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yoho brothaz
yep this is the plaze where you'll find
the reaction from the scene about this
magazine. but why not see for yourself!

the first one is from one of my very
good dutch friends : calypso!

hello jesper.

well after 12 full issues of SKYHIGH i
think it's time for me to react on the
mag aswell!
actually all there is to say is that i
respect all the work you put into the
mag. doing most of the work by yourself
and still releasing a mag regularely is
something most other groups can take an
example from.
again my congratulations with one of the
better mags around. hope you keep it up
for a long time.             cheers.


  yo terry!

  well what can i say! thanx for the
  very nice words. it means a lot to me
  that someone appriciate all the work
  i'm putting into skyhigh. so be sure
  that you'll find a lot of issues of
  this magazine in the future!
  but eventhough i put a lot of work
  into skyhigh, i will have to to say
  that you must not forget the other
  editors - the musicians and ofcoz raz!
  without 'em it couldn't be done.
  and then ofcoz all of you who supports
  it! thanx!

                                BIZ KID

hello jesper...
thanks for another kicking issue of
skyhigh, just keep that great work going
i have been thinking of a thing. i just
learned to know that one of my friends
that i used to swap with just quitted
the scene! he didn't even inform his
contacts about it... i feel a bit dumped
about it, as i even sent him an extra
disk. i would never just quit without
sending out a last sending with a fare-
well note..
i don't want to give his handle, coz i
will give him a last respect.
a note to all: treat your contacts as
you want them to treat you..
remember : friendship rules..

                       gigabyte/no name

  yo christian.

  haven't i seen you in this chapter be-
  fore??? he-he!
  well once again thanx for your nice
  words. be sure to find skyhigh for a
  long time to come!!
  about that guy. hmm, i must agree that
  i also think it was a rather lame way
  to quit. ofcoz it always easy to jump
  the short fence, by just quitting like
  that. but it seems wrong to do it like
  that! after all it is a friendship you
  will end. i hope someone will think an
  extra time by seeing this!!
  ok enjoy this one!!

                                BIZ KID

  my respect for not backstabbing him by
  giving out his handle!!

hey biz kid!

make a new votesheet with lines 4 votes.
bcoz it's not easy for me to fill 'demo-
groups' and 'magazines'
in issue #11 i have a fucked (crashed)
interview with frenchflair/jam. is it
the only version.
it seems that raz/camelot has a tv and
not a monitor, bcoz the '11' sprite in
the lower border has a socalled 'miracle
reflection' in left upper corner.
this can only be seen if you have a moni
and last: pacman bugged. yep, it's true
when you eat all the dots the program
will not continue to level 2!

             that's it  greatrix/couple

  yo palo!

  thanx for your reaction. i've changed
  a lot in your letter, coz your english
  is not the best (no offence!!!)
  i'm glad to hear that you like skyhigh
  about the sheet!! it has been changed
  long time ago! the problem is that you
  have filled one of the old sheets!
  try to get one of the new ones!!
  (if any of you out there has greatrix
  as contact please mail him one of the
  new sheets - thanx!!! -ed!)
  concerning the interview, hmm i guess
  it's your copy which is bugged, coz
  no-one else has complained sofar!
  but about pac-man: yep you are right
  there is a small bug. i can't quite
  recall what the bug is, but i think it
  has something to do with eating a
  'powerpill' and eating the last dots!
  sorry for that mistake - but you know
  -shit happens, and then you die-
  about the miraclereflection, yep i've
  heard about it. i'll see if there is
  anything we can do about it!
  ok palo, thanx again.
  by the way, it's cool to hear that my
  mag is also available in slovakia!!

                                BIZ KID

quite a cool mag i think. but isn't this
mag by oxyron?
oxyron is the #1 demogroup, so skyhigh's
outfit could be better, but i think the
text in the mag is important, and it is
okay. go on like this!


  yo thunderblade!

  yep you're partly right! skyhigh is an
  oxyron mag, but it is even more a
  'biz kid magazine'. sounds strange?
  well it is!!
  you say that oxyron is the #1 demogrp.
  well i won't argue with that! he-he!
  but also camelot is a top demo group!
  and actually this outfit is coded by
  a camelot-member!
  but as you say the outfit isn't that
  important. what really counts is the
  text! (eventhough skyhigh raised in da
  charts when it got a new outfit !!!)
  but be sure that i'll continue dis mag
  for a long time!!!

