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this is GIORGIO ARMANI here talking
to ya about tsr and the scene.

first off, sorry about the delay on this
issue of the link. at this time of the
year, the usual exam goes on for many
sceners. i, myself, has just finished
my 3 year degree at university of
technology which is a big relief for me.
the exam was very exhausting. secondly,
an unfortunate news that my grandmother
pasted away during the month compounded
to my motivation to do the link.
nevertheless, that's from the past and
hopefully i'm back into gear now.
within TSR, the members are having a
ball down here. why did i say that?

firstly, LOGIC/TSR got married yesterday
on the 20th november with LISA. and they
are off to their sweet honeymoon. may
they share a happy life together. of
course he won't be reading this greeting
for another month while he is away.

secondly, UPTONOGOOD/TSR our respectful
leader is almost finishing his long due
holiday. i'm sure he had a great time
going down the coast with margaret (his
lovely wife).
then, there's STEVE/TSR who came up to
sydney for a wild stay in the city. did
ya have good time going to the kings
cross, steve? (hehehe).

MEGAZZAP/TSR is planning on a trip of
a lifetime to denmark attending a
party which is gonna be bigger than
the ASSEMBLY 93'.

and after 3 years of uni, i'll be off
to PORT MACQUARIE in the next few days
before leaving australia for SINGAPORE
and HONG KONG. and i'll see ya in mid
so as you can see, it's the time of
the year for celebration. but this year
is special. it's extraordinary to see
that most members are gonna be enjoying
their christmas better than the last.

now onto the next subject, as you have
heard about LITHIUM have a new leader
FADE. well fade and i had been friends
before i joined the scene. i met him on
the modem scene and it was fun. the past
issue of form had made the impression
that we are at war which is not true.
fade has my 100% support and i hope
lithium goes far.
okay, that's about all i wanna say for
this month. and i hope to see you
all very very soon at the schizics


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