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One for the treble,two for the bass,three for the vibes,we're gonna rock this place...

Hello and welcome to another issue of the

VISION chapter.

As said before,this chapter was designed to publish YOUR ideas of a certain tool,movement,gfx-idea,e- ffect or whatever within this beloved scene. Last time i wrote down some of my ideas of what might come in handy,but,sadly enough,noone reacted to it! What's up guys? Too shy?

Anyway,one guy was "courageous" enough to send me his ideas or let's say wishes...


At first i thought he wrote me a russian letter,but i soon found out that i was holding it upside down. a 180 degrees turn would have done the trick,but somehow it was just a slight improvement,that's why i don't know,if i could recover everything correctly! Train your handwriting a bit,please!

His first wanted tool is (own words!):

- A backup-copier for up to 4 drives (8,9,10,11),so that you have one source and three destination drives. I'm sure,that there are some who own more than "only" two drives (like me for example). It might also be useful for parties,when one person can copy for himself and two others at the same time. Coding such a tool would surely be possible, but i don't know how fast it could be...

- Another tool i'd like to have is a text-ripper(or printing tool far caders/octa-noter. I believe that coding this tool would be no problem. Of cau- se this kind of utility can also be done for other noters and even mags.

That's it,i hope someone will manage to release some of these tools...


Yes,that was it,and come on guys,these tools sure- ly are usefull,overcome your lazyness and start right over. I once coded the second tool myself, using BASIC,and it took 20 minutes to print out a Starlight note,but it surely proves,that any idiot with some slight coding knowledge could do it :-)

Err,does anyone have a fli-picture ripper?

Ah yes,LKG,sorry,but i don't need any other contax anymore. But a big THANK YOU for taking part in this chapter... CUPID

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