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         MAG REVIEWS!

   well,feel yourself quite welco-
med to the 'most hated' chapter in
our awful mag! as you can read mo-
re in the'self defense' part, some
of our friends didn't like the th-
ings i've said here but here i wa-
nt to express one thing in the cl-
earest way possible.
   the comments i make to the mags
i review,reflect mostly my person-
al ideas and you certainly do not
have to like it,but you also have
to understand that i'm trying to
judge my values in the closest way
to that of the scene,the majority.
for example,the mags are expected
to be userfriendly right? so if i
see that the mag is hard to use,t-
hen i critisize it with a negative
comment.there's also a very impor-
tant thing also named as  'object-
ivity' and people mostly do not
know what it is.
   OBJECTIVITY in the philisophic
meaning is the way of the mind th-
at is NOT based on the PERSONAL
VALUES of one but on the nature
of that subject.let's clear this
with an example:
   if you say:
   'the chapter names in the mag
are shown with an upscroll,and th-
at's cool...'
   you must see that the the part
before the coma is OBJECTIVE beca-
use it tells how it is,and everybo
dy who knows what an upscroll  is,
will tell you that the chapters of
the mag are shown with an upscroll
there.but the part after the coma,
is SUBJECTIVE,because it reflects
a personal value,and not everybody
will think that it is cool.got th-
   another point,i've also  menti-
oned something above,'idea of the
majority'.well,that's usually a
guide to prevent being more subje-
ctive,but the idea of the majority
is most of the time a subject to
controversy.when you say 'the maj-
orty thinks that way' someone else
may come up and refuse 'no, major-
ity things this way'.
   so again,whenever  you give yo-
ur personal comment about somethi-
ng,(doesn't matter if you're right
or not),you behave objective...
   so dear remix of clique,the ed-
itor of script,before saying words
like '...i'm leaving my objectivi-
ty for the first time,' make more
investigation about what the thing
you are talking about is.a referc.
for you:"nesnel,-lik;turk dil kuru
mu,turkce sozluk,yeni baski,cilt2,

   of course there isn't a rule t-
hat the computer mags should be
objective.and i'm not blaming any-
body that they are not.because,al-
though we try to,we are not also a
hundred percent objective(70-80 i
think) because we also make a lot
of personal comments as well.still
we at least do not take any sides
and the objectivity comes out in
reviews and articles all the time.
(how objective a review or a criti
sizm can be,has always been a sub-
ject to controversy,and we aren't
the ones to achieve this,ok?)

   the last thing;this chapter is
not something so serious,and you
should not take it hard as the way
internal'ers did.it reflects most-
ly my personal ideas,and even if
you don't like them,you have to
show some kind of respect.
   this world lacks peace because
people do not respect each other,
each other's ideas.

   anyway,enough crap about the
matter.let's go on with the bizz.
the mags reviewed for this issue.

   -inquiry 1 from elysium
   -nitro 9 from excess

   again only two mags,but they
took lotsa place to review...


   huh,i'll shed a tear now.people
are getting irritated from my  re-
views and zore/elysium is asking
me to review his mag that he could
see if he makes any mistakes.were
there still people left in this s-
cene that could take some critisi-
zm? surprising...

   anyway,the mag does not have an
intro but a text screen which  you
can escape easily.
   OUTFIT:well,there's an inquiry
logo down,in rasters.a row over it
will show da total number of pages
in the chapters when loaded,the no
of the current page and the number
of the current music.
   over the logo,you see the chap-
ter names that are loaded with the
keys stated aside.there are around
24 chapters and they fill all the
space there.that looks like script
a bit...
    when you load the chapter  by
pressing the key,it's loaded with
an irq loader and the text screen
appears in the same place as the
chapter names.that looks like bru-
tal recall...the texts are displa-
yed with proportional chars like
the way in shock.you skip pages
with +,- or the joystick.also you
can load anew music by f7...
   well,the outfit is a mixture of
script,shock and brutal recall but
who does care so much? it's rather
userfriendly and easy to read.
   one very little point should be
taken under considiration:the name
of the chapter is shown right upon
the page with the same chars and
this causes an interruption while
carrying on reading from one page
to another.the fly is small,but it
is disgusting...

