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    so welcome to the article of
this month which was written by me
(ofcoz falcon).here we go for it:

    who is the most important
       member in a group?

    i am sure that most of the
guys will answer like a coder or a
cracker or a graphican when they
read the title.ofcourse the owners

of these answers are right in the-
ir words.but i want to discuss
this subject from another point.

    in some magazines i read some
words like:'...who are the voters?
they are mostly swappers(lamers).
they only send votings in order to
publish their addy in the magazine
they don't know about the groups
that deserve to be voted...'

    well,i must say that i am
completely opposite to these words

first of all swappers have a great
importance for a group to survive
and rise.why? its answer is very
simple.coders and graphicians
spend their mostly time for a ni-
ce routine,demo part,logo,picture
or whatever it is in front of the-
ir screens.for a cool product they
work very hard.also crackers spend
their hours for a cool version of
a game.at the end all of these
guys produce something under the
name of their group.and the job of
a swapper starts here.the stuff

that was produced after all those
hard works must be spreaded all
around and to all the scene coun-
tries.otherwise producing all tho-
se  stuff is  nothing more  than
spending  time.if it not spreaded
then nobody or very limited per-
sons will see the product.

    you will say me that producti-
ons can be spreaded by boards.but
i want to ask you that how many
people in the scene can call the
boards and get some stuff.it won't

be a great amount.

    i think now you will have a
time break for thinking about the
importance of swappers.also inclu-
de the facts like that.swappers
have a hard life because of all
the time,time pressure.he always
wait for the stuff and when it
comes he starts to copying it.then
another hardworking starts;making
packages.i personally hate this
part  of swapping. he buys his
stamps and sometimes he spends ti-

me on cheating them.i forgot to
talk about the letters.a nice part
of swapping is writing personal
letters to  include them  in the
sendings.after all of these,the
swappers run to the post to mail
the  packages.there  are always
risks for a swapper.first of all,
if he cheats the stamps and the
post understands that then you can
think about what will happen.prob-
lems,problems...also if the mostly
illegal stuff in the discs is no-
ticed then also you will be in

trouble with the police sometimes.

    completely different from this
side,there are some more difficul-
ties for a swapper.they don't have
much time for the normal life like
girls,non-computer parties etc.you
can see its proof in all the maga-
zines that published up to this
time.in the interviews of all the-
se magazines,most swappers answe-
red this question like this:

   -:do you have a girlfriend?

    +:no i don't,no time for this.

    or like this:

    +:once i had but we splitted
because of my computer hobby.

    in nearly 90% of the answers
were like that.it is another
example of time pressure that a
swapper had.

    also a swapper has got a very
limited money for his normal life

after sending all of the packages.
it is not easy to go on swapping.

     after all these words,if you
were a thinker of swapper is a la-
mer,i think that you must look yo-
ur thoughts one more time.as you
see swapping is not very easy.

     also how can be a swapper al-
so be a lame voter? swappers are
all the time inside the real scene
they  always have the  chance of
getting the latest stuff and see

that who is producing much,who is
producing in a high-speed.they can
see  the world records  in the de-
mos.i can say that they see all
the stuff that was produced.

     then ofcourse they had the i-
dea of who is ruling? so they made
up their decisions and they vote.
am i wrong?

     i think its better for me,to
end this article here.i will be
glad if i erase the swapper is a

lamer image.i don't say that swap-
per is the most important.i only
try  to show  the position of a
swapper.i  hope you  agree that
swapping is a needed and also hard
working job.if you are opposite to
me (i don't think so) then write
to us and send me some reasons.

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