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   you have selected the first in-
terview chapter in this issue and
i am proud to present you two cool
interviews again.our first inter-
view was done by the wellknown pal
called as AIRWOLF/SUCCESS.i'm sure
that you are becomming impatient
while i'm going on this crap talk
so it will be better to start with
it now.just get a comfortable po-
sition in front of your screen and
enjoy it.

   -:falcon    +:airwolf/sucess

  -:hello airwolf! i'm very proud
to make an interview with an old
scener like you.let's start.could
you please introduce yourself to

  +:hello falcon!my real name is
norman.i'm the big man in the sce-
ne.for all people they meet  me,
then comme to the light party in

  -:you're one of the oldest back-
grounded guy in this scene.i think
you're in this scene about 10 ye-
ars.how did all start and develop
up to this time?

  +:yes i'm over 10 years in the
scene.i have start 1982 with my
brother to make some prgs.at first
i have to join tbc hessen is one
of my first group i start on c64
with some friends like:syndicate,
antiprotect and more.some  years
later commes the police to stop me
and my brother.my brother stopped
but i have no stopping.later i ha-
ve joined some cool groups like:
the paco crew'tpc,top40,gamma c.
cracking team'cct,the beatless,the
black tuilp'tbt,fat and more.in
the end 1988 i have my biggest de-
lay,i have stop c64 over 6 months.
1989 i have start again.at first i
have joined dualis(-:this name re-
minds me something,heh he),some
months later i have join action.
later i have to join to manowar
and paramount but i have no  fun
there.also later i have join again
action.i have change my name into
'xox'.some weeks later i've chan-
ge my name into airwolf again.some
years later action died and i've
join to genesis project.but gene-
sis get down.also i left gp to jo-
in tat 4 some weeks.in tat are not
a good time.also i have asked pwp/
legend to join and he say i can't
say you can join legend you must
speak with the german members,also
i have speak with the german mem-
bers.that's no problem and i have
join legend for a week becoz  of
lames pf powerplant.fuck you pwp!
also i have join to success.i hope
i have a long time in success.next
question please.

  -:huh!what a story! ok,here is
the next.you are one of the oldest
contact who is still swapping in
this scene.but you stopped swaping
for a long time.what was the rea-

  +:oh thanks,but you ask me who's
still swapping in this scene.i can
give you over 1000 names of lamers
and elite swappers,but here're so-
me names of cool swappers:idol,at,
(-:thank you very much),the scs
members,walker,remix,code 18,ava-
lanche,woise,tg-acme and more.my
long delay 1988 to 1989,i've stop
for some troubles with the police,
the police have comme all months
so i have stop for some time.

  -:you select yourself to join
the groups who can make first-re-
leases like action,success etc.
could you please tell about this
feeling,i mean,being in a group
with lots of first releases?

  +:its a wonderful feeling,then i
have new and good stuff for sprea-

  -:could you please make a compa-
rision between the scene in 80's
and in 90's.is it dying according
to you or not?

  +:i think that the 64 scene in
the 80's were better than now.in
the 80's were more cool stuff,more
cool groups,more cool partys but
in the end of the 80's are going
over 50% cool guy to the amiga.the
party are going down shit.in the
90% are comming many lamers to the
c64 to make th best.no names here.
also this time is not the best ti-
me but we have fun.

  -:you are a crazy swapper with
lots of contacts and you send too
often to all of yor contacts.also
you don't use cheated stamps.how
can you afford it?

  +:its top secret but when you
look on the stamps you can see
that i cheat,ha ha ha.only by the
german contacts i have not chea-
ting.but i have no fun more also
i cheat now german contacts too,
heh he!

  -:as you are a swapper i must
ask you that which identities must
a swapper have to be the perfect

  +:you must send new,cool wares,
long letters and you must send so-
me disk and not 1 disk in 1 month.
i think that's all.

  -:you are one of the most loved
guy of the parties.nearly everyone
misses you if you don't attend a
party.what's the magic point of
being like this?

  +:i like all parties,and my ma-
gic point is to meet my contacts
to make fun.

  -:now,some mags wrote a rumour
that afl was rebuilded by you.ac-
cording to this rumour,you ripped
some intros and linked them etc.
what is yor comment?

  +:at first i have not ripp some
afl intros.you ask me i have lin-
ked them etc.what i have link????
please tell me!

  -:i only asked you your comment.
ok,now a different topic.as you a-
re an oldie i can ask you this qu-
estion.could you say some names of
the groups that became a legend in
all times of this scene and why?

  +:1001 crew:one of the best old
demo groups.1001 crew have made at
first a correct scroller on 64.

    fantasy cracking service'fcs:
cool cracking group and of course
there are many names more.

  -:do you want to greet some fri-

  +:some greets to all success
members and to:falcon,surfer,tras-
brego,neotec,jack daniels,walker,
d-t,lobster,code 18,psychobily,
and the rest of my contacts and

  -:what's your comment about this

  +:cool magazine!

  -:thanks.we have reached to the
end of this interview.so please
tell us if you have something left
to say lastly.

  +:thanks for the interview.plea-
se send next issue of splash for

  -:thank you very much for the
interview.i hope you like the new
issue of splash.

   yes,that was our first intervi-
ew for this issue.if you are not
satisfied yet the next interview
is waiting for you in the next
chapter.i hope to meet you there.

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