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Yohooo and welcome to another edition of :


Once again jam-packed with public announcements for and from the scene. Maybe someone remember the previous issue and its 'Spread da word'.. Last time I made a mistake and deleted the chapter so I had to write it all over again. But his time I have been more carefull, so you should better be ready. Ok let's get it started.

The first one is from an old scener who have a great offer for all of you who have a Pc and a CD-rom. But why don't you check it out yourself ??

Have you ever looked at your hundreds of C64 disks sitting in the corner of your room and thought to yourself "I wish I could have all those files in one place"

Well now is your chance, we have spent the past 6 months slowly transferring Bod's entire C64 collec- tion over to the PC to blow onto CD-Rom.

Now you have a chance to own a copy of this CD-Rom. The CD contains 600mb of data including:

4400+ Games dated from 1982 to 1995 7700+ Demos and Magazines from 1985 to 1995 700+ Utilities. Everything you could ever think of.

The newest files on the CD are those I received this weekend (14/4/95). Also many Tools in Amiga/PC for- mat to manipulate/convert the images between for- mats and to/from your 1541.

This is a great investment for any C64 user whether your still active or just for nostalgia purposes.

All the files on the Cd are in C64S (PC) .D64 format but and transferrable to any format you require in- cluding to yer 1541

If you are interested in getting a copy of this great CD for yourself, you can place an order by doing the following.

The CD will cost 35 pounds. We can't accept payment by personal cheques. Pay by Cash or Money Order to the value of35 P ounds. I advise a Money Order which are available worldwide from your local postoffice or bank. Make sure you send UK Pounds and NOT your local currency.

Make the Money Order payable to "XXXXXXXXXXXXX" and mail it to this address :


The CD will be shipped to you within 24 hours of re- ceiving your order.

This is a genuine offer and not some scam to get your hard earned cash. After being involved in the C64 for so long I am just happy that I can now give all you great Crackers/Coders/Musicians etc something back for all the enjoyment you have provided me over the years. If you know Bod/Talent personally then feel free to contact him to ask if this is a hoax. He was the one that pushed me to get the CD completed.

If you have an Internet Account then feel free to leave me mail with any questions you have to:


This order is available up until the 13th of september 1995. So you have 5 months to place your order. I hope you agree that the CD is a good idea.

Lastly if you also need a cable to connect your PC to your C64 drive I can supply you with one of those also. I can only supply PC cables & not Amiga The PC to C64 Drive (1541/1581) cable costs10 pounds. Just send a money order for the appropriate amount and a letter stating you want the CD & cable. Cable and CD totals 45 pounds

Dave/CDL/Hotline (1985-1988)

Next one is another sad story. Another old legendary group are dead. Which one you ask! Well read on and find out!


It has become apparant to me over the recent months, that after Steve of Avantgarde and Laser quit the scene, the group LASER, of which I am now the leader, will not get back to its feet.

I tried, but I am not cut out for the leader material. I do not wish to pass the leadership over, as all the current members are too new to the group, so, as of the 1st of may 1995, I, Shuze, declare LASER dead, something I should have done a few months ago.

Laser was the longest surviving cracking group of ALL TIME on any system, having been around since 1983, When steve started it on the c64, but since about 1980 on the old Atari machines. that is no more.

The Laser member status before I declared da group dead was:

SHUZE (now in Alphaflight) JP (now in Mayhem) KHAN (now in Avalon) JUPITER (now in Powerage and Dle) EDDIE THE HEAD (now groupless (I think)) RAZOR RAMON (now in Bronx/Lepsi)

And that is it.

I hope you realise what a bad time this is for the scene, and will spread this file, and use it in your magazines, just so that everyone knows. i can be con tacted for swapping, both legal and illegal, and for anything concerning SKYHIGH at this address :



and there is no more to be said on the matter.

Comming up next are some short ones.

Flash of Street Children/Vader/Buraki has lost his contact with TMG/Fatum.

So if you see this TMG then please contact him at this addy:


The group ANGRY is still looking for members, in spe- cial musicians, graphicians and (demo/tool)coders. All must be real active. Send examples to NTI :



Genlog is looking for a good composer!

If interested you should try to contact Funxilla at this addy :


Following two are from guys who haven't heard from some of their contacts for quite a while. One of them are hoping very much that you would bring it on to the specific persons if you have contact with 'em too This person is no one else than yours truly!

This is Ferm/D.M.C., it seems like I lost some of my contacts, and if some- body swaps/knows sombody in the list please tell him to recontact me.

Name/Group Last sending

The Corsair/??  ?/4-94 AWA/TSR 10/3-95 Krax/No Name  ?/5-95 Anthrax/Paralax  ?/11-93 Zzap/Noice 13/3-95 The Champ/No Name  ?/4-94 Doxx/Noice 26/2-95 CHG/Powerage/Glg 22/2-95 Eric/Alfa PD early 94

Here's my addy :


I, Biz Kid, also have a problem. For some reason, I haven't heard from these guys for quite some time! If you swap or are in contact with them, please tell them to contact me as soon as possible. - OR, if you know they have quitted the scene, then I would very much like to know it too....

Ok here we go :


























Hmmm, god knows what went wrong.. I have choosen to believe that they are all active. Becoz if they have left I presume they would have sent out a final send to let me know they quitted. But then again, maybe I'm wrong !!!

I hope to hear from you soon - my friends..

Once more I would like to ask all the composers out there to think about doing a tune for me and Skyhigh! I have just been on the phone with Echo of Plush and he promised to do a sending with some, immidiately. Hmmm. let's see if he really does (he he, Kay!!)

Well SKYHIGH is looking for single player tunes with the 'normal/ordinary' datas :

Location : $1000 - $1fff Init  : $1000 Play  : $1003

Don't mind the style, I'll check them out and choose.

I would especially like to get some work from the Polish scene. This time I got some from Lepsi Develop. but that deosn't mean that I won't have any more. So all you Lepsi'er please send me more of your work!!

And where should you mail it to :



This also the addy you should send all your letters, reactions, ads and so on, to!!

Don't delay - send today

Ok, you have reached the end of this chapter. If you have anything you want to tell, or inform the scene about then don't hesitate sending me a note. Ya know where to send it!

It doesn't matter how you send it. I prefer if you could write it in an up-scroll editor, or a simple note maker.

Ok I gotta go!!!


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