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Well I know it is a bit of The Mistress talks now in Skyhigh, but lately there have been a lot of discus- sions about the few girls this scene still has. Of course, it is a story told many times but lately I read an article, I thought it was in mendip or some- thing like it, called "girls vs. scene". It seems that some people in this scene think that it is the lack of interest from the female side of this world that this scene does not have many girls. Is it girls versus scene or really the scene versus girls?

As you know there have been few girls in the scene, names from the past sound like: BBR,BBL,BBD and TBB the all-female group The Beautiful Blondes. TBB was of course also known as a coder in various legenda- ry groups in the late eighties before joining TMB soft ware in 1991 and passing away at nineteen in march 1993. Other names I can give you is Mario, famous graphici- an SMD (the female part who quit), Australian Deb/ Battery, Andrea of Varsity who quit after the tragic accident en route to the TCC'93 where she lost con- trol of the car, causing an accident with two casual- ties,among them her boyfriend Charlie/Varsity.

Nowadays I count fewer girls than ever, Mav quit the scene, Rambo came out to be a boy,it has been a long time since I have seen Black Widow's "Moonlight" and Kayleigh/Fatum also quit the scene some months be- fore her brother Nephelim did. Still Black Widow, Starlight and yours truly are the only known girls left in the scene, so isn't it time to see what is going on? Oops, I forgot Angel!

Female interest in computers is rising everywhere, especially on the net. Problem seems to be that girls and women do not have the determination to start co ding for long hours and get advanced, I can remember no name of any coder on any system after TBB and BBR, who both died. BBR died of cancer in the summer of 1993. But in PC females are growing in number, & it appears this came out on the Party iv where the female mark almost reached the 1% mark according to Nastiness, Inc. Who was there,and this party was mainly pc.

But believe me, it's not a matter of no new girls com- ming into the scene, it is a matter of new people com ing into this scene! You must take a rough percentage and say that about 3 %. (permille) of a scene are fe- males, that is a nice number. So that means that about 333 new people have to enter a scene to have one girl among them. And well,we don't get thousands of new sceners. This scene is dying in number even as it is getting one rebirth after another in quality, except for games. How many sceners are there now, active and all? Two thousands? One thousand? I count four active girls but maybe there are more, some less known. That would count up to my number.

And why are girls not so interested in computers? Well, it's a mans world you always hear and the scene confirms this heavily. I think I can safely speak for the other girls when I say that we get contacted only because we are girls. The best known one, Star- light, used to be voted for mainly because she was a girl and though I don't know her personally I've seen she had to be quite good to make up for the votes and she did a hell of a job doing that.

My friend Cupid wrote me that if I got more contacts, I would easily rise to the top in the swapper charts, because I was a girl. I explained him then, as I will explain you now, that I would never want to be in the swapper charts. I have about ten contacts only and can hardly afford new ones, I am busy with two magazines and leading one group, Angry (together with Nti), and I am not very much of a swapper. I work at the same desk as Nti & that's the reason why I usually have some hot wares to send. My notes are most of the time pretty long and friendly so I would not blame those few contacts I have if they decided to vote for me. But when I'ld see that I got 75 points or something from 10 contacts (based on a top-10 swapper chart) I would think this over again.

What do you think when you contact a girl?"most" (a weird word when talking about 10) of my contacts usually write to me about sex, the different varia- tions and positions and all that comes with it and though I all but disklike this, it is only typical to see that with our small number all girls are seen as part ners for kinky conversation. Now Black Widow is also known for a small sex chapter in her magazine and I have had some spicy talks in my column in The Tribune but beside having a cunt, we are more! And some people seem to have trouble realising that.

Now many sceners are still in their years of puberty and if they are not some have a hard time realising that. Porn stories are in mags everywhere and the funny thing I saw twice is that girls are advised to leave this chapter. Now why that? First of all, porn stories are about sex and those who believe that only boys can enjoy sex are boys I would never want to meet, because they are probably the people my friend : Steiger once referred to as : "Wham bam thank you ma'am" dudes in bed. porn stories in diskmags are most of the time ripped from x-rated magazines and actually can stimulate both men and women. Ha,never thought of that? Sad...

It is a fact that the scene does not have many girls and they might never get more for all you know. So why take a rather unknowing, or even agressive stance to the few that are here?we are sceners just like you boys out there. As my late friend TBB said some years ago:

Do you need a dick to switch on a c64?

Some rag on girls being incompetent because of the known ones are mageditors and swappers. Apart from that these skills are not half as easy as they look I again want to point at the fact that a small percen tage only is capable of doing more. Okay,some can do a little graphics or music, And a few guys only can crack or code. Why else do we have longer swapper charts than any other chart? Everybody has different contacts but not everybody has different coders .So can you blame the four of us ? Remember coding TBB and BBR, remember drawing SMD. Don't remember me drawing!

People who don't know what they are talking about should stop writing crap about the girls who would be against the scene. Girls want to have fun, just like boys. We have breasts and no beard and still we have all the fun we want. We can enjoy sex tales and porn stories just like everybody else. And when somebody fights against the rude discrimination of gays & col- oured people while they look down on girls in the scene they're the stupidest fakes I have ever heard of.

If you want to have a say to me for Skyhigh, then do not hesitate, but write me on this address:


For swapping, I cannot guarantee a full 100% reply for I don't have much time with my two real life jobs and two mags to write for. Until next time!


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