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Hey Guys (and Gals of course!),

Here is Shuze of Alphaflght 1970 with my first chapter for the almighty God of all magazines which is Skyhigh!

By the way, I hope you all noticed I didn't say:

"The Skyhigh"

Many people seem to think these days that it makes their mag really cool if they call it "The" something even though it makes absolutely no sense! WHY?

Why would you say "The Vandalism News", "The Relax", "The Premonition" and so on? It isn't the editors fault, just some guys think it sounds really cool, like they are some "bad-ass nigga" (as some guys would put it). Well, it doesn't. It just sounds REALLY stupid!

Oh, this is cool, only into my first little bit of co-editing the mag, and I've already used the dreaded "n-word", insulted other mag editors, and basically made a good start to the whole affair.

Cool. Huh, huh. NO, I refuse to do any Beavis and Butthead laughing (it must be said, we English really don't understand B+B. Its like the 3 Stooges, we just don't get it!)

Anyway, you may be wondering who I am. Well, you know WHO I am, but not what I am, so I think it is time I gave a few introductions to you all.

Well, as I said, I am Shuze of Alphaflight, and I guess my jobs in the group are cracking, swapping, supplying the occasional original, and basically calling up other members and leaving animal noises on their answering machines (nothing quite like a good MOO just to liven up your day, is there).

As for past groups, I only have 2 I'm afraid, which are Chromance (who I was a member of for just under 2 months, and did a bit of stuff for them, a jewel version or two), and also Laser, who I recently quit, and allowed to die in peace. If you are lucky, you will be able to read the story behind Laser's demise in one of the extras, or in its own chapter. I don't know, I don't have any control over this mag, I just work my butt off! yeah, right. (You should take a closer look at 'Spread da word - Ed!!)

The only other place anyone may know me from is a small note I wrote about Steve of ex-Avantgarde, which I won't go into.

I also do a few tiny bits of code, but nothing too special, just enough to get me by.

i'm not massively successful or anything, I have made a few first releases, and once coded a small contact demo for myself, but other than that......

Anyway, that will do on all the stuff you don't want to know, and now it is time for me to start moaning. But why, all people ever seem to do in personal chapters is moan. Then again, why shouldn't I, its my chapter, so there!

You know, life's a bitch, and then you marry one.

A while back, I thought about contacting loads of guys, as I thought to myself: "If I was a mega swapper, I would have no delays, as I would always have loads of wares to spread!"

With that in mind, I contacted over 60 guys in one week (not quite as impressive as Vengeance of Onslaught who is rumoured to have contacted over 100 guys in a very short space of time). Of course, my hopes were soon dashed when replies did not come in as expected. In fact, it was rather funky, as it really lets you see who the cool guys are, and who the less cool guys (I don't want to use the word LAMERS!) are. I got about 25 replies out of it, but some of the guys I contacted have turned into my best friends on this scene.

Where was I headed with this..... I don't know.

Oh yeah, megaswapping.

I looked at it all, then eventually thought, what is the point? Do I want to find myself with 200 contacts who I really don't enjoy swapping with, or do I want to have about 80 contacts who are all close friends? Go figure.

Of course, when contacting people, it is always a cool idea to tell everyone you are in a cool group, then even the less cool guys reply! But then again, why would you want to swap with all those less cool guys. I am glad when a lot of people don't reply, as it is quite often true that they are just lame-asses who think too much of themselves as it is.

Speaking of thinking too much about yourself, have you heard the cool theory that each person is really 3 people:

The person you really you are The person other people think you are The person other people really think you are

How about some more:

The person your mother thinks you are (clean, well polished, and innocent as a new born lamb, until you come home pissed as a fart for the very first time, then she thinks you are a hippy, overweight, over-expensive college student)

The person shop assistants think you are (a complete fool with more money than sense)

The person the police think you are (around my place, if you are on the streets at night you are a burglar, obviously!)

The person your contacts think you are (a slow lamer who always sends shit stuff)

The person you think your contacts think you are (a fast elite guy with more testosterone than a bull in mating season, with a flock of girls hanging around you, just waiting to give it some head)

And so on.

Who do you think you think your contact are? Do you think they are cool? Lame? What? If this was the old days, would you be able to rank them? And who do your contacts think you are? I know mine realise that I am God's gift to women, but hey, they all have to be right some of the time (hehe....)

And now to the subject that many people have already talked about, but I am going to again, so there!



