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welcome to this,the 15th issue of our
mag THE LINK.  we wish to thank all our
readers,who have spoken highly of our
efforts in keeping you,the readers up-to
date with everything,that is happening
here and overseas.

there has been,quiet a few changes over
here,since the last issue of the link,
more about these later.

i have a big favour to ask of everyone,
can you tell me what has happened to TBB
and ARGOS,are they still around.  i have
sent many packs to them and they have
not sent back to me as yet.

also we would like someone to send over
a book from germany containing all the
new post codes,so we can keep our files
up-to date.

you will find in this issue we have 2
chart sections.  we have gone back to
having the monthly charts,as well as the
progressive charts.

the monthly charts will not contain and
i repeat,will not contain any tsr member
votes,we will see if this stops all you
whinges out there,you know who i mean.

the progressive charts will be kept up-
to date as usual.  we hope this meets
with everyone's approval.

hopefully with this issue you will be
able to type 16 characters in for your

you will also find some new tunes,that
you can use.

we will also have the date of the party
in 1994.
i would like to know if anybody out
there has a working copy of zac macraken
as mine is errored,also would like to
find a tune from the mission impossible

that's about all from me,i will hand you
over to my very good friend and sidekick

i would like to thank all those that
helped in any way shape or form.  we
thank you very much.

see you all next issue.UPTONOGOOD-EDITOR
another exciting month for the c64 and
the scene. first, SHAZAM is born after
REBELS australia left from the euro
division. it'll be interesting to see
how LITHIUM survives with CRUZE left the
group. MSR is almost unheard of but
i think they'll live if things goes
well. so the oz scene is much in need
of new blood to fill the unchallenged
position and competition is getting
less and less.

no doubt, TSR continues to strive to
produce best that we can to satisfy all
or readers. we'll be the last to go as
we hope. marching towards 1994, TSR will
be a stronger group. we have planned for
the next party where others are still
so uncertain about their own party.
guys, is the christmas party going
ahead or is TSR gonna beat you again
with our second party? no offence to
anyone just some encouragements.

onto another subject, looks like the
scene is smaller everyday. and at the
end of the day, the group that will
survive are those who stick together
as a real team. i can proudly say that
TSR has a good team of talents. not
just the commitments and the skills
that's needed to be a great group, but
also the loyalty members have shown
despite all the outside influences. we
have let our true spirit play the game
and not worrying about our EGO every
minute. i truely want to thank
UPTONOGOOD for showing outstanding
leadership ability in leading TSR to a
new era as we move beyond 1993. no
doubt, from the proud contributions of
all members, and i mean all members,
we'll continue to be a top group in
australia. we known deep under that we
are and we will continue to be so.
it has come to my attention that there
has been some rather critical comments
made directly to me from
CRUZE/EX-LITHIUM over the incident that
link#13 was packed with the expert
cartridge instead of a cruncher as such.
the same comment was repeated in form#6
three times: in the editorial, the news,
and the messages section. the same
comment asking WHY I DID IT? was sent
to me, the link and i presumed other
votesheets to other mags.

i have decided to exercise my right to
what i want to draw to your attention
is the fact that:

1. CRUZE knew of the reason why but he
   persisted the attack against me over
   such a petty thing as packing? the
   question of WHY? was asked many times
   even after honest answer was given?
2. CRUZE worried so much about packing
   that he made not one comment, but
   multiple comments in one issue of
   his own mag.
3. CRUZE, from i gathered, is seeking
   to print his comment in many mags
   over this small incident.
my reply to his abusive comment:

1. i consider the look and feel, the
   code, and the substance of the mag
   more a priority than how the finish
   product was packed.
2. your continual attack is unjust,
   out of proportion, and overblown.
   the language was abusive and rude.
   i resent your rudeness and consider
   that your own jealousy.
3. tsr communicated the reason to you
   2 days after the link was released.
   your mag was released six weeks
   after our explanation and you still
   decided to print such rude comments.
   either you are jealous or you want
   to start a war.
4. you may know a bit about packing
   (and who doesn't?)but you don't know
   enough about coding to code your own
   mag. then what gives you the right to
   criticise me of how i coded my mag?
5. as much as i wanted to criticise you
   back, i resisted because i don't want
   to bring myself down to your level!
6. i have never even made one comment
   about you before then why are you
   so keen on attacking me? afterall you
   almost blew your top off with those
   discourteous and savage comments.
7. watch your manners, CRUZE. even
   though you can exercise your freedom
   of speech, don't abuse it. especially
   over something so minor.

that's all i wanted to say about this
incident. CRUZE has taken many hours of
his time to engineer this attack. and to
my mind, is it worth it? who is to
benefit? does this make him sleep
better? i do however, think this kind of
attack is meaningless and degrading the
australian scene, won't you agree?

onto another topic - we'll talk about
networking. recently, i have discovered
a whole new world called the INTERNET.
internet is one big network which links
universities, nasa, governments,
research centres, technological frontier
of this world (this globe)! no kidding
the size is absolutely enormous. to
give you some ideas, there's an option
called the IRC stands for INTERNET
RELAY CHAT which you can chat with all
users on line in varies channels. a
channel is basically defined as a topic
of conversation. there are channels
such as #C-64, #AMIGA, #TEENSEX ETC.
each channel can have varies amount
of people logged on to it. on average
there would probably be about 5 logged
onto each channel. and on average, about
700 channels is available for irc.

another aspect is the EMAIL ability to
write mails on-line or off-line.
on-line mails are put into NEWSGROUPS
and there are at least 20,000 newsgroups
online. people can post messages and
bulletins for others. off-line you can
write private mails to certain people
you desired. the destination is defined
by addresses. for example my address
which the address is basically a mail
box. mails sent are delivered into
addresses like real life mails.

of course the biggest benefit is
privacy. the FTP module allows you
to sent files to addresses like mails.
but you ask, where do i get hot stuff
from? two ways my friend:

1) via INTERNET boards
2) between addresses.

you see, you can also call varies other
institutions like a bulletin board.
for example there are several military
base of nasa you can hook up to; or;
compuserve if you are registered and
many others. the other way is to sent
your files like messages to another
destination. the choice is yours.

what's more, as a matter of interest,
internet is how some of the elite dudes
hack into NASA for secrets and other
major corporations. fun fun fun.

i'm sure you are a bit more interested
with INTERNET by now. but of course
only elite dudes like me have access!
only kidding. if you belong to any
universities in australia, chances are
that you'll have no problem of getting
into INTERNET. otherwise, there maybe
bbs which have gateways into internet.
as i've heard from logic/tsr, his
bbs space-station has an echo with
internet so that email can be sent thru.
but since it is not 100% internet, IRC
is not available to them. and mails
usually took longer to sent. and file
transfer ability may also be limited.
oh well, that's all for this month of
editorial. i'll see you in the next
issue. have fun!

                 GIORGIO ARMANI/TSR

internet address:


contact me now!
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