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hi and welcome to this issue of the news
section.  we have had a very good turn
over in vote sheet returns this month.

so there will be quite abit of news to
tell.  we ask all our readers to make
sure they return our vote sheets,with
their news items to their local tsr

on that note we wish to say a very big
thank you to all those that have sent in
some news.  without your help it would
be hard to fill this section,thanks boys
till the next issue UPTONOGOOD - EDITOR
clique is now dead,and remix went over
to the amiga section.

crossline is searching for more members,
especially coders and crackers.

success will release their own mag soon,
called game over.

alien prophet is back on the scene,and
will kick ya with his great gfx's.  he
also joined excess as an artist.

a new swapper is born in perth,called
the omen,please help him get started.
just for the record jazzcat,script is

lithium has a new musician called racer

cruze has left lithium,fade is now the
new leader.

form and cult will now come out again,
this only leaves the link and vandalism
news,to spread the ozzie word around.

matt/rebels australia joined bad karma
as a second group.
stan was kicked out of orgado,he is now
only in equinoxe.

tts/oxyron has stopped producing his mag
scene observer.

equinoxe will soon release its magazine
ingenious brain,second issue.

duke and dr zivago/gridpoint joined the
group pandora.

kbs/nerds has left nerds and joined the
group pandora.

yazoo had to leave the group oxyron.

amarok has left oxyron as well.

fli left excess to join fluid as their
new swapper and second leader.

mix also left fluid.

domino/security and karma/atomic stopped
swapping for time reasons.

x-rated is now a dead group.

security is now a dead group.
litrimm and x-raffi joined trance.

sailor/axel joined skylight designs as a

wozid/charged joined skylight designs as
a swapper,but he is not leaving his 1st

x-radical left nivara and has joined the
group vision.

the group nivara is now dead.

kid left trinomic to join excess as a

ethereal joined excess as a coder.

fli left migs and fluid and joined the
cool dudes in excess.

fluid will probaberly release their demo
gunfighter shortly.

fluid will hopefully release a new mag
in late septemper.

the authentic left dunex.

abuse also quit dunex.

the authentic and abuse started a new
group called jacuzzi.  reas/dunex also
joined jacuzzi.

ibanez/migs/no-name have been in the
scene for a whole year now.  16-7-93

starlight left bronx and is now in the
group extacy.

tmb/dd doesn't want his addy in anymore
mags as he has enough contacts.

guy shavitt has left the scene and gone
over to the p.c. scene.  you will be
sorely missed guy.

volunteer joined p7p.

acidchild joined taboo.

indigents group is now dead,as of the

pandace/maitec joined crossline.

firewalker/trinomic is back on the scene
again,after having problems with a drugo
who stole his sendings out of his mail-
box.  it took 5 months to find out what
happened,but after that the junkie was
caught by the police.  at the moment 25%
of his sendings were returned to him,by
the police,that means that there are 235
sendings lost and that means a lot of
money on disks and stamps.

mechanix 2124 will soon release a paper-
mag called the beast.  write to this add
rosenvej 3
6800 varde
denmark.or to your local mechanic dealer
druid,maverick,turbo left lithium to
start a new group.

shockwave,quazar were kicked out of
lithium and joined system.

jessie is a newcomer to lithium.  he is
going to do some cracks and gfx's.  he
is cruze's brother.

epic will be out soon,with a new format.

red sector inc seem to be the only ones
getting originals from their german
atmos/ex illusion joined success,but he
left straight after joining,and it now
looks like he has left the scene.

met/mayhem has just got out of jail,
after doing a 6 month stretch,he was
jailed for assaulting the pigs. bad luck
mate,hope you got them a beauty.

joker/mayhem has joined entropy as a 2nd

g*p has now got a baud,called la style,
it has up to 1200 rate and has 900 mega-
byte of hard disk.
party part 3 will start again in denmark
from 27th - 29th december 1993.

idle/dominators will return to the scene

talent are having a party in germany.

scorpio/no-name has quit the scene,and
so has his girlfriend blacklady.

half of the twlight group has joined the
triad group.

janetti/skylight designs has left the
skylight is now a dead group.

elysium is now a legal group.

rebels australia has changed its name
again,because rebels are at war with
triad.  the new name of the group is
called shazam.

the members are tomb-1202,insane,shades,
grize,morbid and gop.  it will be very
interesting to see how long this name
will last.

the scene is mad by bright light.
i will print this article as it is
written by bright light,who has quit the

this article is being written by the
former bright light/no-name/paralax.
what i am trying to state,is how mad
this scene has become.  i returned to
the scene,after 4 months,to find it had
totally changed,i remember when the 64
scene was really friendly,with deb,and
uptonogood,rustler and erratic etc,on
the scene.  i know it was changing a
little when i left(erratic busted,deb &
rustler quit),but on returning it was
totally changed.  a letter from gop to a
friend of mine,called bandit,told me
that bright light can go and get fucked!

all the scene is now is 1 group tsr,and
20 lame groups,giving others shit,and
starting wars,and fighting that they are
number one!!!

i also returned to find it full of
competitivness,and people slagging each
other(very childish).

anyway,just today,i found out that some
cunt had dobbed me in for ducking the
post by using those envelopes i use.

i answered the door to find a post
office person at my door,with the pack
sent back from anthrax.  it had been
opened.  i asked what was wrong,and they
told me a person they could not name,
from new south wales had given them some
information allowing them to fine me
with a $100 fine.

that is a lot of money for me to pay,and
my parents aren't going to help me.  so
this money can't be used to stay on the
i give all my best wishes to my best
friends on the scene,and hope for the

rustler (helped me into paralax)

uptonogood (my best friend on the scene)

blade,blackwidow,bulldog,logic,and rebel

thanks all of you,and the rest i have
forgotten.  goodbye scene.

and that cunt who dobbed me in,better be
feeling fucking guilty.
well some news that has just come to my

vengeance has gone and done it again,he
has left success and will trade only as

he also has fucked his parents again,by
running up a $4300 telephone bill.  i
thought you had some brains,matt,but
looks like i was wrong.  how could you
be so stupid!

also jerry wants his modem back,now!

that is the end of this news section,we
hope the information we have printed
here is correct.

we have taken all the care in the world,
to make sure it is right,please let us
know if there is anything different.

once again we would like to thank all of
those who have supplied us with the news

see you all next issue,and please send
back your vote sheets to us.

from the editor UPTONOGOOD - DAVID UPTON
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