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-             MOVIE REVIEW             -
-                                      -
-               THE FIRM               -
-                                      -
-                                      -

stuck in a small theatrette full of
lawyers is not the most pleasant way to
review films: i think it has something
to do with the overpowering cologne and
the sound of crisp notes in crocodile
skin wallets. THE FIRM certainly does
nothing to dispel these myths.

apparently the producers allotted
$28 million from the budget for the
cast and it shows. THE FIRM stars:

               TOM CRUISE
              GENE HACKMAN
               ED HARRIS
              HOLLY HUNTER

plus many more recognisable faces that
crop up all over the place.

nice guy tom cruise maintains his
TOP GUN coolness but actually managed
to act a bit and gene hackman is
excellent as the weathered, wizened
mentor to cruise.

mitch mcdeere (cruise) is an honours
graduate of harvard law school and is
hotly pursued by all the top law firms.
naturally being a lawyer, he goes for
most money, soft top mercedes and
interest free mortgage for his new home.
at this stage the firm itself seems
inconsequential. however, it doesn't
take all that long for quick thinking
mcdeere to find out that despite all the
nice ties, airs and graces of bendini,
lambert & locke, they are not what they
appear to be.

sydney pollack (out of africa) manages
the intricate screen play very well,
even though at times the twists and turn
of the vamped up story are as obvious
as black balls on a white dog. fast and
furiousit certainly is. listen to the
wonderful score by dave grusin plus
some of the wonderful blues track, as
one would expect for a movie set in
the strong cast keeps the action fluent
and belivable, and cruise is left with
his pride and marketability intact in
a somewhat boring ending. THE FIRM
didn't just appeal to the white
republicans of middle america, so don't
be afraid to part with your 10 bucks for
a good couple of hours of intrigue.

but then again the lawyers loved it

                   GIORGIO ARMANI/TSR
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