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For those of you who've been reading this magazine regularely the name Dow Jones will not be unknown! As you might remember then D.J. and I have had an open public debate, concerning nazism in Skyhigh. We do not always agree on some subjects. As a mat- ter of fact then you could say that 'we see it with different eyes - and from different angles!'.

I have once again recieved a letter from Dow Jones which I will bring in this issue - so check it out!!

Hi Jesper!

Thanx again for printing my letter! Huh, it seems that I have to improve my english, as you understand some things wrong...

Well, I think we talked enough about demos, so let's go straight to the point. When I said 'nazism grows in the most people' I (of course) don't mean that every- body's a skinhead or something like that. But it's true that, at least in my personal area, much more people have a negative attitude towards foreigners than the ones with a positive attitude. You see it in their be- haviour towards foreigners, in little gestures and utterances.

I think there are two cathegories of nazis. The first ones are the 'weekend nazis'. Bored, alc-loving guys, mostly from the lower social classes. They have those stupid arguments like 'they take our jobs!'. Dunno if they believe it themselves, probably they do. I think, if their social situation were better, if they had money, a job, a flat, they don't care anylonger about foreigners. Maybe they lost their attitude in some years. The second cathegori is the real dangerous! Those, almost older men, still believe in the things Adolf Hitler told. Well, I went to the library and searched for something about the topic. I found following text :

" Die Natur lehrt uns bei jedem Blick in ihr Walten, dass... das Prinzip der Auslese sie beherrscht, dass der Staerkere Sieger bleibt und der Schwaechere unterliegt. Sie lehrt uns, dass das, was den Menschen dabei oft als Grausamkeit erscheint, weil er selbst betroffen ist oder weil er durch seine Erziehung sich von den Gesetzen der Natur abgewandt hat, im Grunde doch notwendig ist, um eine Hoeherentwicklung der Lebenwesen herbeizufuehren... (Die Natur) kennt vor allem nicht den Begriff der Humanitaet, der besagt, dass der Schwaechere unter allem Umstaenden zu foerdern und zu erhalten sei, selbst auf Kosten der Existenz des Staerkeren.... Die Natur kennt in der Schwaeche keinen Milderungsgrund, ... im Gegenteil, die Schwaeche ist der Grund zur Verurteilung...

Der Krieg ist also das unabaenderliche Gesetz des ganze Lebens, die Voraussetzung fuer die natuerliche Auslese des Staerkeren un zugleich der Vorgang der Besitigung des Schwaecheren. Das, was dem Menschen dabei als grausam erscheint, ist vom Standpunkt der Natur aus selbstverstaendlich in weise. Ein Volk, das sich nicht zu behaupten vermag, muss gehen und ein anderes an seine Stelle treten. Ein Wesen auf dieser Erde wie der Mensch kann sich nich dem Gesetz ent- ziehen, das fuer alle Wesen gueltig ist... Seit es Wesen auf dieser Erde gibt,ist der Kampf der Unvermeidliche."

What could we do against this train of thoughts ?!? It's simply stupid that they want to kill all the other Who the fuck may be so braindead??? But how could we explain it to them ? Of course I don't know it, too. Demos and texts in Mags may be a start - if they reach them! But they don't. Perhaps we should simply slay them ? Nazism takes place in the brain, and the brain is reachable by the five senses. It was so much done for ears and eyes, but it was seeming not enough. So maybe we should try it about 'feeling'? Better don't throw your shot- gun away! Hell, of course that is no solution.

Lemme tell you a little story : It was about two years ago, I stand in the evening at the train-station and waited for the bus. Not far, maybe 50 meters, was a group of 5 or 6 skinheads, drunken. An old turkish couple went past. The skins started at once to mo- lest them verbally. Then two of them persued the couple, but as the other seemed to be too lazy they went back after a few steps. One throw a nearly full can of beer at them, but either he was very drunk, or he won't hit them, he throw much to short. The old couple walked away, and the skins slow down again. And me ? I stand still fearfull at the bus-stop. In this case it went relative harmless, but what when they had really tried to catch them ? I really don't know what I had done, probably hoping that it went without serious consequences, or go away to search for a police-man, or something like that, but I'm sure that I won't helped the old couple directly. Hell I never forget those terrible moments, when you know what you have to do from your conviction, all those you always simply talk about, but you're unable to do it when you stand face to face to the danger of get- ting a target yourself. Maybe I'm only a chicken, but I couldn't start fighting in the cave of the lion. If they were only one or two - I hope I'll tried to talk to them. Well, why did I told you that story ? It's a 'typical situation', I think. If we are alone, we're unable to stop them I believe. And the other people walking around ? The experience shows us that you can't expect help from them! They're also too frighten. So I think we should start to convince THEM, and not at once the fascists! You mentioned a text of the Newspress, where they listed all victims of fascism- why not printing it out and asking the school-, con- gregation-, club- or local newspaper to publish it? Why not take your friends and visit an death-camp of the nazis, or things like that? If you are not the only one it will be easier. Maybe many others are also try ing to stand up against the rights, but they think they are alone, so we should not only discuss in the scene-mags, but in school, sport and discos.



