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Yappa dappa doooooo, and welcome to yet another round of :


As always jam-packed with news from the c64 scene. So what happend this time ? Hmmm, numerious dudes changed their group, lot's of releases were given to the masses, a party took place, and so on, and so on. But hey why am I telling you all this, why not read on and see for yourself!!! Go ahead - Just do it!

  • Ok the first piece of news is : I have changed the

letter 'k' for this issue. HE-HE!!! (ps. Not the capital K but the small one!)

  • The winner of the X-95 party in Holland were :

Reflex with the cewl trackmo : RADIO NAPALM, which were entirely coded by my good buddy Quiss!! The sound were composed by PVCF (I never have figured out what that means - ed!). It might be the last tune by him, as rumours say he might leave the c64 scene. Too bad!!

  • The mag 'Relax' is not dead as someone claimed.

They released issue #8 at the party (99% version) and later issue #9 (100% version). An easy way to release lots of issue I think.

  • Talking about mags. Besides Gamers Guide by Triad,

then also Jamaica by Jam is dead. Triad has said it so many times, but this time I belive it's for real. Jamaica, which was founded apx at the same time as this magazine, were released 12 times before it died!

  • Grimlock left both Accuracy and Extacy.
  • Aegis, Cody & Alter of Bronx Turkish section joined

Accuracy as second group.

  • Aegis/Bronx/Acy joined Atlantis as 3rd group.
  • Sharp joined Accuracy forming a new game label

together with DJ/Acy and a few more Acy members!


Mr.Brain - Dragon - Jaeger - Digahole - Golem - Cube Nightlord - Cody - Aegis - Altar - Sharp & Norvax

  • Mac left Shadow and the c64 scene. He's now active

on the PC.

  • React is preparing a new mega-demo, it will be rea-

dy soon!

  • Ocean of ??? joined React as musician.
  • 2GE/React joined Feniks as swapper
  • Myst joined React as cover designer.


Grafee                Hq, code, swap
Palmer                          Swap
Axegrinder                Swap, code
Rime                            Code
Meff                      Code, swap
Mirage                           Code
Mhd                        Gfx, music
Noy                              Gfx
Biggie                           Swap
Samael                         Music
Bax                            Music
Jayz                              Gfx
  • Vengeance joined Megastyle
  • Shock Ray (ex-Sorcerer/Talent) left Active and

joined Megastyle.

  • Doom, Baze and Jason has returned to the scene

and joined Onslaught.

  • Rage, Volunteer & Iceball left Fairlight. Volunteer

and Rage joined Hardcore, Iceball rejoined Motiv8.


Stealth                 Code
Kmeg                    Code
Yap                     Code
Yans                     Code
Quamus                 Code
Jetan                     Gfx
Palmer              Megaswap
Stone                   Swap
Mayonez                Swap
Kerk                 Vitality
Magic                 Vitality


Sebaloz           Hq, megaswap, gfx
Chash                  Hq, megaswap
Condic                            Gfx
Crimson                    Gfx, code
Doc Snyder              Music, swap
Frank                       Code, gfx
Froyd                           Music
Gloin                             Gfx
Ice                              Swap
Nasty Boy                  Swap, gfx
Nemo                            Code
Praiser                         Music
Psycho                         Music
Rap                      Music, swap
R.B.                        Code, swap
Scare                           Swap
Shy                             Music
Spike                           Music
Talbot                            Gfx
Thevill                            Gfx
Trabant                         Code
Worm                              Gfx
Zielok                          Code
  • Role is releasing a kind of graphic utility on MD/60

A picture cruncher so you can have more piccy's in the memory.

  • Also commercial games ar planned.

They (Role) are looking for more members. So if you want to join them you should take a closer look at the addy of SIMPLE/ROLE!!

  • Fuben has left Chromance to join my old group

Oxyron as a coder. He has coded a demo under the His-Team lable. You should check it out. (read the chapter by shuze somewhere else in this mag.)

  • Rumours from the Internet are saying that the C64

are getting produced again. For the Chinese market He-he that could be cool. A Chinese scene !!! Better watch out Triad; the Chinese mobsters are comming for you!!! He-he!!

  • Oxyron released a little demo called 'Parts' entire

ly coded by Graham. (Great work John!! - ed!)

  • Devil and Draz of Noice joined F4CG. (Is Noice dead

Henrik???) They, F4CG, released a demo to honour Scope who was tragically killed recently.

  • Starlight and Intruder are slowing down their ac-

tivities for a while. So don't believe if anyone say they have quitted.


Praiser             Hq, music
Mr.Fiz                  Code
Sony                   Code
Incognito              Code
Zombie                  Code
Scarlet          Code, music
Talbot          Gfx, covers
Nazgul           Gfx, covers
Yazoo                  Swap


Bouli              Hq, crack
Yazoo            Crack, swap
Stera                 Swap
Flash                 Swap
Jeto                  Orries
  • Hardcore and Onslaught are in co-op!
  • Assailant/ex-Cherubs joined Chromance and chan-

ged handle into Jay-Dee (of the Lench Mob :-)!)

  • Skull left Atlantis to join Chromance aswell.
  • Peacemaker and Curlin/Afl left the scene.
  • Sentinel is no longer in Excess!
  • Funxilla joined Genlog as second group.
  • There's been build a fedeation against Onslaught.

I dunno why, and I can't remember which groups are in it.


Celtic        Lead, gfx, swap, mag
Mad Mat         Code, crack, swap
Maestro        Code, crack, swap
Unicorn                  Megaswap
Panda                Sysop, swap
Soreball                     Code
Slick                         Code
Naja                         Swap
Lgk                 Covers, swap
Nitrix                  Code, swap
Funxilla         Swap, orries, mag


Bogyo     Hq. swap, gfx, mag
Exalt             Code, crack
Sys              Code, crack
Xax                     Code
  • Angel/ex-Entropy is now in the group Angel. So it's

Angel/Angel (strange! - I'm Biz Kid of Biz Kid he he)

  • Also Unicorn/ex-Entropy joined Angel.
  • Malakia/Powerage/Nerds left the scene.
  • Moonchild/Fatum left to join Fairlight.
  • Silverbullet joined Mayhem (Good luck Kenny - BK!)
  • Stan/Equinoxe/Fairlight left both groups to join


  • Szikers/Hell Parrago joined Therapy as second.
  • Trace/??? joined Tide
  • Viper/Agony renamed into Hornet/Agony.
  • Gobus, Neil, Louis and Mad Man all left No Name and

the scene.

  • Domix/ex-Collision joined No Name as coder.
  • JJ/??? joined Powerage as a writer and artist
  • Ewen Gillies has quitted the c64 scene.

Allright - that was why Skyhigh had choosen to bring you for this time.. So I'ld advice you to load another chapter now...

CU L8r


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