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...I'm standing in a windy tunnel,shouting
through the roar,and i try to give the
information,you're asking for,but blood
makes noise,it's a ringing my ear...

(Suzanne Vega)

Yep,again it's time for the


and again noone reacted. Hm,quite disappointing,what is going on with you guys? Does not anybody listen? Does nobody care?

Whatever,somehow i lost interest in the scene l8ely, my contacts surely felt that because of my delay. I also started doing a game,so watch out dudes...

Why? I was really upset as soo many guys in the scene think they are some kind of divine being,just because they are in a certain crew,while really good producers are "normal". It seems like noone cares about style anymore,it all degenerated to a produ- cing scene,speed is the law,and not style and know- ledge. People ask you for logos,and you do them, then you see,what kind of logos other people sent them,and you suddenly realise,that a fast work would have done the same trick... People are gener- ally satisfied far too soon,so that they can show something. Where are all those styles gone? Where are Demos like RED STORM,GOATLAND,TALES OF MYST- ERY,PROMETHEUS UNBOUND,LUNACY 7,DUTCH BREEZE, TOWER POWER... ? A Demo for me is a styled product not only a string of effects,like most demos today! Or consider the games today,if you gave such a game someone two years ago,he would have laughed in your face! Do not misunderstand me,there are some really good games released today,too,like the ones by Taboo productions (Orbits,Zone of Darkness). Inflexion,Static Bytes... I think about games like Twin Terror,what kind of shit is that? My wish for the upcoming warez is:


Praised be the friendship,but you can overdo every- thing! So if anybody does produce unfinished or ugly things,then bloody tell him,that he does! I always learnt out of criticism,i always tried to get better every time!

Please stick to some older warez,when seeking for inspiration for your own products,as if we keep on like that,the scene will just produce for the sake of producing and not to show it's skills...


Uh oh,not again... Again a lot of groups shout out loudly,but say nothing. What i'm talking about is the current scene-wars going on. What's up? too much time? Too less skill to produce something cool? Aren't you tired of seeing the 10000th anti this or that crew intro? Do we really need this? No we do not,that's what i say...

It's nothing else than the general problem how to deal with someone talking shit! Leave him standing aside? Confront him? I say,talk about it,discuss it! There is more than enough shit going on in real life, there is no need for producing our own...

It's just pathetic how some people try to show off by slagging down others. Are you not satisfied with your life? Does nobody want to hear you? What,i ask you what can be the reason for starting a war? If this or that scener did shit,tell him,but don't hide in a bigger group.

Now,again i feel like writing too much things,the most of you don't care about anyway,that's why i will cease my flow here once again,and say bye till next time...


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