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         group names

 have you ever wondered where does
the name of your favourite music
band comes from ?
  then here are some of them...in
fact this chapter was already rea-
dy for the last issue but as mr.dj
was too lazy to fix it for the new
outfit i've to type down it again!

  okey make your move right now:!

>ac/dc:the name of the number one
hard rock group comes from the fa-
mous electric terms:alternatin cur
rent/direct current

>abba:the only group that made the
ir fame from eurovision comes from
the first letters of the members:
>the beatles:they liked the group
of buddy holly "the crickets" very
much as it had two meanings.so th-
ey found"beetles" and then changed
into "the beatles"

>b-52's:the name of the famous usa
bombing plane later became the
name of a hair style.one of the
members liked that style very much
guess the rest...

>deep purple:this was the name of
a pop hit famed by bing crosby and
april stevens in 1962

>depeche mode:vince clarke was ins
pired by a french mode mag called
depeche mod.or their name would be
composition of sound...

>the doors:jim morrison was effect
ed by a column called the doors of
perception about drugs.also it was
a poem of an english poet.

>bob dylan:young robert zimmerman
had an uncle called dillon.he then
changed it's stress into dylan.
that's what he says...

>fine young cannibals:this was the
name  of a movie, starring robert
wagner and natalie wood

>iron maaiden:this is the name of
a torture device in the mid ages.
it had the shape of a human body.
the people were put in this and
were never taken out...

>jethro tull:this is the name of
an english agriculture scientist
that lived in the 18th century &
made a lot of discoveries...
>judas priest:it comes fro'a song
in bob dylan's albume"john wesley
harding" and called "the ballad
of frankie lee and judas priest"

>kraftwerk:power station(german)

>led zeppelin:jimmy page was think
ing of building a group with keith
moon and john entwistle from the
who.entwistle said"let's call us
"lead zeppelin as we'll be ahead
and higher then everyone.later
they dropped the a

>marillion:it was taken from j.r.r
tolkien's book called silmarillion
and then it was shortened

 >motorhead:lemmy was a member of
 the group hawkwind and this name
 comes from their "kings of speed
 e.p.in 1974

 >pink floyd:comes from the names
 of two georgian blues masters:
 pink anderson & floyd council

 >rolling stones:this is the name
 of a song of the legendary blues
 singer muddy waters,rollin'stone

 >r.e.m.:rapid eye movement

>ub 40:everybody knowns that but
it's the number of a card for the

>u2:the name of them was firstly
the hype.but they liked the us
spy plane "u2" and it also means
you too

>yello:it's the shortened form of
yelled hello
>velvet underground:the name of a
book telling the pleasures of sado

>madness:all group members were da
fans of prince buster so they took
the name of one of his hits

>zz top:frank beard & his friends
searched for a name that would be
at the end of all the rock enysic-
lopedias to show that there would
be no group after them.so being
inspired from bb king,they got zz
top,cool eh?

  that's all pals! see you later
                    the boss/acy
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