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   howdy headbangers! the boss of
accuracy welcomes you to another
of those rock band history chapter
of splash.since now,i have done da
chapters of ac/dc,tesla,deep purp-
le and now the turn is led  zeppe-
lin's...here we go!

   jimmy page was born in 1944 and
had a quite lonely childhood until
he met his best friend,the guitar,
when he was fifteen years old...
he got to get some fame at his sc-
hol bands but he got quite known
in a band named neiland the crusa-
   but right after,he left the sta
ge and became a studio guitarist.
with his talent of imitating any
other guitarist's techinque,he pl-
ayed in the albumes of bands such
as rolling stones,the who...
   before everything page was an
explorer guitarist.he found out o
old blues songs that people forgot
and rerecorded them with different
   later page,got a joining offer
from the yardbirds which were qui-
te famous on these days.but he ad-
viced a friend of him 'beck' inst-
ead of his own place.beck was  ta-
ken in but one year later he had
to leave because of personal prob-
lems and this time page accepted
to join in.
   however,the band was at a stage
of spitting and page just couldn't
keep the band together.
   this gave page the possibility
of building his own band that he
wanted for a long time.he told th-
is to john paul jones who was a
studio bassist and he agreed...
   two the members were found but
it would be hard to find a vocali-
st as good as page wanted.anyhow,
following a friend's advice,they
visited a local bar to watch a vo-
calist.when page saw the man sing-
ing there he wondered how he was
still in the bar corners.
   the man's name was 'robert pla-
nt' whom would become one of the
best rock vocalists ever.
   until he discovered elvis pres-
ley,robert was a succesful student
but later he decided that he ought
to be a musician.so,he left home
but he couldn't get a good place
in any band because of his very
exaggrated behaviours on the  sta-
ge.but he was the voice page look-
ed for so he was taken in.
   plant brought a drummer with
him as well.the man was called
john 'bonzo' bonham and had a very
bad reputation fro his very loudy
style,that was what they were look
ing for.
   when they made the first train-
ing they smiled each other,every-
thing was perfect,and the band was
built up.
   'new yardbirds7 were chosen as
a new name firstly but later they
turned it into 'LED ZEPPELIN'

