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This afternoon's tea-time session of MAD ON... sees our hero (the doughnut eating MAD/PADUA) pondering life and questioning moral issues.


Actually, I've been coding my ASS off on the PC and had write this IN A HURRY!

This months features are:

4 by 4 pixel resolution: The Easy way out???

Filling disks: The bigger the file, the better the file?

A new lease of the life for the C64?

But first, 4 by 4 pixel resolution...

As I mentioned in the first episode of MAD ON..., the lowering of resolution standards is on the decline. Last time, expanded sprites, this time, 4by4 pixel resolution... In recent demos (e.g. Radio Napalm/Reflex), many (cool) effects were created with 4by4 res. I know that the effects shown couldn't have been done in normal resolution, unless they ran at a slow framerate. But is it a lowering of standards???

My opinion? Well, I like to see fine resolutions, but I'm an artist. I think 4by4 is blocky and in most cases ugly to look at. Quiss' routines were cool though, the logo spinner, plasma and waterfall especially! So, I'll turn a blind eye...


Filling disks (for the sake of it)...

Ritual II finally hit the nail on the head. Why (and especially in art-shows) do people use poor quality pictures just to fill up space? Cruise's show stamped this in ink. Some amazing pics let down by one or two really poor pictures. Shame...

A new lease of life?

I've heard VERY definite rumours that C64's are to be marketed and sold in Saudi Arabia!!! This must have the same effect that the inclusion of Poland into the scene - MORE demos, MORE games, MORE SCENE!!! I guess it is what the C64 needs right now. Another lease of life, put into an almost comatose computer.

Anyway I'm off. I'm tired!!! I've been typing up that interview with TDJ/FOCUS all night, because BIZ KID put a gun against my head (all the way from Denmark) and my parents have been killed by a plague of deadly beasties... NOT!!! Actually I'm going to get PISSED with a nice bottle of Bollinger!!! (only the best for MAD people...)

MAD off...

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