Splash 12 ch16 Did You Know

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       did you know that...
   argh...just again some of those
lame did ya knav dats...i also th-
ink that this started to bore but,
it's some kind of tradition;so  we
will keep it going.of course it is
gonna  be better if you send  some
of your own,so do that!

   okey,they are on the next page:

   did you know that...

...wollo of accuracy is not able
come to the mega multi-country so
called -t u r k i y e - just beca-
use he couldn't find a ticket!!!

...merlin/image loves the new left
wing forward of besiktas ;mrkela!

...besiktas  is ruling  in turkiye
for the last 10 years (5 champion-
ships and 3 second places can't be

...highlander/accuracy's real name
is "doruk" and this exactly  means

...tesla  of vagabonds has to con-
tact me (the boss) as soon as  po-
ssible if  he got his  handle from
his favourite rock band!

...nobody of accuracy calls falcon
as "bird",me as "the bus"  and  we
call him as "nobobi"(ha!)

...megadeth's new lp is soon out!

...faith no more makes such a  mu-
sic that noone can describe. it is
not metal,not rock,not pop,not rap
but a mixture of all! guess how it
sounds like.

...the boss/acy will soon  get his
driving licence.(you can expect an
increase in the traffic  accidents
in turkiye!)

...a sending from ankara or istan-
bul with two disks cost around>70<
pfenig to abroad.pretty cheap you

think??? so why not comparing the
salaries too? i'd better not...

...german mark is rising just like
a dick that saw a raw pussy,again-
st the turkish lira.(shit!)

...incubus/antic is  the  craziest
vote sheet spreader i've ever seen
really! more than 15 different  v-
sheets in a sending can't be wrong

...incubus  did not get his handle
from the death metal group but fr-

om a song by marillion!

...giving a break o'four months to
a mag going pretty well is a  real
suicide!(updaters, please keep  on
doing,this break's too long!)

...the photo album from the brutal
party by incubus was really cool!!
try to grab it mates!

...noone can beat kadem in  mixing
the nose!!!

...this chapter started to sick
like hell!

...the turkish young soccer team
has become the european champion!!
cool eh? soon the olds will achive
the same!

...steve/accuracy is also going to
get his driving licence soon.oh,no
now we have double trouble.

...rcs/legend started to do body-
building.also our member beetleju-

ice started too.

...the boss  and mr.dj  forgot to
put  an endbyte in  the scroll  of
the splash  issue 11 intro.yes,you
now the  reason.time problem means
a deep stress.

...there  is  a second meaning  of
the famous name r.c.s.it means ru-
di cracking service.

...twist/dominators sometimes put
little messages in the bam of his

spread discs.

...kazar  and spikes  of dunex are

...baze  once sent an original  to
xoss  and xoss replied  by sending
the same original back.

...dr.j/the force is a cool paper-

...this is  the last  did you know
in this issue.

   yes,the end has come.don't for-
get to send some funny,interesting
and strange 'did you knows' to our
famous addy:


                   signed:the boss
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