We all like to think that we are pretty friendly swappers, well, a lot of us do, but why?

I personally would like to think that if I was being attacked by a Dutch cheese bandit, that some of my contacts would maybe help me. That is the sort of friendship I am talking about, not any of that pseudo -friendship, where people continually say : "Thanks for the wares, didn't have them before", when you well know that they did already have the 2 week old issue of Vandalism News (hey, after 2 weeks, I normally have it about 15-25 times). What it the point in that. I think I would be more upset if someone told me that they didn't have the wares before and lied to me about that, rather than if they just came straight out and told me, sorry, I had the wares before, please don't send whatever it was again, as I swap with whoever, who is a main spreader of whatever it was.

Of course, you shouldn't say:

"I already had the wares you sent you stupid lamer, you're dropped"

As someone may just take a bit of offence at that.

But look, if you are a friendly swapper, you are if you aren't, you aren't, its that simple. I pick out certain packs from certain people in my daily mail haul, simply because I know they have something cool to say to me! Yes, I do favour some contacts over othes, simply because I know they will send me a note which I am interested in. Of course, if I am not saying I therefore perfer some contacts, but, you know how it is.....

As you know from above, I am a member of the mighty Alphaflight, and that is what this next little bit is all based around.


There are many guys out there who have never experienced life in a proper group. I was a member of Laser for quite a while, then became the leader, and I never experienced life in a proper group, as Laser was always a second group for Steve, the leader at the time. I thought that being in a group just meant the occasional long phone call, and also a send now and again with a personal note instead of a mega-note. How wrong I was.

I never realised quite what group life was until I joined Chromance, with regular wares being sent to me by the other guys in The Posse, and then when I joined Alphaflight, with massive support from Marc and Styx. It really does have to be experienced to be believed. Of course, you have to give some back as well, but it is amazing, it really is.

Obviously, I am not suggesting everyone tries to join Alphaflight or Chromance, just 'cos I say they have really cool organisation, but, well, it just amazed me, and I thought I would share that with you all!

My next small subject is MAGAZINES. I am personally a great fan of magazines, and try to read them all, although I obviously have my favourites, such as The Tribune, Nitro, Vandalism News and so on.

I'm not going to do the usual of moaning about there being too many around, but it must be said, I am definitely getting sick of mags full of crap just to fill them up.

The main one is so called porno stories. Wow, yeah, they turn me on. I really feel ready to pull it out and get going. NOT!

Come on, do you think we are all sad bastards with no lives, so you can patronise us with stories of "Him reaching down and touching my clitty", or "I was reaching my climax when he did to"? I may not speak for everyone, but I really can't be bothered with that. More than anything, all those stories are just a bit of fun, but some guys seem to take it just so seriously, it is unbelievable! I think it is time someone told all those mag editors who think that all sceners are sex starved geeks who never leave their rooms, other than to check if their parents have gone out so they can call a porno line and jerk off to the sound of a taped woman, that just ain't true.

Why don't they all just say "Sorry, we could't fill all the chapters of the mag, so instead of putting in the chapter "Greta and Bridget get horny", we have included....." for example, include a small demo which hasn't been spreaded too much (Chaos Rulez by His-Team as an example).

Oh, to be an elite scener.

Then I wouldn't have to worry about little groups, or anything like that....

Sorry, I don't know why I just said that!

By the way, how many people have seen the old-ish demo by His-Team Designs called "Triiod 2"? It was released just after the Herning Party. Hmm.... Not many?

Why is that? Is it because it contains one of the best fractal parts ever written, or probably the best plasma part ever done? Or is it because of the world records? Because Alias Medron, TL, and Moose of His-Team joined Chromance? Because Fuben of His-Team joined Oxyron as their new coder?

No, maybe because His-Team was a relatively unknown group before all the members went off to join elite groups. Yes, one of the better demos of the year so far arrived, and no-one wanted to spread it, simply because it was about 3 or 4 weeks old. I am one who spread it a little, but I thought most people would have it, since it was so cool, and becoz it was quite old, there was no point in me spreading it to people who had it. It emerged that only about 20 people have the demo in the end.

If you want the demo, as well as the funky demo Chaos Rulez, from His-Team, ask me for it, and you will get it TOUTE SUITE (wow, I AM European!)

Anyway, I am starting to ramble a bit now, so will leave my opening chapter here for the moment.

See you soon! Shuze/AFL'70

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