Splash 14 ch03 Reactions

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    hello guys! we are once more
in the corner of your ideas.yes,
the reactions part.i'll again try
to give answers to the reactions
that we got.we'll pass them soon
but before i want to ask for some-

    as you see we have presented
you a new outfit and we are very
excited.i can hardly wait for the
reactions corner in the next issue
because it will show if you liked
it or not.i also must say that be-
cause of time problems we couldn't
finish all the things we want in
this outfit.so we are sorry if we
made some mistakes in somewhere.
but all of them will be improved
in the next issue.yes,after this
explanation i think we can go on
with the reactions.the first one's
from GORDON/TRONOMIC.he said:

    'really cool mag.a new outfit
will do thing.else i think  the
text is good written.yours.


    answer:thank you very much for
your reaction.yes,here you got a
new outfit with again some lots of
text.we try to make a mag which
worths to read.see you.

    and now i'm moving forward to
the next one.it's from BORDEAUX of
acrise.he said:

    'splash is an absolutely cool
mag with great long and cool text!
keep on making this forever!'

    answer:the reactions like this
take away all my weariness.many
thanx my friend.we will try to go
on if we go on reactions like that

    here we got another from the
gfx guy better known as JOE/ANTIC.
his wishes are:

    'you have got many chapters,
but too less text in every chapter
write more text and try to change
the graphics and design.'

    answer:first of all thanks for
sending a reaction to us.as you
see we have changed the outfit.we
again have lots of chapters and in
this outfit the amount of text in
a chapter also increased as we ma-
de an up-scroller.i don't think
that too less text are present in
every chapter.yes of course we ha-
ve some short ones but we try to
present every subject or releated
ones in one chapter and open a new
one for a completely apathetic.and
we think that it's the best.so you
can find the right amount of text
according to the subject.what abo-
ut helping us for a better mag.c u

    let's move to the coming one.
RED ROCK/EXCESS have sended this
reaction to us.

    'nice mag but i don't like the
outfit so much!the text amount is

    answer:you can be pleased as
a new cool outfit stands in front
of your eyes.we hope that you li-
ked this one.

    the reaction of REBEL/TSR ta-
kes the order.he said these words
for splash:

    'quite a most outstanding mag'

    answer:it's a short one but it
touchs one of our aims.in this mag
we try to put a different style
and work.all things we do,we do it
for you.

    next one is here which was
written by SINN FEIN/EPIC.he said:

    'keep on doing this great ma-

    answer:of'course we will do it
if we go on getting reactions and
support like that.thank you friend

    now i hold another one in my
hands.this time the sender is BLA-
DE/SYSTEM.he said:

    'splash has got better and
better but the text thing's a very
original thing.the way that scroll
goes is quite good.keep up the co-
ol work accuracy'

    answer:i hope you also like
this new outfit and new text scre-
en.i also thought the last one is
a good one but most of our readers
asked for an upscroller so here is
the new design.what are your tho-
ughts about this issue?

    we are slowly coming to the
last ones.here is one more.THE
SYNDROM/TIA/PADUA have sended it
to us.he said:

    'improve the outfit! text is

    answer:the most important side
of a magazine is the text but no
doubt that outfit also important
to look the readers attention.what
about this change in the outfit
this time? also i think you will
again love the text.thanks for the

    and the last one for this is-
sue is from UPTONOGOOD/TSR.his
words are:

    'try cutting the number of
voting places from 10-5.much easi-
er to vote on!keep up the goodwork

    answer:thanks for the reaction
in this magazine we try to appro-
ach to fair charts so we all the
time try to collect more voteshets
if we collect only top 5 votes
then only we can make a chart for
the top 10 perhaps.but the long
charts needed for a morale support
to other groups.so we must collect
at least top 10.i hope you under-
stood it.see you later.

    yes,these were all of the re-
actions of this issue.i am sure we
will get more and more in the next
issue cause of this new outfit.we
all hope you like this one too.so
don't forget to send your reacti-
ons to us.we are waiting for them.

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