Splash 19 ch07 Brain Storming

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brain storming.........by mr.brain
should i still write my name to
everywhere in a chapter,or do you
know my writing style very well,
and shout "hey,this is the brain-
less guy editing that crap called
5pla5h!" hum,hope so.(you moron,
they read your name between those
lines above!! -ed2)

well,this is one of the latest
texts i have written for this
issue.that means lotsa work is
finished like the charts,etc.i saw
some real shit while going through
those sheets.especially,it was
really hard to read those various

while preparing the charts,i came
across some really funny things,
such as a swapper voted as cracker
or a demo group voted as cracking

well,they're beginners.what can i
say ? but there is still a lesson
i can teach these sceners :

please,do not vote for unactive
dudes,or the groups you didn't see
a production from.just because you
saw them in the charts does not
necessarily have to mean you got
to vote for those guys.if you vote
fairly,then the new sceners/groups
will have a chance to enter the
charts,which means motivation.

by the way,try to check for the
correct spelling before you fill.
aehm,after a serious enter to this
stormy chapter,my brain got really
mixed.i forgot what to write.oh,
yeah ! it's comin' back to me.

before editing splash,i read all
other disk magazines,and try to
learn from them.that doesn't mean
i dunno anything,but i believe
there's still something to improve
b'coz nobody is perfect,neither am

checking through these mags,it
really felt very good to see all
those positive criticisms,but two
things struck me in the head:

as we explained before,we'll have
no more delays.you are right about
complaining,but if you wanna know
my thoughts about the outfit,you
gotta read the epilogue.

i really got sh0cked while reading
the latest issue of domination(4).
bizarre had reviewed our latest
issue,and in that chapter,i saw
we got about nine-point-something
out of ten for the english and
spellin'mistakes.baeh,i don't care
about the english,b'coz my english
is not perfect as it's not my
mother language (excluding witty),
but i think there were no spelling
mistakes b'coz digahole and i have
checked it many times.

bizarre,my friend,probably thought
our abbreviatons were mistakes.i
will give some examples.

 btw=by the way
 f.e.=for example
 w.c.=water closet
 c.e.t.=central european time
 (he's being funny!? laugh! -ed2)
 and many more,he,he.

hey,would you like 2 be a million-
aire ? sure you would.how ?! ok,i
will explain,just keep on reading.

a famous british paper,the sun,has
started a new promotion campaign.
they offer everybody a million,but
it's on turkish banknotes of coz!?
the winners will be awarded with a
holiday in the sunny beaches of
turkiye! the question is the money
unit of turkiye,and the answer is
lira ! yep,1,000,000 turkish liras
makes about 15 pounds(35 german
marks or 23 u.s. dollars)funny,eh?
the winners will also get their
million liras.

with this money,you can buy seven
doner kebabs,or fifty boxes of
ayrans to drink.hey,go and buy the
newspaper.sitting lazy at home
won't bring any holidays,heh!

i gotta tell you my opinion about
filling the backside of a voteshit
with yer address.for example:

          mr.xxx of yyy

        etc road,a number
     city/town name,zip code

        + for yyy warez

man,what does it mean ? of coz you
will supply your groupwork! you're
the swapper of yyy,not me!

       + for legal&illegal

hey,do you think we have any other
choice.a stuff is legal or illegal     m
maybe you still don't know their
meanings ? listen,all kindsa crax
are illegal if you're not the boss
of that game label,but productions
like demos,mags are legal.no one
can accuse you for that.i'm sorry
for explaining all this shit,but       r
the beginners have to learn.

          + 100% reply!

but you don't reply to anybody ?!
it doesn't need explanation.you're
a lamer bastard!(of coz you must
remember post suckers,addy-changes
and some other kinda shit)

           + for swap!

oh sure! i thought we'd go fishing
when i contacted you.man,da addies
are there to find more contacts.so
what does it mean ? (fast,hot,or
cool swap are exceptions that
determines yer swapping technique.

i have lotsa things in my mind,but
i can't remember them now.i should
not have to tell you these.use yer
brain and be logical.

about this chapter;you can take it
as a mixture of 'the reactions'and
'mixed chapter'.so i think it's
time to stop the crap.

a glass of raki (rocky?) will be
nice to congratulate our success
with splash.man,do you see splash
rising in the charts !? please,do
keep supporting.

        - the brainiac -
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