Splash 15 ch33 Mystic Arts

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            mystic arts


   nearly whole of you know the
witches in the way of w.disney's
show white and  wizard of oz.beca-
use behind them a long tradition
of arts from goya to 13th century
have fixed this image in our minds
some may think that witch's a per-
son having psychic power.its most-
ly true witches have psyhic power
but ONLY having it doesn't make
anyone a witch.(witches have much
more power according to that.there
is a belief which tells witches
practice voodoo.its exactly wrong
because voodoo is a religion de-
signed for protecting witchcraft
and other evils which is a combi-
nation of christianity and african

   more accurate and helpful ans-
wers are 1)a witch is a sorcerer
(the athrapological answer) 2) a
witch is a satanist(the historical
answer) 3)a witch workships the
ancient gods and practices magic
(the answer favoured by witches).
each answer can be justified.

   in general there is a common i-
dea as 'there is nothing such as a
witch',totally wrong!there are
still some witches in lots of pla-
ces and during witch-craze 100.000
people tortured and  killed  as

   here is some daily information
about the witches but in the roots
what's a witch?the word witch co-
mes from the old english 'WICCA'
(pronounced witcha meaning male
witch) and wicce (female witch
pronounced female witch and from
the word witan meaning 'casting

   the power a witch uses is ex-
plained as a natural power witch
is gained from understanding of
hidden relation ships and control
them.but unexpecting magic lies in
the past of science,some scientist
prove that pratically magic and
science is  too  close  together.
simply the same in theory...

   the sorcery sometimes can be so
powerful that noone could  ever
think.here is an example for this.
you wish your father dead,strike a
pillow in immatation of a blow a-
gainst to him and next  day  you
learn that he suddeny died.as you
see there are two kinds of magic.
the good one is used for fertility
of the crops,protect from 'bad-
charms and evil...' the good one
is used for a group of people.but
in the other hand you see the dark
side of magic which is used to gi-
ve harm to some one for personal
feelings like jealousy,envy,greed
and human desires.

   there is a unbelievable belief
that at nights witches  change
themselves into night creatures
owls,black cats,wolves,pigs.this
believe is fixed because of wrong
ideas.when they saw a pig eating
the crops and hear the voice of an
owl they think that there is same
thing bad will happen...

   in these days there are lots of
people who are acting as witches
or magicians to earn money but
there is something which is exact-
ly true that all are clowns.

   if you have any mystic arts
knowledge or any questions about
satanism,witchcraft,voodoo send
them to beetlejuice (addy in con-
tact corner) to get answers and
trade them in new ones.your ques-
tions will be answered as satis-
fying as can be.

                    storm shadow
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