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Hi and welcome to one of the most read chapters(?) again. We're here live at the X'95 Party in Utrecht and i got my fingers on the one and only


Now,we're both pretty tired,so maybe you just start introducing yourself to the audience:

- Hi and welcome. My REAL name's Paul and my handle is Morris. I'm in F4CG since... well, I don't remember exactly the moment I have joined the crew... I'm almost 21 years old, I'm 181 cm tall, I got dark hair and an ugly face. What more... I'm not OK yet, coz I got a bit drunk last night... nahh... Your turn

Well,hey,i guess everybody was... Anyway,you are one of the outstanding Toolcoders these days,and i also seen some Games from you,what do you pre- fer,coding demos,games or tools,or is it noncom - parable?

- Demos? Are you kidding? Nahh, not this kind of stuff. I just code some intros, that's all. Amd of coz the tools, which are my favorite :) Well, maybe a game from time to time. At the moment I'm doing my SECOND game which is gonna look a bit like Penguin Tower (the idea is the same), but we have much cooler graphics and the music is also great. In fact you cannot compare coding the game to coding a tool or a demo. It's different (as far as I know).

Well,about demos again,i once saw a demo by Sunga with coding performed by you,was this just a fun project,or did you do it because of being in that group? By the way,which groups have you been in so far?

- OK, first to the Sunga demo... The whole idea was born on the party in Poland when the two great (in my opinion) graphicians saw the book named "This book sucks" written by Beavis & Butt-Head. They (Latifah and Dickens) decided to paint the 3-picture animation and they asked me to do the coding for this demo, coz I'm a member of the fake crew Sunga. Ayuh, the groups I've been in... It all started back in September of 1992 when I joined the group named Agnus (Sunga is the reverse name). Then after about 3 months I left'em to join up with a kind of an unknown crew named Lords Of Darkness. Then in April of 1993 I joined up with the guys in Extacy (and the girl, as Cupid says) and after some time I left Lords Of Darkness. Then around November some guys left Extacy and I became one of the two new leaders. Then in January'94 my friend asked me to join Agony, a Polish demo-crew and I did. Then I left Extacy in April (or so) of 1994 and after some time I was asked to join F4CG and I did. As simple as that.

Now,to get rid of some cliches again,how about your favourite...

Demogroup: Taboo and Censor Graphician: Cupid of coz :) nahh, Latifah of coz! Crackinggroup: guess which one? Cracker: I don't have a fav cracker... Musician: Jeff/Camelot, Syndrom/TIA, and Drax Contact: I don't have much contacts so... Well, maybe my groupmates in Agony Mag: Skyhigh???? Nahh (sorry), it's been Ingenious Brain (now Shout!) Food: pizza (what did you expect?) Drink: non-alc: coca cola, alc: beer

Well,that's enough about that. You already talked about your futureplans gamewise,how about some legal releases? I guess with you,Devil and Draz tea- ming up with F4CG,even an legal section may be pos- sible,or?

- Not really, a legal section of F4CG? Kidding? But as Devil & Draz joined the crew we may produce some demos in the future (we got one here)

Really? Will it be released here or some time l8r?

- Here at the compo

Now,speaking as a coder,do you still think,that there are some new aims,or is the C64 looted out to it's most interior? Are new effects to come,or will there be a stagnation soon?

- I told you that I don't code demos, so... Well, anyway, I don't know what is about to come... Maybe some guy will invent 4096 NON interlaced colors on the C64 :)

A dream come true for us Graphicians... Well,i think that we covered the demo business long enough now, how about tools? What's your opinion about expan- sions and the ever so hyped Flash 8?

- I'd like to have one of these (REU or Flash 8). There are more'n more tools for the REU, I think it is the future.

Now then,those TRSI guys next to us are very loud, that's why we better stop here,i just thank you for the Interview,and now the Stage is yours to give out some greetings or advertising...

- OK, I'll make it quick, as the democompo starts in a few minutes. So, my greets go to The Interviewer, all the F4CG guys I have met on the party (and those I haven't), the Agony crew, Caine of ex-Creatures for taking me to the party, Syco of Chromance for some Dutch money and some more I have forgotten at the mo' (as always).

F4CG - Natural Born Crackers


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