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If you're feeling sad and blue
and you don't know what to do,
laugh now, think later.

If you're feeling volatile,
force your face into a smile
and laugh now, think later

Yez, and once again, welcome to Tha Biz-mix!

So why did I start the chapter with this poem ? (which by the way were done by Shadowvision). Hmmm, I don't know - maybe I just want to say that walking around mad and unhappy are no good idea. Smile and the world smiles back at you.(Hopefully)! Afterall this is what it's all about isn't it? I think so.

So what does the Bizman have on his fucked up mind this time? Well I got a few things, so why don't we cut the crap and get started.


I have bought a PC lately. Yes, that's true a PC!! So what about the C64 you ask.. Well don't you worry coz I will NOT drop the C64 activities. As a matter of fact then I will not let the PC affect my C64 work at all. Sure it's a bit hard at the moment, coz everything is so new and exciting. But nothing will ever beat this cool machine. Being the 'PC-virgin' I am, I haven't got much knowledge about how to use it. Sure I know how to play around with Windows and shit. But honestly then Windows very quickly gets BORING!!! So what did I do? Hmm, I got my hands on some PC-stuff, sent to me by some of my group members, and from my cool friend SCRAPPER/OXYRON. He sent me a few diskmags, which I could check out. The names of 'em (if you're interested) are Yahoo & Imphobia. In one of the mags I read a article written by a guy named BOMBER. He wrote about the difference between PC mags and C64 mags. This guy 'complained' about the few addies such mags have. So what did I do, yes I checked out the addy chapter. And I mean chapter, not chapters!!! Coz there only is 1 (one!). Bomber pointed out the fact that PC mags usually doesn't hold more than 10 -20 addies, compared to C64 mags (like this one) who very often holds hundreds. What he wanted to say with with that is : the MAIL-scene isn't that good in the PC scene today. And Bomber really should know, coz he still is a very active person in the C64 scene with 140+ contacts. And then he revealed his C64 handle. Surprise coz Bomber is no-one else than my cooool Dutch homeboy :


You really got me there Rene!! But to the point : The mail scene! Obviously this is a part of our scene, which we can be very proud of. Compared to the PC we use 'snail-mail' a lot. Sure there are reasons why the PC dudes doesn't use mail. First the software are much bigger, in bytes that is. The programmes takes up a lot more diskspace than the C64 does. This of- coz means more disks at a time. Some programs might require 15-20 disks so it easily ends up with a send- ing of 10-15 disk. First of all this might be rather complicated to find a way to send so many disks safe ly, and second it might be rather expensive as well.

But then again, this might be a lame excuse, because where there's a will, there's a way. Unfortunately this is not all. Most PC sceners are obviously using the nets to get their stuff. But hey, I presume there are a lot of sceners out there who haven't access to the nets. I guess these persons could build up a mail scene like the one we have. I myself, would love to swap with a few PC-dudes via 'snail-mail'.

Another thing which hit me about the PC-mags : the release period. I believe it was Imphobia who wrote that they were proud to bring a new issue 'ONLY' 3 months after the previous issue. Only 3 months!!! The issue I saw where issue #9, and I read somewhere that it had been around since 1991!!! So don't complain about the delays in the C64 world - he he. A bit of quick calculation (realtime calculated !!) tells that they only release about 2 issues a year... Fuuuuck!!

Sure the PC is coooool, but I must admit that working with it, is like entering another world. It's a heck lot more than simply turn on your computer and off you go. Now you have to make sure that your Autoexe.bat and your Config.sys are correct. Otherwise your shit doesn't work. Another thing is the memory : I installed Pinball Fantasies some days ago. But then my PC had not enough memory, so suddenly I had to run a pro- gram called memmaker, and voila the shit worked. Not only is the PC a wonderfull machine, it's also a very strange one, he he. As Scrapper wrote to me : "It's a PC, NOT a C64!!". Damn he is right.

Well enough about PC's for now.

A few days ago I recieved the lastes issue of the oz mag Domination. In the mag there were a mag-review done by my friend Bizarre. He verbally slapped me for using the slogan : ....THE NEXT GENERATION. He refered to the fact that another magazine already used that frase years ago. Well to tell you the truth then I did not know that this particulary mag already had used it before me (I have seen it later though!). Actually it's more or less meant a small joke. The reason for using it ofcoz that Skyhigh were the first to bring a proportional font upscroll. As I see it there are several 'generations' of magazines; 1. the first ones made as onefilers (notemaker likes!). 2. the magazines which loads the chapters from the disk. They have either pageshift or upscroll. 3. the mags which use proportional fonts in pageshift systems. And at last: 4. the mags using proportional font in upscrolls. So far, to my knowledge, this mag is the only one who uses it, but many has expressed that many other will follow soon. So just as Script made a 'new standard' by using proportional font, Skyhigh hopefully will make another 'standard'. This is what I call : the next generation...

As mentioned earlier, then it's just meant as a small joke. I ripped it (just like I think the other mag did!) from STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION. So don't take it too serious (you too, Jose!) it's only fun - right!!!

FUCK, after I had packed the reaction chapter I got a sending from my friend Neotec, and ofcoz it had a reaction in it. Honestly I was too lazy to write it, and pack it all over again, so I decided to put it here in- stead. I made up my mind, and decided it was better to bring it here, than to save it for the next issue. I hope that is ok with you too, Michael!! Anyway here it is.

About Skyhigh #16 :

I support Mad's view (and his statement in 'Mad on') about the new magazine 'Shout'. The outfit was def- finitely not both groups' standard, and I also ex- pected more text from the Flt-posse. It seems both mags only merged to avoid delays (oF I.B. + Reformation), but now it's even worse. I know how difficult + tiring it can be to edit/publish such a production, only the scene expects something cooler from this fusion. It was only the first issue, though, therefore I am sure 'shout' will become better + bolder soon.


Yo Michael.

I will start by saying that I back you 100% up. I, too, didn't find the 1st issue of Shout that thrilling. As you say yourself : the scene had expected a lot more than they got. I also got the feeling that they mer- ged the magazines, just to avoid too big delays. Furthermore, then I felt that the first issue were no way near finished. It was like it was rushed through, just to release SOMETHING.. I think they should have had another delay (what the fuck, they had so many anyway - one more wouldn't matter) and released a proper piece of work instead. Sorry Shout-staff, but I really think you can do better than this. And just like Neotec then I know that Shout will be much bet- ter in the future. So all there is to it is : Thumbs up, and keep fighting. We're waiting for the second issue to hit the road.

And to you, Michael. I'm also waiting eagerly for the next issue of Immortal Flash. I hope and know you won't make the same mistake. Good luck with it, and thanx for your reaction/support to MAD..


Another small mistake has occured in this issue. In the 'Thanx 2' chapter I credited Walker as a coeditor unfortunately, he hadn't got the time to continue, so please simply skip his name when reading it. To you Jonas; a shame you haven't got time anymore, but a big thanx to you for the short but nice time we work- ed together. Good luck with your future plans.

As mentioned in the BBS chapter then I'm looking for a new editor for the board chapter now. What I need is a person who has a bit of knowledge about the bbs scene. Who could update the board numbers, and hopefully do a kind of board report for every issue. Basically it's all up to you what to write. So if you feel like the one, don not hesitate contacting me at this addy :



Or call me at : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (mobil phone)

The best times is : Before 13.00 and after 23.00!!

Ok I guess that's all for this time. So I leave you all by yourself untill the next issue of this magazine will see the light of day. If you have any idead for improvements, comments, reactions or whatever do feel free to use the above mentioned address.

I'm outta here - PEACE


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