Splash 15 ch14 I'm Not Guilty

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dear readers,,

this is HIBISCH/EX-HITMEN here!
some of you do already know that i
had problems with JERRY/TRIAD some
months ago (it's about a year now)

well i'm going to explain you the
facts, you'll be the judges.

to be a bit normal with my story,
let's start from the begining.

i was in TRANSCOM and enjoyed the
group a lot, but slowly each and
every member showed less interest
in the group. at this time the
member list was about like this:

LKJ (leader) GREYSTOKE (lkj's broz
and original supplier RESET (coder
cracker) STORM (coder, a good one)
SEXTON (modem trader) HOBBIT (gfx)

in late 91, i had a phone call
with HOBBIT, wich told me he was
no more interested by the group
and announced me his LEAVING...

later, STORM left, and i never
heard of SEXTON anymore.

so imagine myself at this moment.
we were only 4 members in tcom...
lkj, greystoke,reset and me.

RESET got more and more busy with
his ST so i had to make a decision
that was leaving.

i heard of a group called rebels
wich was looking for new members.

at the time i joined we were only
4 in rebels, i knew that several
dudes would join, i started my
cracking duties and liked the
group a lot.  but that went to
an end when i received the RIPPERS
UNITED demo.

i saw that someone used my handle
to spread shit over our/my names.

i got fuckin' angry and asked the
dude who sent me the "demo" to
identify the autor of the crap.

later on, i heard it was made by
someone in TRIAD but still no more
precision on the guy who made it.

i had to wait a little to see one
day, a letter, it was JERRY/TRIAD

jerry was complained about the
fact that i/we ripped the old
activision demo to make our intro.

(see the intro on this disk)

ofcourse our intro was LOOKING
LIKE the activision demo, but it
was not ripped.


- the scroll in the rbl intro runs
  in the other direction than the
  "original" demo!
- the scroll routine has been re-
  writen (the mag BRUTAL RECALL
  published an article on that,
  the code has been checked, and

but jerry told "you really did
ripp that item" (sorry i don't
have his letter here, but for sure
ask me for a photocopy).

i don't like the english langage
for one reason,  it's the "you"

what does it mean in this case ??

does it mean "you hibisch" or
"you in rebels" i never understood
this sentence. but in any way, he
attacked us for RIPPING the acti-
vision demo.

if we have taken something from
this demo, it is:

- the grafics
- and probably the most important
  thing: THE IDEA!!!!

ofcourse, jerry can not use a m/l
monitor, so he is not able to
compare 2 routines, he can only
SEE the result on the screen.

after all, jerry also attacked
x-ray years ago, and nobody give
him attention.

i was so angry of this letter that
i went to the decision of leaving
rebels, that was enough!

image yourself, cracker, using an
intro, and then you're attacked by
a scene guy because you are using
a so called "ripped" intro, or
even better YOU HAVE RIPPED the
intro.  what would be your reac-

i have nothing to do with this
intro, and after all why didn't
jerry react when THE RULING COMPA-
NY made LIKE A PRAYER, they have
also taken the same idea of blue

time passed and  letter came from
my scene friend and from rbl mem-
bers, they told me that there was
no reason to leave rbl, and i'd
better join back to kick jerry's

yes, they weren't wrong at all!

so i re-joined with the only idea
to kick jerry's ass, but after all
it wasn't only my war (i only got
the idea of it) but it was the
WHOLE rebels team's war.

so came the idea of and anti-jerry
demo. i asked the members to make
something for our anti-demo.

AHHHH! GUESS WHAT?? all the coders
where busy working on another demo
(a demo i heard of from the first
day i joined rbl!!!). viper put on
me the entire responsability to
made the whole demo! was it right!


it was a bit like this:

rebels give me this intro for my
crack, let's call this demo "AIDS"
when i got "AIDS" everyboy runs to
avoid me. ah ah ah! the word aids
is well chosen, eh???

what happened to me can only be
called INJUSTICE and nothing else!

i'm angry about:

-jerry's LAMENESS, not beeing able
 to check a m/c routine, and not
 beeing able to GIVE EXCUSES when
 he was WRONG, the rebels intro
 WAS NOT a compilation of RIPPED
-the REBELS team itself, for NOT
 HELPING ME that much, only some
 words like "jerry must pay" or
 some crap like this but when it
 comes to moving it's ass, and
 doing some code for an anti-demo
 then nobody's left in the "buil-

thanx a lot jerry, and also thank
you rebels, i will never forget
this blue scroller...

i can only say "real" thanx to my
friends and  contacts for giving
me real moral support, just like
JONSKU/UTOPIA wich these days
continue giving me moral support!

also real thanx to brutal recall
for checking the code of the rbl
intro and comparing it to the old
activision's intro, and giving it
the right conclusion.

now it is yours to give your
reactions, i will ofcourse try
to answer or even correct your
point of view, because there is
only one point of view to have
in this situation:

J E R R Y / T R I A D

                     I S   L A M E

ps: i want to correct a rumour,
    i have never wanted to build
    a federation against triad,
    there is no reason to build
    one, triad has nothing to do
    with this shit, but only jerry
    himself,  so guess a federat.
    against jerry would be better!


BEER BOTTLES, BOMBS, or whatever

you want to the accuracy staff

or directly to me (hibisch)




signed:hibisch  XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
   yes,this is the end of this
part which was was written by hi-
bish himself.i asked for hibisch
and also jerry to write their own
chapters to publish and give every
one a chance to judge.as you see
this was the first defence chapter
written by hibisch himself.up to
this time i haven't got jerry's
part but i hope that i will also
able to present it in this issue.
the only thing i can do in this
time is to edit the other chapters
and wait for jerry's part.so see
you in another chapter.

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