   TEXT: another positive side wi-
th the mag.there're lots of things
to read here man...there are chap-
ters with subjects that might be
interesting for different people,
and the amount of crap is adjusted
quite good as well.anyway,totally
cool ESPECIALLY for a first issue!


   ORIGINALITY:shit,again the same
subject,but i'll have 2 talk still
a bit more.
    in fact the name of the edito-
rial explains the way zore wants
to make the mag:'my mag,my castle'
in the editorial,he says that he's
not interested in being objective,
as he has opinions and he wants to
express them.(so we've no ideas?)
   i will never understand why mo-
re and more people are doing mags
and try hard to put their own per-
sonality in there.my understanding
of making a mag is quite different
and i still miss the old days that
corruption editors said:"we can't
comment on that as we have to be
an objective mag".is a mag the  p-
lace to show one's,especially the
editor's personal views? what will
happen if everyone that wants to
show himself make a mag?
   well,you have the right to make
mags a toy for yourselves,but i'll
keep on looking for objectivity!
do you wonder why? then note this:
(that was for everybody!)
   okey,keep on doing the mag as
you want    to make,but please do
not get angry with me when i don't
like it...

   GRAPHICS: there's just one logo
and it looked quite look.


   MUSICS:wow,all the musics were
made by elysium members and they
were pretty cool!!!


    well,i should say that inquiry
no 1 is a really very good start!
the dudes in elysium made a very
good preparation and tried to make
a mag that had everything needed
and in my opinion they achieved it
with the first issue.i don't have
a slightest doubt that inquiry'll
get into the top ten quickly.
   but though,it would be much be-
tter if they tried to make a more
original outfit as this one looks
like the mixture of three mags.
well,i don't think that this  is
something that can cause trouble
as zore mentioned(with shock) but
where's creativity gone?
   many mag editors get very spoi-
led when they reach a certain suc-
cess and zore has the potential 4
that.i hope that this friendly ma-
te won't turn out to be somewhat
big-nosed mr.smart...please don't!
and,try to think more about objec-


             =%85 for overall!

        NITRO ISSUE 9

   the mags's intro is quite a ve-
ry simple one,a colourful  logo up
and some scrollers down.nothing s-
pecial at all...

   OUTFIT: there's a very typical
logo with the label 'nitro' and
under that a dynamite fuse takes
place and the chapter names are p-
resented in the box under that...
there're two bombs by them with
the label 'tnt'.quite a good con-
cept in fact,but the screen looks
quite empty here...
   the chapters are loaded with an
irq loader and then a text screen
   there's a mountain scene upon
the page and the texts upscroll
under that.quite a typical style.


   TEXT: well,sad to say,but there
wasn't enough text in the mag to
read and it didn't take my 10 min-
utes to read it all... i think th-
ey should try to put more work in-
to that with some interesting cha-
pters,new ideas etc...

                       % 65

   OBJECTIVITY:a very positive si-
de with the mag! they stayed quite
objective even through the reviews
and there weren't much  personali-
ties being showed off...nice!


   GRAPHICS: most of the graphics
were painted by excess members and
they weren't that bad anyway...

                        % 75

   MUSICS: there are only two  mu-
sics,one in the main menu and the
other in the text screen but i got
bored quite easily,in a very short

                        % 70

    well,all in all,nitro isn't a
superb magazine at all but the du-
des at least try to make something
good and they also want to stay
objective without trying make the
mag a show off stage for themsel-
ves.all they need is some more de-
sign for the outfit and more inte-
resing text to read.that's my opi-


               = % 75

            for overall!

well,that was all for this issue's
reviews.i think there isn't much
space left around here so i'll end
with the general rankings...

  1.immortal flash 15........%90
  2.update 7.................%85
   .inquiry 1................%85
  4.impulse 2................%83
  5.scene observer 2.........%78
  6.comic pirates 3..........%76
  7.nitro 9..................%75
   .tele 64 1................%75
 10.internal 15..............%58

   anyway,you must've got tired of
it but i want to repeat again.you
should be grown up enough to take
critisizms! all those reviews ref-
lect my personal views and you've
to live without it okey,you can't
change that!

    so long,that was all for this
time.if you want to get your mags
reviewed(?) then send them to:


      see you in the next issues!

                the boss/accuracy!
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