the
last 3 years,before that i did NOTHING

been in any other groups?  i used to be
in a belgian group,forgot the name,sorry

what equipment do you have?  i have got
2 64's,one 1541-ii,alot of cartridges
(including a fart-cart,or as TRON or
JUCKE would say,(BAJSCART!),2400 modem,
ram expansion,paralell copy-kit and i
also have an amiga and a p.c.
how long have you had this stuff?  i had
one 64 6 years ago then i brought more
stuff later on,cant give any dates or so

what do you think of the scene?  well i
have just got into the modem scene
recently and i say that there's a hell
of a nice scene to stay in IF you have
good friends with most users,otherwise
it can be hard to make yourself a name
on the boards.

on the mail side i say there's far too
much mag's,the rest is ok for me!

when you think of the scene,what do you
think of first?  dealer quality software
all in the name of TRIAD!  well,not to
forget PACMAN!

what makes you tick?  PASS!

what makes you happy?  happy times of my
life,should be to be out on a weekend
having a beer,some credits on the pin-
ball machines,a goodlookin' lady next to
you and some money in your pocket!

what makes you pissed off?  what makes
me really pissed off should be when i
see all those immigrants that start up
fights downtown,acting like gods and so
on,you may call me a racist but,that
would be the wrong word,i think that
those who decides all these things in
our government never have seen what the
youths act like when a small city gets,
lets say 500 immigrants,there can only
be one thing around here and that is

do you have a girlfriend?  nope

if you could screw any girl,who'd it be?
guess that if i could choose one,it had
to be ?????

what is your aim in life?  my aim in
life is almost fullfilled,i am going
down to australia & new zealand in a few
months,and then i will have a REAL life

if you could change one thing in your
life,what would it be?  my bank account!
& in the scene,at&t telephone company
also the lack of cards would have to be

what are 3 things you cant live without?
air,food,and love!

what are 3 things you can live without?
pollution,war,and religious fights.
religion is for losers with no own will!

if you were to be executed,what would
be your last wish?  well,you can always
WISH a thing,but if your dreams come
true is another thing,but i think that i
would like to show all politicians that
they are WRONG! (is this unselfish or
what? - ed)

how does money affect your life?  well
money is a thing i wish i had more of so
i could spend them more often!

who is the most influential person in
your life?  i think that should be those
who fight for a clean nature,can't give
any names,but to give you one name that
DID inspire me,then it should be the
beatles and their lyrics!

if you were on an island,what 3 things
would you take and why?  clean water,
fresh fruits and a guitar so i finally
could learn to play at least ONE thing
in life!

what is your greatest fantasy?  greatest
fantasy should be that day when i could
face saddam face to face and prove he is
a complete idiot,same goes for ayatollah
and all other religious fanatics that
can make people to fight for a religion
with weapons.

if you had a million dollars,what would
you do with it?  put them into my bank
account and then make sure i only spend
the amount of money i can afford to
spend so i can have a long nice life AND
a big amount of cash,i also would like
to help greenpeace,but a million $'s
make no good when you look at all the
pollution we have!

anything you want to say?  be smart,
support GREENPEACE and face the truth,
religion is for loosers!(freedom of
choice - ed).  also make sure you give
your votes to the LEGENDS in TRIAD,if
we make you feel proud of having our
products,then we also feel fine,doesn't
it feel nice to know there is always one
good crew around?  1,2,3, say it TRIAD
dealer quality software for 7 years now!
favourite things:

food: mcdonalds,junk food
drink: fanta,cold beer,rum & coke or a
       glass of green orange!
music: i listen to most kinds of musics,
hard to give you anything special,but i
guess i have to say i am an all-eater in
game: pacman arcade,wasteland,pirates,
most soccer games on amiga and also i
like to play pinball games for hours!
demo: achmed/judas design and also the
      RED STORM!

computer: i like to play around with the
64,some think i'm crazy!
drug:what about a bottle of beer instead
book: it sure ain't the bible,that's for
sure,guess i still like comics!
movie: star wars trilogy and i also love
a swedish thing named RUNE & SUNE!
tv show: dame edna,cheers,dallas(not!)
topic for conversation: well,i can talk
most people down on a friday eve down
the pub,so you just give me one and i'll
do my best!
hobby:skiing,sailing,swimming,diving and
a 100 other things more!
car: my own one,but i also like to have
a pontiac firebird!

               xxer/triad  <-N.O.E
             peter jonsson
             610 13 lotorp

        contact me for whatever!
        dealer quality software

              thanks xxer
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