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   i am very pleased that you have
loaded this chapter and we are to-
gether with in the reactions part.
i think this chapter must be the
most favourite chapter of a mag e-
ditor as this is the most effecti-
ve part to decrease the space bet-
ween the editor and the readers of
the mag.an editor's aim must be to
present all the time better issues
and what will show him the right
way? of'coz the  source of light
will come from the reactions  of
the readers and this light'll fa-
cilitate the job of the editor to
resemble for the perfect issues.so
it's for sure that reactions are
too important for a magazine.

   the reactions which i will try
to answer soon are much more im-
portant for us.because as you know
it better than me,we presented our
previous issue of this mag with a
completely new outfit.so it was a
very hard and important issue for
us as a new outfit is something
like starting a new magazine.al-
though we had the honour of pre-
senting a better outfit,it will be
a big lie if we say that we hadn't
stressed and depressed.we could
harly waited for the coming reac-
tions for our new outfit but at
the end all of our passion,troub-
les,fears and all the feelings li-
ke,came to its end and lost totaly
as the coming reactions were sho-
wing that nearly all of our rea-
ders liked it.this is a very great
kind of feeling which cannot be
narrate with the words so easily.
there is a sentence which says so-
mething like 'there're some events
that can't be understood with the
words,only they can be lived'. i
think this is the real right place
to say this sentence.

   before starting with publishing
the reactions we have got,i must
THANKS for the people who thought
that splash is a good magazine and
voted for us in the charts.by the
help of our lovers we are rising
up in the charts.but i want to
mention one important fact.our aim
for doing is NOT to be a MEGA,GIGA
TOP ELITE GROUP and rise in the
charts like a rising of a scudmis-
sile in the air.of'coz it's a end-
less morale support for the staff
of even every product,to see them-
selves in the charts-rising.becau-
se the charts are the calibration
of how much you or your product
loved by the other guys.i think
that there's noone who will deny
that he don't like to be in the
charts.but the MAIN-AIM is not be
the charts.it must be for hundred
percent sure the quality producti-
ons.if you produce your best and
all the time try to do something
better than the previous one,then
the success in the charts will ar-
rive you by itself.perhaps it'll
be too late or too early,but it'll
arrive you at the end.

   some of you perhaps are very
anxious why i have written these
words.it's because that some guys
in turkiye became unhappy when
they saw our mag in the charts.so
what they had to do to make our
desire remain unsatisfied.to at-
tack directly or indirectly  to
stop us.although the big point
differences in the  charts, were
these guys afraid of the rising of
splash? i don't know the right
answer but i can't find another
explanation for this fact.so  i
wanted to answer the indirect at-
tack of our NEIGHBOURS.after that
now we can start with the reacti-
ons that we have got.here we go
with it.

  BRIX/COMIC PIRATES:'first of all
i really love your mag.i say this
coz i like mags with style and a
cute outfit and not because i like
infiltrating your asses.well,as i
am running a mag myself with  my
group members i surely know  how
hard it is to keep interesting and
objective.so i'd really like to
see your mag higher in the charts
coz it kixx!i like the nostalgic
chapter most coz it reminds me to
the good old times.yep!cool idea!
also the text-display got better
compared to the old outfit.someti-
mes the texts bore me a bit but
this is mainly caused by the music
which fits more to the main-menu
than to the written text.but who
cares? i'd really like to see more
issues of splash.'

   many thanks for your reaction
friend.yes,we both share the same
problem with you as you also try
to release better issues of your
magazine.we try to be different
but this doesn't mean that we will
forget the classical parts.it's so
nice to see that you loved nostal-
gie part most.all of us have seve-
ral memories in our scene-life as
we have in our normal life.but it
is a pity that noone have sended
us a story from his background.i
will write one from me in this is-
sue to give this corner a second
chance but i don't know what to do
now if we don't get a good support
what about sending us some parts
from your past.we'll be very happy
if you share your memories with us
in this mag.we try to present more
text in every coming issue so it's
normal for you to be bored if you
read it in one time.we try to use
several musics not to lose the in-
terest or not to bore.here as you
see you got another issue so just
enjoy it pal.