    so they made their first albu-
me at a period of a funny 30 hours
and went on tour to the united st-
ates as the heavy style was much
more appericated in the new world.
the tour was quite succesful and
they even made a record contract
with the famous atlantic records.
   their first albume carried the
clues how their music would be in
the future.old blues songs were
changed into a hard style.most so-
ngs contained macho signs.the voi-
ce of plant carried a lot of  por-
nographic stuff.in fact this was a
very much the same for the other
band members.plant made love with
his voice,page with his guitar and
bonzo with his drum.and jones mix-
ed all those in the same cube...
this was one of the reasons of
led zeppelin's becoming a cult.
   after the albume they go on a
tour again in the usa.da fast days
of touring caused gossips about da
group members,but those fast days
made up the basement of the second
albume,led zeppelin ii.the year of
the albume's appearing,1969,is ac-
cepped as heavy metal's history's
   the first song of the albume,
'whole lotta love' became quite
famous and although it was consi-
dered as an anti-war song,some  a-
merican soldiers played it on the-
ir tanks in the vietnam war.
   the albume soon become number
one in the billboard charts and
in a period like two years,the ba-
nd found their own fans.led zeppe-
lin listers were just like a tribe
and you could see soldiers   toge-
her with indian woman in the same
   when they started the works for
the third albume,they bought a li-
ttle farm and turned it into a st-
udio.plant-page couple became a
good song team just like lennon n'
   when the third albume came out
in the year 1970,listeners met tw-
o kind of songs,acoustic and hard-
er songs.accordding to me the  be-
st song was 'since i've been lovi-
ng you' that was a blues like pie-
ce that contained marvellous melo-
dies.'immigrant song' was another
good song that contained subjects
about south and kelt mitologies.
in fact,the albume couldn't catch
the market success of led zeppelin
ii but,the group members were try-
ing to do more than reaching only
the rock listeners.people expected
them to make something aggressive
and hard but page n' plant would
come back with an albume that wou-
ld contain songs which was built
with the merging of metal sound
on to acoustic and folcloric matt-
ers.the result turned out to be o-
ne of the best albumes of the rock
   after led zeppelin iii,the fir-
st studio work of the band was,the
one and only 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN'
even the first melodies were found
in england,the band that could not
find the inspiration they looked
for,again moved to a farm house
and jones n' page finish all the
acords at one night.when the band
played it for rthe first time they
just smiled at each other,at the
same time plant wrote the lyrics
at once.the lyrics were inspired
from the mystic english literature
and told about the mindal atmosph-
ere of a woman that had mystic po-
wers in her hands.
   stairway to heaven,the most wa-
nted song ever in the radios,the
song that people went crazy with
the first note was done in that
way.by the way,if there are still
some people that has not listened
the song,do it today,you are miss-
ing a lot.
   anyway,the members did not want
to put any sign on the fourth al-
bume and,despite the record compa-
nies' refusal,they brought their
fourth albume with no sign on it.
because of the four signs on the
albume cover the members used,some
fans called it 'four symbols' and
some 'zoso' which was the symbol
page chose.
   all other songs in the albume
were master pieces,just like black
dog and rock n' roll,battle of  e-
   the albume was sold just like
hell,one reason was that the band
refused to shorten and release
stairway to heaven as an ep.so ma-
ny people bought it just like an
   the next albume to come was'ho-
uses of holy' which was delayed
for 1  year because of the changes
on the albume cover.anyhow,it con-
tained very strong songs like "the
song remains the same".but my favy
pieces are 'the ocean' and "d'yer
maker' which are really very  amu-
sing to listen to.this was the 1st
led zeppelin albume with a proper
name,but the fans couldn't find
the title song was kept for the
fifth albume 'physical graffity'.
   but with the release of houses
of the holy, amtter that bothered
the band members quite a lot was
again seen.in spite of their great
successes,the media just ignored
them.they became number 1 beating
elvis presley,beated rolling  sto-
nes in number of watchers in their
concerts but the media kept their
silence.so,the band employed a
public relationist.
   the man took things serious and
made proper press meetings,announ-
ced tour dates etc..this worked
quite well and soon they became a
very good subject for the press.
after some time,everything they
did,all their hobbies became news-
flash for the magazines.for examp-
le,page's great interest aleister
crowley,that was some sort of a
strange magician(stg.like that).
later this kind of interests cau-
sed gossips that the band members
sold their souls to the devil.
   anyhow,after 1973,started to g-
row unstoppably but the tiredness
of the concerts were really very
hard for the members.after that,t-
hey again left everything and clo-
sed themselves to their farm again
and the result was an albume that
they showed all their talents.a
double albume that consisted of  8
new and 7 old songs.the first  re-
cord had the hardest songs led ze-
ppelin ever did and the second had
mostly blues like songs
   kashmir,is one of the best hard
rock songs ever and there were a
lot of great songs like houses of
holy,custard pie,in my time of dy-
ing,trampled underfoot and a lot
  the  albume made their place mu-
ch stronger.it was sold like hell
and the concerts broke all the re-
cords.led zeppelin was at the top.
   after that,the members again
went on tours on their own and ha-
ving made renewals,they brought o-
ut 'presence',the albume that got
one million orders before being
brought to the market.but because
of the complicated music and the
lyrics it wasn't so  much fancied
as the records before.still the
best songs were candy store rock
and hots on nowhere,achilles last
stand,nobody's fault but mine.
   after presence,they had even
made a movie showing the member's
daily life and concert scenes etc.
   but on the same time,the   mem-
bers suffered from drugs and alch-
ol.so the group stayed quite sile-
nt for some time and even people
thought that they had splitted up.
   at the middle of 1978 the guys
recovered from most of those trou-
bles and put their asses to make
a new albume.
   so they made "in through out
the door" that fed the flame of
hard rock that seemed to die beca-
use of punk,and got golden record.
it included (again) great songs
such as in the evening,fool in the
rain,i'm gonna crawl...
   they were again very popular,
concerts were again great success,
and they were just like in the old
days.but something tragic ended da
legend.bonzo died because of alco-
   so after that,the members anno-
unced that they didn't want to ma-
ke music with their friend being
gone,and said led zeppelin died!
   well,led zeppelin is certainly
one of the top groups that ever
existed,having left no records to
be break,collecting many awards,
never repeating themselves,they
certainly are the most outstanding
band that has ever been built up.
after the death of the band,the
remaining members made a few solo
works,also there were some 'best
of...' or 'never released...' al-
bumes such as 'coda' and i think a
new led zeppelin collection will
be out on these days,don't miss it
   now,there should be a chapter
with led zeppelin lyrics and i do
not have time to write them down,
i hope i'll find a slave to type
them down(hi dozo!).check it out!

   well,that's all...this text was
mostly translated from a book with
the name 'led zeppelin/deep purple
 by ogan huner and erim oral.i did
this in a hurry so excuse the simp
licity of the interpretion!

            stay cool!

               the boss/accuracy!
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