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     TURKIYE turkiye TURKIYE

  yeah,this is MR.BRAIN writing on
our mag for the first time.this is
a great thing because a whole worl
d which includes a lot of computer
freaks are reading me and i want
to say if i make a mistake,please
forgive me.
 now i want to come to the point
which will be written in this
chapter.yes,you can ask yourselves
"why yhe acy dudes write such a
thing in a scene mag?" i think the
answer is quite simple:noone of yu
hasn't got any knowledge about our
country,even the acy'ers living in
other countries.
 yes,after you read this chapter,
you'll have some ideas about our

 i want to start from our large
history:we have a 700 years past,
everyting started with ottoman em-
pire(like a love story!!!), they
grew and grew,in 16th century,the
half of the europe,the north of
africa,the north of blacksea and
west of the old c.c.c.p was under
the control of ottomans.they are
said to be barbarians but they had
never been,they didn't force the
people to select the islamic reli-
gion.it was free in everywhere!
maybe you learned it different in
your history books,but this is the
only truth!enough for the ottoman
history,let's come to turkiye.
  in 1919,we started a big war
against some europe countries,who
saw that ottoman emp.is going down
and wanted to make us their coloni
es,we were very poor and gunless
but we had a great commander calle
d ATATURK so we could defeat our
enemies,then we build the turkish
grand national assembly in 1920,
and in 1923,we proclaimed the
republic of turkiye and ataturk
became the first president.
 now we are in 1993 and we changed
7 presidents up to now and we have
a 814.578 km square area.we're ad-
jacent to blacksea at the north,
bulgaria and greece at the north-
west,aegean sea at the west,syria
and mediterrean sea at the south,
iran and the old c.c.c.p at the
east.as you see,we are like a
bridge between europe and asia,it
means we have a very jeopolitic
place.(cool sentence)

 living in turkey is very hard,we
have a proverb as"bread is at the
mouth of a lion".it means,it is
hard to gain money,if you don't
work,you can't live.

 everything is expensive,because
we are not an europe community
country,while you're buying some-
thing you only give the property's
price but we give also the custom
 also it's not a problem for us to
buy something,because our people
is rich,but also we have a lot of
unemployed poor person,too.
the most important thing that the
people are unemployed commercial
area is low,and they began to mec-
hanize so the unemployed persons
left turkiye to find a work in
other countries.i think all german
guys know this!
 and some sports:we have three
soccer leagues.our first league
includes 16 teams and some are
well-known like,fenerbahce,galata-
rules!).we have some quality play-
ers but our national team isn't
very good because they don't know
european soccer.our trainer is
sepp piontek(a german!).he's good
but time needed to get better!
 our"a"young national soccer team
plays better and they're the new
champion of europe.they beat port-
ugal in the final match!
 and some basketball,efes pilsen
rules nowadays,they're playing the
semi-final in europe-cup,we hope
they'll be the champions.

  also i want to praise turkiye
to you;turkiye is known to be the
bed of the cultures!we know that
a lot of kind of culture lived
here and left a lot of marks here.
there are still some unique belon-
gings are found in excavations by
archeologists.also we know that
there are a lot of excavation-site
s which we couldn't find yet.

  you know that there are seven
wonders in world but do you know
two of them are in turkiye?
 one of them is pamukkale and the
other is king cemesterys.

 also there are a lot place to see
in turkiye.the great sands and sea
of mediterrean at south turkey.
special turkish kitchen and foods,
the excellent nature between seas
and mountains.i think if you spend
your holiday in turkiye,this summe
r,i'm sure you won't get regretted
(i don't get any commision from
the travel agencies).also the out-
standing members of accuracy will
help you while you are making a
trip,whit the guarantee of us,(we
can agree on the price,hehe)...

 now some more serios subjects:

as we are the turkish boys,we can
also have girlfriends and there is
a problem "aids" in here,too!!!
it has no relations with the isla-
mic religion.! there are no rules,
also we can kiss our girlfriends
in parks like europeans.we don't
wear some strange things also the
girls doesn't wear some black cov-
ering from head to foot.we usually
wear t-shirts and jeans like you.
 i think you started to understand
that we have no difference.we look
like you as we didn't come from
the planet mars! only we have some
different traditions,like when we
meet a friend,we kiss him/her on
the cheeks!(is it so strange?) and
our nation is a bit dark-skinned
than you.generally,we have black
or brown hair and black or brown
eyes.but there are some different
ones are also found(i have blue
eyes and light brown hair!)

 also i want to tell some other
things about us: EDUCATION

 i don't know how is education in
your countries but according to me
the system in turkiye is the most
interesting one(quite strange).

 two years ago there was a system
that you had to learn the lessons,
which are selected by goverment,
and they weren't interesting for
us(like music,arts,etc.)we had to
pass them,they didn't ask us if we
want to learn them or not.we only
made what the teachers wanted from

 last year they made their mind
and saw that the education system
is quite absurd so they wanted to
change it.
 now we are educating in a differ-
ent system but it's too new and
now it doesn't work perfectly.
i think you use this system,too.
you know there are letters like
a,b,c,d,e and only e fails.
while they're changing the system
they said you'll select your les-
sons and you'll develop yourselves
but we couldn't because nobody
knew what to do.we,the students
asked it to our parents,thet said
"i don't know",parents asked to
the teachers,they said"we don't
know"and so on.
 it was my disadvantage because
they started to use this system
from lycee 1 and i was a lycee 1
student at the moment.
ok,the new system is good but the
bad point is that it's first tried
on us.
 now i'm in lycee 2 and i think
that's better.if i want to be an
engineer,i have to work on maths
and science very hard.i mustn't
spend time on art,music,etc..

 ok,i think you are very bored
and want me to come to the most
interesting point:

 scene in turkiye:

 as you know,there are only two
groups in scene from turkiye.it's
interesting.why?there are a lot of
commodore user in turkiye but they
don't know that there is a scene,
also they aren't interested with
it because their only job is to
play games.
 as i said before,there are only
two groups,you know who are they?
yes,one of them is accuracy,also
we are the only cracking group in
turkiye.you know there are no pro-
ducing companies in turkiye so a
real first release seems so far,
but we in accuracy try to be quick
and we try to do our best in every
productions of us.
 it is really hard to release a
cult mag read by everyone.before
i started writing this text, i
thought it's easy to write a text,
everyone can easily write texts.
i think you like our work,you like
our texts and you vote it because
we see that we're raising in mag
charts and it really makes us a
great morale support.after we used
a new outfit,our supporters grew.
 we want to spread it like hell,
so we want to get some more cont-
acts but the stamps cost 5000 tl
for one package,so we try to sell
the games we cracked,here a lot of
computer shops still buy games
from us,because the copyright law
isn't active here.so we try to
find our stamp's money by selling
games.also we try to cheat but tha
t's more dangerous.

  yeah,i think i'm coming to an
end because there are nothing left
in my mind.i started writing on
the morning and now the sun is
going down.i hope now you have
some ideas about my country and
understood that we're europeans,
too.we have everything in our coun
try,we do the same with you,when
we meet eachother,we can go to a
pub and drink beer,too.

  also i want you to write your
country(specialities,some history,
scene life,etc.).you can write it
on a paper and send to me.

 my adress is:


 also try my addy for any 64 swap,
everybody will get an answer from

  and for anything releated with
this mag use:


   that's ok for this time.
see you in another text written
by me.

              mr.brain signs off.
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