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   i feel the pleasure of meeting
you in the second interview chap-
ter of your favourite magazine.he-
re you will read the second inter-
view but this one is not done by
me but a cool friend of me.i plan-
ned to interview TRENDY DEALER/ARM
in this issue and i have sended
the questions to him.but the ans-
wers haven't arrived at my place
yet.and i'm sorry to say that i've
to publish it in the next issue as
this is the last day for me  to
finish this issue.but as you see i
am able to present you another in-
terview.some days ago i recieved a
package from DIABOLO/ex-ll and he
sended this interview to me.he in-
terviewed the famous guy RRR/OXY-
RON for the magazine bitmania but
as the future of this magazine is
unknown he wanted me to publish it
in splash.and now you can enjoy it
now.i must send my best regards to
DIABOLO for this interview because
we were really in need of it for
this issue.now let's start.

     -:diabolo   +:rrr/oxyron

  -:please introduce yourself to
our readers and give us an outlook
of age,hobbies,school/job,hometown

  +:my name is xxxx xxxxxxxxx and
actually i'm 21.i was born back in
1971 on december 28th in a town
called gelsenkirchen which got fa-
mous across europe because of the
soccer club fc schalke 04.my job's
at the moment to be a trainee com-
mercial clerk.that are the most
important facts to know in my opi-
nion.my hobbies are playing soccer
working on computer and hanging or
boozing around with my friends in
discos like tarm center or hugo.at
the moment i have not hot a  girl-
friend as we split up three months
ago but i'm working to fix this
problem very soon.i'm around 1,90m
tall,my weight is around 95 kg,my
eyes are green-grey brown(nice mix
ture)and my hair is brown.that's
all to know about me.

  -:tell us about your 'scene ca-
reer'.about how and when you ente-
red the scene and the time untill
you joined your current group.

  +:i've entered the scene in the
march 1989 and started to draw so-
me graphics just for fun.after
hanging around the 1st real group
was alpha flight 1970 then i deci-
ded to join paramount then i have
joined depredators but after some
serious troubles i left the scene
in march 1990.after i got bored i
had a comeback in december 1991 in
a group called abyss connection.
after ac died in april 1992 i have
joined curve.one day after  the
brutal party i have joined my cur-
rent group oxyron.

  -:give us some information about
your present group oxyron,your job
the other members and planned re-
leases of oxyron.

  +:well,i'm working on graphics
for oxyron.to be more percise i
mainly paint logos but sometimes
some pictures too,current members
due to the memberstatus released
together with fantasia 3 are in a-
z order on 64:andre,asmodis,axis,
biz kid,bruiser,crosshead,ego,gra-
rrr,scrapper,septic,slide,tts and
yazoo,on amiga akc and starfox.

   oxyron will regulary release
the mags called addybook,scene ob-
server and may be pravda.our next
demo project is ofcoz comalight 9
but some releases like fantasia 4
or burn it 2 will follow too.anot-
her project is a compiliation of
the best comalight vector parts.

  -:if you had to leave the oxyron
which other group would you like
to join?

  +:i really don't know yet.i hope
this will never happen.maybe i'd
try to build up a new group toget-
her with some friends.it would be
great when the original members
from 1989 would reunion to rebuild

  -:what hardware equipment do you

  +:1 goldstar 13inch color moni-
tor,1 c64 ii,1 1541,1 1541-ii,1
action replay,3 competition pro
joysticks,1 1084s color monitor,1
amiga 500,1mb expansion,1 daisy
sound digitizer,1 light pen,1 mou-
se,1 1531,countless disks.

  -:have you ever done graphics
for games orwould you like to make
some money in the game developing

  +:nice question,jochen.we have
developed mystery together.ac as-
ked me to paint the gfx for the
game hagar but after they hadn't
been able to find a skilled coder
ac cancelled this project.i would
like to create some game gfx in
the future so everybody who is in-
terested can contact me.

  -:which gfx-tools do you use and
how much time do you invest in pa-
inting a logo?

  +:i prefer painting with paint
magic,amica paint 1.4+ and fligfx
v2.2.it is hard to say how much
time is needed to create logo,it's
different from logo to logo.it de-
pends on the style,the filling,the
size and the background.including
big breaks i need around 80 minu-

  -:do you think you are  better
in drawing logos or in painting

  +:due to my lazyness i prefer
painting logos.but in the future i
will paint some pictures but that
will suck much of my spare time.

  -:are you sometimes dreaming of
a perfect gfx-tool?if yes,how does
your dreamtool look like?

  +:it should paint the gfx auto-
matically.you should just enter
some datas about style,size  and
filling,and the rest will be cal-
culated from the computer.a mixed
tool out of amica paint,paint ma-
gic and fligraph would be cool,u-
sing the outstanding advantages of
these tools.

  -:have you ever tried to do so-
mething else than gfx like coding,
composing,music or cracking?

  +:as some people call to link an
intro in front of a game cracking
i must have cracked two or three
games and i have trained one but
these cracks fortunately never had
been spread,i just did it for fun.
i tried to compose during my break
without any success and have stop-
ped learning machine code after o-
ne week.

  -:how much time do you spread in
front of your computer per week?

