Splash 12 ch10 Addicted Scene

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      addicted to the scene

   i am  back from my  short visit
to  istanbul and now i am ready to
write  sum text.what? don't  shout
loudly! i  can't  understand.himm,
you ask why i travelled to  istan-
bul? it is  because that  i wanted
to  see the acy  guys in  istanbul
and  also i wanted to  discuss new
projects of acy in near future.

i mean that my aim was totally de-
pending on  scene and  friendship
business.lets talk more about this

   while i was inside the bus and
watching around,i began to think.i
thought that  there  are  several
scene  people who also  go abroad
for scene business like me.for ex-
ample  the guys  that attend  the
parties.what is the reason of it?
its  answer is  very simple.it is
because that scene is an important
part of our life.how studying,eat-

ing,sleeping,listening music etc
take place in our life,scene-busi-
ness also has a special part.am i

   here is the story of the ente-
rance of  scenelife to  our normal
life.they are  nearly same in most
of the events.we start to code so-
mething  then new ideas appear.we
try to solve the problems and get
the result.at first  we like  what
we do but when we saw a better one
our dreams flop in a water garbage

and fall  to the deep.so,we start
to develop our knowledge by spen-
ding  more hours in  front of our
screen.same things are also valid
for graphixers,musicians and swap-
pers too.we get first 10 contact.
then  20,40,80,100...all the time
it seems,it is not enough but our
time and money limits stop us.

   by  the time  computer  gets a
stronger and  longer place in  our
life.day by day we  begin to  get
tired  so we  put forward that 'we

will stop in near future as we can
not stand more'.but this day never
comes easily  as we can  not leave
really this scene.

   its cause  is that it  is very
hard to live away from this scene.
who can forget the scene-life? is
it easy to feel all the feelings
of this scene in another field? i
don't think so...

   but one day because of the ca-
sulaties  of real life,we  had to

stop.it is not easy.it can not be
tell by words.but our pain can ea-
sily be understood from out face.
without any hope,we leave the sce-
ne.some of us can not continue too
long  and if they find a way,they
return to the scene.but  if it  is
impossible  to come  back,then we
dream our days in this scene and
give it a life chance  in a  deep
corner of our hearth.

   the  conclusion is that  in all
ways we are addicted to this scene

so this scene perhaps have to die
but it will always be in a bright
corner of our heart.

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