  TTS/OXYRON:'i really enjoyed the
new outfit as this is really even
better coded than the last.the me-
nu upscroller is smooth and in the
text-display is an upscroller too
which makes it better readable.
congratulation on this highquality

   hey cool tts!endless thanks to
you for your reaction.it's a very
good feeling to hear some words
which talks about the quality co-
ding of the outfit from such a co-
der like you.we can't manage to
succeed if we can't get good reac-
tions like this from our readers.
just enjoy this issue too.

   STASH/EPIC:'thanx for the new
splash and i must say that it was
a fucking cool outfit and i mean
the graphix.the code is also very
cool.keep up the good work.i will
spread the splash votesheets as
many as i have as i still have so-
me of old sheets.'

   greetings our friend.i'm very
pleased that you loved what we ha-
ve done.please go on spreading the
votesheets as we really in need of
it.but please copy and spread the
new ones as they have some more
things on them.stay cool and enjoy
this issue.

for the splash.i must say it is
great.many interesting  chapters
and a very very very fucken great
outfit,what else do i need? swap-
per charts!the only missing thing
is the swapper charts.'

   yo bizarre!you made us very
happy with your reaction.i'm glad
that you like it much.don't worry
for the swapper charts.because we
have put also a new swappers part
in our new votesheets and we will
start with the swapper charts in
the next issue so don't worry.read
splash and be happy!

the latest splash issue.i really
liked the new outfit.now the mag
is nearly perfect.'

  it's very cool that you liked it
as we have worked for this new o-
utfit too much.as you see this is
the longest splash issue ever up
to this time.in every issue we try
to bring something better as our
aim is that.so i'm sure you'll li-
ke this issue too.see you pal.

  MERLIN/EPIC:'the new splash was
sooooo great,like a friend of mine
said 'even better than sex'.he did
not say it in connection to the
splash,but i liked the copareish-
ment.the outfit looks really great
and the texts are still of a very
high-level.so splash's really what
the scene was waiting for!it's in
my personal top 3 (together with
network and script).well enough
compliments,just hurry with issue
15,as i'm waiting for it.

   many many thanks for a reaction
like that.just look up to the sky
and you can see me in the clouds!
yes,after a reaction like that i'm
flying caused by happiness.here we
have the honour of presenting an-
other great issue as this is the
longest issue ever and i'm sure
you will like it.if we can give a
good quality production to this
scene then there is noone who is
more happy than us.never forget to
support us.thanks friend.

   DAVE/CLIMAX:'really cool outfit
man!great!i like it very much!cool
idea!i didn't read the whole text
until now but i'll read it this
afternoon surely!'

   thank you very much dave! we're
so pleased for your thoughts about
our magazine.it seems that you co-
uldn't easily finish our magazine
as there are lots of text in it.
this time your mission i mean your
journey in this issue will be har-
der as this is the longest splash
ever.just enjoy us and don't for-
get to help.now i must answer the
next one pal.

  AVALANCHE/TPAU:'the new outfit
of splash looks really great!there
is simply no mistake or wrong de-
tail!just go on like this!'

   greets my friend! i'm very glad
to see you inside of the guys who
think that our magazine is nearly
perfect.we will try to make better
issues without losing the quality.
but never forget to support us in
every kind of action.thanks.

  ANTHRAX/NEBULA:'he,he.your mag
is the best,as i know.great user-
full outfit,better gfx and very
interesting text.maybe two or more
issues in one,month? of'coz it's
joke.so,i'm always waiting for
next splash.'

   hey friend!many regards for the
cool words.we try to present inte-
resting issues from all sides and
we will be very happy if we're ma-
naging this level.we also wanted
to publish this magazine in short
time intervals but it's not easy
to prepare such a long magazine.so
here you got the new issue,it's
waiting for you to enjoy.so you
can be happy now.i can see  the
happiness in your eyes.

   GREMLIN/ENTROPY:'splash  seems
to talk about itself or it's mem-
bers a bit too much in all the
chapters.but i like the menu.text
is a little lacking and i don't
like page flipping.it reminds me
the noters i get to see.i prefer
scrolling.no mag is perfect,defi-
nately not ours so don't take any
criticism too hard.'

   yo gremlin!although this reac-
tion was written by you before we
changed the outfit and it can be
considered as old i have published
your reaction.because i want to
answer something in this reaction.
i hope you like our new outfit as
this one uses an upscroller.i hope
there's no problems left with the
outfit.now the major point.why do
you think that we talk about our-
selves too much? perhaps sometimes
we have talked too much,it could
be happened.let me give an example
for it.in the last issue we have
started two new chapters under the
names of personalities and nostal-
gia.in these chapters we talked
too much with ourselves as these
chapters depend on the persons and
turkiye is far from the real scene
countries.but let's have a look to
this issue.the personalities part
increased into three parts as we
got some help for it and for sure
that we will get more.i mean that
we have to start new chapters from
us but this won't be long too much
i hope that you understand what i
try to say.you also said that the
text is lacking.do you? just look
at this issue.nearly 2 times more
text from other magazines.also we
try to keep writing interesting
text.i am sure that your ideas a-
bout this mag will change too much
after reading this issue.just en-
joy it.'