  +:in my holidays around 5-8 hour
everyday.normally around 90 minu-
tes i use that machine to forget
the troubles of the real life,but
after the power button has been
turned off the fun has gone.it's
really nice when you get sendings
from guys'n'girls all around the
globe presenting their latest pro-
ducts and that's the reason that
i'd like to get some more contacts
in the future.

  -:what do your parents think a-
bout your computer hobby?

  +:they didn't like it all,but
they have to accept it.since my
mother works on a computer her o-
pinion has changed but my father
just thinks i just playing arcade
games on it.

  -:tell us about your favourite..

      scorpions,sometimes techno
movie:terminator 1+2,highschool,
      college movies,das boot
girl:claudia schiffer,cindy craw-
     ford,the girl of 2 unlimited
car:bmw 850i
sport:soccer(active and on tv)
book:my schoolbooks as i have no
     time left to read other ones
food:pasta,pizza,gyros,mc donalds
drink:mineral water,highlander,bit
game:sensible soccer v1.1,lucasart
     games on amiga
demo:ancient demos from ash&dave,
     ian&mic,judges and megastyle.
     i like emotional breakdown,
     red storm,dutch breeze and
     prometheus unbound very much
gfx-man:the ancient pegasus,hein
        design,thomas heinrich,
        michael detert and gotcha
composer:rob hubbard,jeroen tel,
         jch,tim follin
mag: disk:shock,brutal recall
     real:64'er,asm,amiga joker
tv series:die zwei(a serie out of
          sixties with toni curtis
          and roger moore),mtv's
          partyzone and married
          with children,melrose
          place,beverly hills 9021

  -:have you ever visited a compu-
ter party?what's your opinion of
the last party you visited?

  +:i've just visited the boring
venlo meetings and aars'92.all in
all a cool party but some subjects
could have been organized in  a
better way like toilets,showers
and competition prices.it was lame
that you haven't been allowed to
sleep in front of your equipment.

  -:what do you like/dislike in
the c64 scene and what do you wish
the scene for the future?

  +:i really dislike rather unac-
tive,not skilled show-off guys
slagging about productiv groups e-
ven if they aren't able to produce
something in the same quality.i
like to see that some many guys
and girls are still active on this
machine keeping on working to hold
the 64 alive.something like this
scene won't appear on any other
machine,that are only cheap copies

  -:what are your future plans on
this computer?

  +:to release coma light 27 with
oxyron and to hit the audience's
taste with our demos.

  -:do you think the scene in ot-
her countries is better than in

  +:i can't judge it as i just
know the german scene but the scan
davian groups are ruling too,the
same counts for dutch ones.in my
opinion the european scene is the
best because of the amount of qua-
lity and quantity groups.i perso-
nally think that the east european
scene will grow up very soon.in
the 80's the american and english
based groups ruled.

  -:tell us your opinion about ot-
her computer systems?

  +:the amiga has nice gfx and so-
und facilities,the atari st has
it's advanteges in midi,the archi-
medes is a cool machine too but
the future will be ruled by perso-
nal computers.i'd like to see when
some contacts would send some more
amiga wares,too as i prefer the a-
miga as my second machine.in the
near future i will buy a pc but i
will start painting on amiga next

  -:who are your best friends in
the scene?

  +:well,it's hard to say this one
is the best pal.all my contacts a-
re my pals but to point out some i
have to mention you and the oxyron
guys.i would like to greet some of
my contacts in no order to:fire-
walker,mr.smart,black widow,unifi-
anarchy and the forgotten ones.

  -:where does your handle come

  +:as many guys expected it came
from the wwf(wrestling organizati-
on)well,in the past back in 1989,
i'd liked to hang around with sch-
ratcher and breaker of paramount
and next to our computer activiti-
es we just watched the wrestling
'heros' on tv or video.then tommy/
ex-mcg came along(after the death
of madonna cracking group  most of
the members built up paramount)
and wanted to return to the  c64
scene.that time breaker has been
caught too,and tommy has chosen
the handle 'sting' from the wwf,
breaker was forced to rename into
'dr.death' and i thought a handle
from the wwf would be fine too.so
i have choosen 'rauishing rick ru-
de' but after many dudes did some
jokes about the handle and i have
been to lazy to write always like
full form on letters etc.i decided
just to take the short from rrr.
that's why i'm called 'rrr' these

  -:have you ever had problems
with the cops?

  +:a little bit due to my compu-
ter activities but the more impor-
tant trouble as i got some several
times radar-trapped.i'd to book
some extra lessons in a driving
school.meanwhile i know most  of
the radar traps in my hometown.

  -:finally give us some last word
you can also greet your friends
and contacts or write whatever you

  +:as i have greeted my friends
in a previous question i really
hope that some of my old contacts
are still active and will contact
me after having read this.i want
to point out once again that it'd
be great to find some more amiga
warez in my post-box and i'd like
to have some more c64 contacts too
have a look in the advertisement
chapter and note my addy.i would
like to greet the guys in excess
for lending us their computer equ-
ipment several times in venlo.

  -:thanks for giving me this in-

  +:it was a pleasure but one qu-
estion.where's the money you pro-
mised me for answering all these
stupid questions!

   yes,this was the second and the
last interview of this issue.i ho-
pe you liked it as there were some
nice questions from diabolo.now i
must stop here because i must also
edit some more chapters,not much
time left.please return to the me-
nu to select another topic.

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