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Assembly, Finland.. Ring a bell ???

Well I thought so! - But when - where and how much ? Skyhigh has the answer to all your_40questions right here, and right now.

This invitation was spread within the PC-scene and 'converted' to the C64 by me, Biz Kid!!! - So far I have not seen any invitations for the C64 scene so I guess this one will be successfull. Ok read it, and enjoy it, coz I took quite some time to type it.



You are now reading the pre-invitation file for the Assembly '95. The information presented in this file might not be final!


Assembly '95 will be held in Finland's largest confe- rence centrum, namely the Helsinki Fair Centre. The Fair Centre is located in central Helsinki, about two kilometers from the previous party place.

The party will start at 10:00 am on the 10th of August (Thursday), and end 18:00 pm on the 13th of August (Sunday).

The party place is very easy to find, if you take any train from the Central Railway station and get off on the next stop you will be able to see the building complex.


You will either arrive by plane, by boat, by bus, by train or by car. If you ar lucky enough to come by car, you should be able to find the party place very easily (see the maps). This year there will be enough parking space for everybody, because there are no European Track & Field championships taking place and the Helsinki Fair Centre has one of the biggest parking lots in the whole Helsinki! If you come by plane and have lots of stuff with you, we would re- commend to take a taxi, otherwise, you should come by bus (cheaper). And if you come by boat (to Helsinki harbour) and have lots of luggage, take the taxi, or a tram or walk to the Central Railway station and take any local train from there. Local bus tickets in Finland vary from around $2 to $6 US. The taxi is of course more expensive. For example to take a normal taxi from the airport to the party place will cost one person around $30 - $40 US. But if you take the Air- port Taxi, it will be a lot cheaper (half the price)


The organizers reserve the right 2 make any changes to the competition rules, and to disqualify any entry if it's not suitable to attend the competition for some reason.

At least one of the competiting team has to be pre- sent at the party place, and in the case of a solo competition the competitor has to be present.

All competitors have to be present at the partyplace in order to attend the competitions and to recieve the possible prizes.

A jury composed of known scene people (maybe even you( will select an amount of 15 entries in each com- petition (to be shown on the big screen to the audi- ence).



- Only one contribution from each group/artist is accepted. - Contributions must be 100% finished before the deadline, because we will copy and spread all of them. - The deadlines are actually DEADLINES, and they're not too flexible > deliver your contributions in time


- The demo will be run on a standard C64, a 1541 drive and an Action Replay MK6 cartridge. - If the deno requires ANY user interaction, we want a person from the contributing group to run the demo. This includes pressing space betweens parts. - Each demo will be shown for a maximum of 15 min. - On the disk label/cover it must read following:

  • The name of the demo
  • The group that's contributing
  • The handle of the main coder
  • User interaction required
  • Approximately running time in minutes.

- At least one person must be present from the con- tributing group.


- The picture must be an executable file. - All graphic formats ar allowed. - Only the picture must be seen on the screen, no scrolls or other moving things are allowed. Music is acceptable, but during the competition no one will hear it, because we'll turn the audio equipment off. - The artist must be present at the party.


- The tune must be an executable file. - Each tune will be played for max. 3 minuts. This does not mean you'd have to cut the tune at 3:00 sharp, though! - The composer must be present at the party.

The official C64 competition organizers are :



We will have all traditional Assembly special compe- tition, and some new ones. The competitions include for example soccer, disk throwing, modem throwing and lazer tag war compo.


The actual prizes may be software, hardware or pure cash. This depends on our sponsors. The following list includes only the preliminary list of the prizes (The final list will be published at the party place). Also keep in mind that the money exchange rates also affect this list.

We will try to give cash prizes in the PC and Amiga demo competition. The prizes in the other competition may be more or less various hardware and software.


  1. Demo Graphic Music

1 . $200 $100 $100 2. $100 $50 $50 3. $50 $25 $25


Next's a list of most important features at the party

Audio and video.

The main hall is equipped with a powerfull sound sys- tem. The system supports Dolby Sorround and will be a real kicker with 10.000 watts of pure sound.

The big screen in the main hall is over 8 meter wide, and supports the 640x480 resolution! There are also twn additional video screens for displaying informa- tion and messages.


The party area is composed of two inter-connected halls. The main area is 4500 square meters. There're 1800 computer places in the main hall+ and about 50 ethernel sockets are available.

The sleeping hall is on the second floor and both of the halls are sound proofs so your sleeping convien- ce is assured. The sleeping hall is as big as the main party area, so there is plenty of room for everybody Neither of the halls have windows, so the video screen will look absolutely fabulous at all time.


The party place is the biggest fair centre in Finland. It will feature 24h food service (YES, we have Coke!) 24h security personal, 24 professional electrician, 24h luggage preservation service and cleaning per- sonnel. Also 24h help desk with friendly personnel will be available to help you out with any problem you might encounter.

