Splash 10 ch06 Cevin Said That

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    i have been waiting for and
at the end i have got it.got what?
yeah,it is an interview for this
magazine.are you laughing at my
words? according to you,is it a
classic thing to interview a per-
son  in a  magazine? yes,you are
right  but i like interviews.and
also it is a part for a production
that you call it a magazine.anot-
her fact is that if there are some

some special and quality questions
near the classic ones like favou-
rite groups,food,girl..etc,the in-
terviews  become cool.because they
display  some thoughts in front of
the eyes.so you also have some new
views and thoughts at the end of
the interview.

    now,i must stop this talking
and start publishing the interview
of  this month.it  will be  with
cevin/extacy.i am waiting for an-
other interview too which is done

with scene-famous guy baze/brutal.
if it arrives me before i release
this issue then you will find it
in another chapter.if not,then you
must wait for the next issue.now
let's start with cevin:


    -:hi cevin!here are some clas-
sic questions that every interview
have.please tell us about yourself

and your family.

    +:ok boy! let's start.so,i am
cevin of extacy, my real name is
markus gudokeit,i'm about 17 years
old and my lenght is 198 cm.my we-
ight is nearly 80 kg,i have brown
hairs and brown eyes! i life at
home with my parents,and there is
a little nice dog called 'rex'.

    -:please give some infos about
your normal life.

    +:in my normal life i work as
an electrician.i always spend ne-
arly two hours per day for my c64!
usually i go boozing at the week-
ends with my girlfriend called ra-
mona! i really like to go to the
venlo-meeting and to meet some of
my contacts there! (ed:poor me! i
also wanted to join venlo or a
copy party,snif!)

    -:when did you get your first
computer? when did you enter the

    +:puh...i think i got my first
computer nearly 8 years ago! but
after 2 years it crashes down but
i got a new! i joined the scene
the first time nearly 3 years ago
and lamed a bit around,then i left
it again! but after a time of pla-
ying games i decided to join the
scene again.that was nearly one
year ago!

    -:cevin,you can be happy beca-
use these boring questions are now
over.what about starting to talk

about the scene.you build up your
own group extacy.is it a new group
or a rebuilding og extasy? if your
answer is yes,then were yo a mem-
ber of extasy? if not, why do you
use their name? please don't mis-
understand me.

    +:oh yes,i'm happy now..oh no!
it isn't a rebuilding of extasy.
let me clear some things.motley of
death sector was the first one who
build up a crew called extacy.now
i have all rights from him to bu-

ild up this group again! but after
i build up extacy,draket,rockstar/
genesis are ragging on me and say-
ing,i stole the name.i really pis-
sed off this...but back!

    -:what is current member sta-
tus of extacy,now?

    +:ups,the current memberstatus
is as following on 30.3.92.

     cevin - lead,gfx,swap,origis,

     armitage - crack,swap,origis,

     shocker - code,modem.

    -:why did you left the ruling

    +:oh...i make it short! as i
joined trc in novenber'91 i got
tons of warez.but time after time
i got only some warez per month.
and at last i get nothing! but at
thid time trc didn't released any

thing,really! so i left and build
up my own crew! i especially made
it because many groups are dying
nowadays.i say only..we will kick!

    -:according to you who is ru-
ling nowadays?

    +:who is ruling? hm,it isn't
easy to say but i try to judge it
all right! i think in cracking il-
lusion really kicks ass,but legend
is the kicking numero uno at the
moment.there are so much demo gro-

ups but flash inc.and light is ru-
ling because crest is really lazy
and unactive today! here is the

 musician:drax,deek,reyn o.,jeroen
 magazine:brutal recall,indepen-
          dent heh he.

    -:in which group did you want
to be in the past and which do you
want now?

    +:in the past i want to be in
ikari! but now i do not want to be
in  any other group  because i lik
my own  group and all  is running
cool up to now!

    -:tell us about your future

    +:oh...i will try to bring ex-

tacy up to the top! and i want to
get more and more contacts because
actually i have only 60 contacts.

    -:do you have enemies? do you
hate someone or does someone hate

    +:i think i didn't have any e-
nemies! oh yes,i hate a guy called
bastard/hitmen! he lives near to
my town snd he is the lamest the
lamest animal what i have ever se-
en.personally i think that he ha-

tes me too,because i hate him.

    -:who do you want to greet?

    +:geep.it's my time.i send so-
me greets in no order to the fol-
jazzy d/chromance,baze/brutal,gi-
lius,red hawk/cross,twilight/f4cg,
flower/laser inc.,walker/light,
akay/sunrise,dmc/genetix,delta of
success,derbyshire ram/deadline,

def jay/pandora,panther/brutal,am-
of f4cg,shade/flash inc,rico/pret-
zel logic,slayer,slade/extend,slam
of eternal,savage/fairlight,jayce/
chromance,creeper/flash inc,rick-
meister/tpf, ghost/laser inc.,bar-
graffity,achilles/megaunit,tch of

of x-factor,the spy/flash inc,ma-
ke zone/711,tango/cross,the aut-
hentic/dunex,redwing/proxyon and
no more this time.i am out of po-
wer...(-:me too.)

    -:last thing to say ?

    +:let the scene survive! don't
destroy it with these shitty wars.
friendship rules!don't make demos,
make games for the crackers,(heh
he).stay cool guys outthere!bye!

    -:thanks for the interview.

    yippi! i managed to edit this
long interview.as this is the end
of this chapter,push the button to
go back to the main-menu.

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