  JASON/X-RATED:'the new outfit is
nearly unbeatable.the only thing
that's is a fast up/down scroll
routine in the chapters.anyway, i
wish you lotsa success with splash
and please use my logo!waiting for
the next issue,jason/x-rated is
signing off.'

   dear jason!we are so proud that
you liked our production called
splash.also many many thanks for
the logo you have drawn for us.but
we didn't use it because according
to us although it's a nice logo it
won't fit with the graphics under
it.i think that it's too large,i
mean not the logo but the letters
are too big.also you didn't want
us to use it in an intro.i wanted
to explain this to you,i hope you
are not angry with me and lose yo-
ur sympathy to our magazine.but if
you want we can use it in an intro
or just draw another which is more
smaller,i mean the letters like
the one we are using now.i hope
you understand.just keep cool and
never forget to help us.

  HIBISCH/EX-HITMEN:the new outfit
of splash is really cool and i li-
ke the text,i think it's a good
mag.usually i don't read mags but
the only ones i read are gamers
guide,brutal recall and ofcourse
splash and no more else.'

   hello my friend!i'm very plea-
sed that you gave us your time and
read this magazine although you
don't like magazines much.but we
try to prepare such issues that e-
verybody could easily find some-
thing for himself.enjoy this issue
and many thanks for your chapter

  CHRIS/ASPHYXIA:'i've read latest
splash issue.really cool nice out-
fit and interesting texts.yeah,i'm
waiting for the next issue.'

   it's very cool that you find o-
ur magazine interesting and you
liked the new outfit.here you get
another issue of your magazine.ho-
pe you say the same things or even
better for this issue.

  SCOW/VISION:'the new outfit is
just cool.keep it up.'

   we are so pleased to see you
enjoying our magazine.we will of'
course keep it up if we get the
good reactions and support like

  TRENDY DEALER/ARM:'thanks for
the latest splash,a really cool o-

   a short reaction from you but i
can easily understand that you lo-
ve this magazine.so a new issue is
waiting for you.what do you need

  GETTOBOY/P7P:'keep on doing this
mag,outfit great and much chapters
go on you!'

   thank you pal! the only thing
that make us to continue this ma-
gazine is the support of our rea-
ders.so never forget to help us.

  RAY/VISION:'ok,nice mag,keep it
up,awful music.'

   thanks that you liked the maga-
zine in general but why do you
think like that about the musics?
perhaps the amount of music is in-
sufficient for the amount of text
so you bored of them.just enjoy
this issue.

  LIGHT/MAGNUM:'i say the splash
outfit is cooler than previous...'

   yo light!here is another issue
which is better than the previous
one.all time try to improve! yes,
that's what we try to do.

nice new outfit.'

   all our weariness fly up and
decrease when we hear some words
from our readers like that.

  HICCUP/CREATURES:'the new splash
outfit is really nice.gfx looks
nice too.but the logos are a litle
bit strange.all in all it's a good

   i'm pleased as i got a good re-
action from you too.didn't you li-
ke the splash logo in the main me-
nu? then what about drawing and
presenting us a logo?


   i think you are the only guy
who have sended a reaction saying
that.why do you think like that?
the gfx in this one is also cool
and this is faster than the old o-
ne.just send us what can we do mo-
re in this outfit.

   yes,we have reached to the end
of this corner.these were nearly
all the reactions that we got un-
til now.perhaps i will get some
more ones while i'm editing the
other chapters because it need so-
me time.we are waiting for your
reactions also for this issue too.
because this is another important
issue for us.we are breaking our
record and we are presenting you
an issue which is a full-disc ma-
gazine.so it's very normal to wait
for the reactions.ok,now load an-
other chapter.see you there.
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