Plenty of WC's and some showers will be available. Cool party T-shirts and posters (All size) will be sold for low prices.

Finlands largest roleplaying convention will also take place at the same time in the fair centre. - Assembly visitors will get 50% discount from the en- trance fee.

Finlands largest home computer fair is also taking place at tehe same time in the fair centre. Assembly visitors will get in free to the fair, namely PLAY '95! Note that the visitors at Play '95 can't come to the Assembly party area.

Two really great concerts will take place during the weekend. On friday a spectacular ROCK CONCERT will take place at a seperate hall, and on saturday a really big rave (expected amount of visitors: 2000) will take place in a seperate hall.


We will offer limited access to the Internet at the party place. This will most likely include IaC, MUD and some other services, and maybe even some direct links to the net thru the party LAN.


All the participating pieces of art from the competi- tions will be assembled to a single ASSEMBLY '95 CD- ROM. This will be a unique possibility for everyone to get hundreds of megabytes data containing ALL dmos, pics, mods, etc published at the ASM '95. THERE'S NO OTHER WAY TO COLLECT THEM ALL!!!


Buying tickets.

There are two kind of tickets to Assembly '95. Normal 200,- ticket and 240,- ticket which includes computer reservation. You can buy the 200,- ticket either at the door at the happening, or you cna buy it in advan ce. Reservation tickets are only sold in advance.

Where can I buy my ticket.

In Finland you can buy a ticket and reserve your com puter place from your local LIPPULAVELU or by callin them at 9700-4700.

Groups that wnat to get the group discount and for- eigners must buy their tickets and computer reser- vation directly from the Assembly organizing. Foreigners can pay directly to the account of ASM. organizing. Make sure, when you pay directly to the account that Assembly organizing doesn't get any additional costs. Also make sure that we get the info who has sent the money and where we can send the tickets. To groups in Finland we will send the tickets as COD (cash on delivery).

Why should I buy a ticket in advance ?

If you buy your ticket in advance you have the pos- sibility to use group discount of 10%. You have the possibility for group discount_40if you buy more than 10 tickets at a time. Also the table reservation is only possible by buying reservation tickets. You do not have to reserve table for yourself, but all the best places near the video projector screen go to the reservers. The earlier you reserve your place, the better place you get. Also we will organize a special door at the first day of Assembly '95 where you can get your computer in most convincently.


This schedule is only preliminiary and the times listed will most likely be changed, and a lot more events will be added, but you can get a general feeling from it. The party place is open 24 hours a day,and so is RobeCon.

10th of August 1995 (Thursday)

- 10:00 Assembly dors open - 10:00 Play 1995 opens - 20:00 Play 95 closes for the day Special competiotions etc. Raytrace movies on the big screen, etc.

11th of August 1995 (Friday)

- 10:00 Play 95 opens - 10:00 RobeCon starts - 14:00 C64 competition deadline - 16:00 C64 competitions - 20:00 Play 95 closes for the day - 22:00 Possible Rock Concert - 23:00 Deadline for other competition.

12th of August 1995 (Saturday)

- 10:00 Play 95 opens - 12:00 4 channel competition. - 14:00 Graphics competition - 16:00 32 channel competition - 18:00 Raytrace competition - 20:00 Play 95 closes for the day - 20:00 4kb intro competition - 22:00 Animation competition - 22:00 PLA-NET RAVE opens

13th of August 1995 (Sunday)

- 02:00 Rerun of Saturdays competitions - 04:00 PLA-NET RAVE closes - 05:00 Rerun ends - 10:00 Play 95 opens - 10:00 Amiga intro competition - 12:00 PC intro competition - 14:00 Amiga demo competition - 16:00 PC demo competion - 18:00 Prize giving ceremony - 20:00 Door close - Assembly '95 is over!


We don't take any responsibility on the equipment people bring to the party place. We suggest you take an insurance for your equipment by using some insu- rance-company. And remember, you can store your equipment by using the luggage preservation service which will be available at the party place.



You can reach us by many means to the following list

Voice : Assembly Org. +358-0-777-3721

Fax : +358-0-757-3115

BBS: StarPort (FC) +358-0-615-00028 (4 lines PC)

+258-0-615-00020 (5 lines PC)


From Internet: ""


E-mail assembly*

Normal mail Assembly '95 Lakkisepantie 13 00620 Helsinki Finland

Bank account for international money transfers :

Assembly Organizing 106330-204756 Kansallis Osake Pankki, Kerava Finland

Please include your address with the payment, where you want the tickets to be sent. Also make sure that there ar no additional expences for the reciever of the payment.

Yeah boy...

What a massive one, eh? Well I hope that this party will be a real kicker. I probably won't be there as I haven't got the dough to go. If I should be so lucky to win money in Lotto you can be sure to find me, otherwise I guess we will meet somewhere out in the future.


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