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      lyrics from deep purple

   hello again...as i have told in
the 12th issue you can find the l-
yrics from some of the best  songs
of deep purple.(well,it would have
been from metallica but ya know..)
so just grab one of your deep pur-
ple tapes,and sing yourself too...
whaaat?you don't have any of them?
shit;be quick and get one then!!!

         - child in time -

sweet child in time
you'll see the line
the line that's drawn
between the good and the bad

see the blind man
shooting at the world
bullets flying
taking roll

if you'd been bad
oh lord i bet you have
and you've not been hit
by flying lead

you'd better close your eyes
and bow your head
and wait for richochet

     - smoke on the water -

we all came down to montreux

on the lake geneva shoreline
to make records with the mobile
we didn't have much time
frank zappa and the mothers
were at the best place round
but some stupid with a flare gun
burned the place to the ground

smoke on the water
fire in the sky
smoke on the water
they burned down
the gambling house

it died with an awful sound
funk and claude was running in'out
pulling kids out on the ground
while it was all over
we had to find another place
but swiss time was running out
it seemed that we lose the race

we ended up at the grand hotel
it was empty,cold and bare
with rolling truck stones thing
just outside
making our music there

with a few red lights
and a few old beds
we made a place to sweat
no matter what we get out of this
i know we'll never forget

        - highway star -

nobody gonna take my car
i'm gonna race it to the ground
nobody gonna beat my car
it's gonna break the speed o'sound
ooh,it's a killing machine

it's got everything
like a driving power
big fat tyres and everything
i love it and i need it
i bleed it

it's a wild hurricane
all right,hold tight
i'm a highway star

nobody gonna take my girl
i'm gonna keep her to the end
nobody gonna have my girl
she stays close on every bend

ooh,she's a killing machine
she's got everything
like a moving mouth
body control,everything
i love her,i need her
i seed her
yeah,she turns me on
nobody gonna take my head
i got speed inside my brain
nobody gonna steal my head
now that i'm on the road again
ooh,i'm i heaven again
like a moving mouth
throttle control everything

i love it,i need it,i seed it
eight cyylinders,all mine

    - soldure of fortune -

i have often told you stories
about the way
i lived the life of a drifter
waiting for the day
when i'd take your hand
and sing you songs
then maybe you would say
come lay with me and love me
and i surely would say

but i feel i'm growing older
and the songs that i have sung
echo in the distance like da sound
of a wind mill goin' round
i guess i'll always be
a soldure of fortune

many times i've been a traveller
i looked for something new
i days of old
when nights were cold
i wandered without you
but those days i thought my eyes
had seen you standing near

tho'blindness is confusing
it shows you are not here

yes,i can hear the sound
of a windmill goin' round
i guess i'll always be
a soldure of fortune

>note:this song has been perfectly
converted to the 64 by *page*. re-
member  it from the shadow  vector
part in brutality/light and brutal

    - when a blind man cries -

if you're leaving,close the door
i'm not expecting people anymore
hear me grieving,i'm lying on
the floor
whether i'm drunk or dead
i ain't too sure

i'm a blind man
and my worls is pale
when a blind man cries
lord,you know there ain't

no sadder tale

had a friend once,in a room
had a good time but it ended
much too soon
in a cold month in that room
we found a reason for the things
we had to do

i'm a blind man
now my room is cold
when a blind man cries
lord,you know he feels it from
his soul

      - stormbringer -

comin' out of nowhere
drivin' like rain
stormbringer dance
on the thinder aganin
dark cloud gatherin'
breakin' the day
no point running
cause it's coming your way

ride the rainbow
crack the sky

stormbringer coming
time to die
got to keep running
stormbringer coming
he's got nothing you need
he's gonna make you bleed

rainbow shaker
on a stallion twister
bareback rider
on the eye of the sky
stormbringer coming down
meaning to stay
thunder and lightnin'

heading your way

  - srange kind of woman -

there once was a woman
a strange kind of woman
the kind that gets written
down in history
her name was nancy
her face was nothing fancy
she left a trail o'happines,misery

i loved her
everybody loved her

she loved ev'ry one and
gave them good return
i tried to take her
i even tried to break her
she said"i aint for talkin'
won't you ever learn"
i want you
i need you
i gotta be near you
i spent my money as i took my turn
looked like a raver
but i could never please her
on wednesday mornings boy
you can't go far

she finally said she loved me
i wed her in a hurry
no more callers and i glowed
with pride
i'm dreaming
i feel like screaming
i won my woman
just before she died

   - flight of the rat -
spread the word around
the rat's leaving town
the message is a song
the misery is gone

oh yes he is
once i had a dream
to sing before the queen
she didn't want to know
she wouldn't see the show
oh what a fright
i couldn't do it right
oh what a night
oh what a sight

mystic demons fly
all about the sky
with memories of a clown
the saddest show in town

oh yes

when i was seventeen
my mother said to me
be careful what you touch
you shouldn't take so much
i blew my mind
she was so kind
i could have cried
oh no
ooh in my mind
i had to find
a kind of new way of being
oh so cool

like a blue blooded well studded
english fool
speak about the past
times are changing past
i couldn't even speak
not a word

shaking out a curse
nothing could be worse
walking through the door
who could ask for more

now i'm free
and i can see

and i am me
yes i am free
spread the word around
the rat's leaving town
the message is a song
the misery is gone
shaking out a curse
nothing could be worse
walking through the door
who could ask for more
now i'm free
and i can see
and i am me,yes i am free
oh please stay away

   ehem, it seems that the  memory
is  about to end,and i still  have
some more lyrics to write down he-
re that are:

-woman from tokyo
-perfect strangers

   but since there are a few  more
pages left in the deep purple spe-
cial chapter,i think it won't be a
bad idea to write some of the lyr-

ics to the place left there.so ju-
st  check the end of that  chapter
for more...

  that is all for this time,do not

  peace and love is all we need!

               the boss/accuracy
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