Splash 17 ch03 News and Rumours

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    yoyo,my dear friends! here's
the news chapter.hum,as you know
our latest issue was released
a year ago and so our votesheets.
after i take a look to the news
at the sheets,i saw they were
stone old,so an update was a must!

   that was really a problem for
me coz i had no enough news for a
mag and i started to search around
i couldn't call the boards that
time coz of no cards left in my
hands,so i had to call direct some
friends and took some news.yep,it
is sumthing very cool that i've
friends like:
      red rock/excess
(i believe you tried your best!)
  and this issues hero:

   yeah,here's the long awaited

- acy-lamerz could manage to rele-
ase another issue of splash after
one big year! (hehe..coool!)

- in this year,turkish scene has
gained some groups like crescent,
inox and old turkish group bronx
seems alive!

- and all these turk groups have
or will have a mag!
(hum,all best mags are coming from

- trooper/ex-trc joined atlantis
and agony design as a megaswapper
and mag-editor.his magazine"meta-
morphosis"will be released under
agony label.

- steve/scs>trc joined avantgarde
so his bbs straylight is.

- spectator left alpha flight and
joined xenon.

- ream left accuse and joined afl.

- ramirez left afl and joined

- some dytec members spreaded a
note which explains that lemmings
afl version is a recrack. it
includes a lot of proof!
(ed.all news are from afl?!?)

- legend kicked out the us board
shaolin temple,so what's left from
them? only powerplant is calling
some bbs sometimes..

- molockh returned scene and he
will probably run his board dream
park again.

- incubus returned scene.so maybe
his photo-albums?

- rebels mag newspress issue 14
has released at 20 august with a
new outfit.

- mr.alpha left rebels and only in
f4cg now.

- tuc/rebels left them and built a
new group called fusion without
knowing the 1988 legendary group
but he got warned by some friends
so the group died and tuc rejoined
rebels again.

- polish guys of alpha flight left
them for chromance.who are they?
hum,lemme think..druid,titanic,
wozio and sailor.

- x-rated is rebuilt by some
former members.

- heavy-head joined triad.

- a new mag called obsession is
released.editors are:
a comment:to be precious,it looks

  and some acy-news:

- frenchflair rejoined acy then
left again after two weeks..

- accuracy is looking for a real
card supply that we really need..
(playing cards?!?)

- in the sleeping year,we lost
contact with most of our members
living out of turkiye.so write to
us again men!

- mr.brain will study chemistry
and my first study will be on glue
s can cheat forever,hehe!

- this issue planned to be ready
at july but had to be delayed coz
of real problems and the blowed of
transformator of mine.

- i have finished the news!

   yoo buddies!please support our
mag with news so it won't be hard
for me to release this mag more
regular.(twice a year,hehe.....)

 and one more sentence to other
mag-editors: here's the new issue,
so don't remove splash,ok?)

    that's ok with the newz-chappy

                later -=*mr.brain
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