Yo Michael,

first of all, I would like to say thanks to you, for another feedback on our 'debate'. With that said I would like, once again, to express that I feel we are getting closer and closer to the same opinion!

You say that you should improve your English becoz I misunderstood some of the things you told me! Well I don't think it has got anything to do with your Eng- lish!!! I believe that the true reason is that we see it from two different angles, and we both have slight problems in seeing it from the others point of view. Maybe we indirect 'don't want to see it from another angle!' -Well I don't really know, I'm just saying that beeing objective is hard as hell..

Ok lemme run through your letter and answer it.

2 cathegories of nazis!! Yep I agree 100% on that. But that is already public known. I want to name them as Nazis & Neo-Nazis. I know the terms might be a bit mixed up in real, still I believe that people know the difference. If not, then you writes it yourself. The old Hitler-minded people and the younger gene- ration of Neo-nazis. Compared to you then I find both groups to be very dangerous. BUT..... there is a huge different anyway!

The old nazis who believe in Hitler and in the 'Third Reich'. The people who even today claim that there never were killed any jews. That all the deathcamps, the gas-chambers, the torture, the man-huntings & the killings are pure lies. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THEIR SICK MINDS!!!!! -I never really grasped these people. How can they say so; how can they deny it, when there are so many proofs, so much evidence??? Are they brainwashed ? They are poisining our world, and unfortunately I think there isn't much to do about it! It's too late to cure them (or is it??????). Beeing a bit cynical then you could say that this will be taken care of within time. Reason : they simply die one by one. Regretably they can still sow their in- fected seeds in the head of other shitheads. What really pisses me off, is that they often are seen as a kind of 'masters' for the neo nazis. Pathetic!!!

The other group : The neo-nazis..

These fuckers are also dangerous, but in another way. Personally I see them as a kind o troublemakers Well I better explain that : Just as you, I think that the reason for them being neo-nazis can be found in their social situation. Not that it's a natural thing to be a neo-nazi just becoz you're from a lower class. Nothing like that! But I do believe that these people are so fucked up by their life, that they don't know what to do; who to blame. Suddenly this 'reason' occurs : The foreigners

Suddenly they have someone to blame. Now they have a common target which they share with others. Maybe they believe that the foreigners are the reason for the un-employment, maybe they don't. And it really doesn't matter anyway. As long they have someone to blame it's ok for them. All the anger & all the agony must out somehow. Unfortunately it's the WRONG way they do it.

I believe just like you, that if these people had the opportunity to grow up under other and better con- ditions, they would never end like neo-nazis. To some it might sound like an old lame frase, but actually there is a big deal of truth in it aswell. The enviro- ment and the way you grow up does a lot to you....

About the text you found. (For those who don't under stand German I can explain that it's about 'survival of the fittest' or in other words : THE STRONGEST SURVIVE.. -In the nature the weakest must die to keep the strongest alive. Seen through the eyes of mother nature this is neccessary, but if the same thing happends among people it's cruel.

Nature don't know the term 'humanity' but we do!

The nature gives no mercy to the weak, on the con- trary it is the reason to condemnation.

and the text goes on : The same situation goes on in the world when wars are fought. Cruel in the eyes of the people,but 'natural' in the eyes of Mother Nature

A creature as the human race can't avoid this 'Law of Nature' who is for all creatures on the world. Ever since there were creatures on the earth, the fight is inevitable!!!)

-Yes you are absolutely right Michael. It is only stupid people who want's to kill all others.

About your story :

Hmm, I can easily understand what you felt when it happend. I think most of us have felt this power- lessness one time or another. But what can one do ? Not much really! That's one thing that's really pathe thic : They usually walks around in groups. Cowards! It's so fucking easy to be tough when you are not alone.. But that's unfortunately the way it is! Naturally no one with common sence would take up the fight aginst more people when being alone. If so, then you will end up being the target yourself.

Finally you talks about sprading the messages in schools and other places. Hoorray, that's exactly what I meant by :


Inform the people before it's to late; before someone else poisons their mind.. - Showing documentaries about the deathcamps, publishing the article (and others like it) from Newspress, might make people think one more time.

Well Michael, I guess that's all for this time. If you still have more on your mind then don't hessitate to write another letter to me.



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