                                BIZ KID


  yes it was a shame we didn't meet at
  the oxy-meeting, but maybe later then!

hey man, where was diz phonkey-donkey
game last issue?? that's the only reason
why i load in yer magazine!
-no seriuos, the mag is nearly perfect,
just some small hints..
please fix some windows in the desktop
which features the names of da music and
their composers.
right now you have to load the tunes
blindly and most times you get the wrong
                        signed, ramjam!

  yo oliver, my phonkie brotha!

  so you're only loading skyhigh to play
  raz-man. well i guess it must have
  been quite a shock 4 ya to discover
  dat raz-man is on vacation, and he'll
  NOT be back for a while!! he-he!!!
  about yer ideas for improvements!!
  nope i don't think i'll install deese
  windows! why! i'll tell ya why!
  1st you don't have to load da toons
  coz they're already in da memory!!
  2nd you can find the names in 1 or 2
  chapters, and furthermore in da topic/
  composer credit line. so nope i don't
  se no reason to install it. zorrie pal
  but life is hard right!!!
  but ya know what ? i think you'll
  survive anyway  - right!!
  have a coola one!
                                BIZ KID

i hate it that the c64 is flooded with
diskmags. skyhigh is the only one i like
to read.

about bcd:
though  i didn't read 'talk a  lot' i
gotta say that i don't like bcd. its
members seems to be very arrogant and
biz kid is right when he says that their
'fuck offs' will cause a lot of unneces-
sary wars. it's a shame that some people
use this chapter to tell lies about
people (as happened lately with splatter
i hope that there will be a statement
from the t.a.l editors in an upcomming
issue of skyhigh!


  yo dennis

  first thank you for the very nice
  words about skyhigh!
  i'm also very pleased that you have
  reacted on my article concerning the
  magazine from bcd. but let me straigh-
  ten something out right here and right
  now!!! i DO NOT hate bcd.. as a matter
  of fact i have nothing aginst the bcd
  members in persons. i just don't like
  two of their chapters - that's all!
  but beside that then you are right.
  what happened with splatterhead was
  not very good! and last - yes i would
  also like to see a reaction from the
  editors of t.a.l. so come on guys send
  me your words and i'll bring it - ok!

                                BIZ KID

hey jesper (tha biz kid)

again a reaction from (now ex-fli anotha
(l)amiga dude waz called fli so now i'm
tedo but...) just awesome.. text!
yes i did reconsider leaving a couple of
times i can 4 sure tell! but right now
i've some time troubles as i'm going 2
the army on 13th of july and there4 will
be very inactive on my a1200. but back
to the point.. (is this a reaction or a
letter to the c64 scene? decide 4 your-
self!) truly i miss coding on the great
6510 processor, but coding on 86020 is
faster and therefore more fun.. uhh..
the point. (sorry :-) )
i've looked on skyhigh #11 and i'm just
high man! text is very nice, but one
thing i don't like about your mag (and
most of the c64 scene) is the extremely-
friendship-dude-style which looks more
like ass-licking bunch of dudes some-
times.. ofcoz compliments are cool, but
if you get it all the time then it does
not matter anymore.
i think i could also let you print (for
the time being) a rumour :
tedo (ex-fli/eqx/tsr/liquid) will be
back in jan/feb 95 after i passed throu'
at last.. maybe i'll just have to get
used to the pc/amiga menu u've got as it
is really the text that matters!

           friendship rules...
           ...asslickers don't

(hey no personal statement jesper, it's
okay to be polite but please stay on the
ground - don't get too skyhigh!)

    until next issue, until next time

best wishes with skyhigh, future &


  yo leif!

  cool to get a reply from ya. also good
  to hear that you might return to the
  one and only c64. when that's said i
  will have to answer your reaction.
  i think what you're saying is bull!!!
  i really don't think people are writin
  these nice words to lick my ass..
  ofcoz there'll always be some who does
  but accusing almost the entire scene
  for beeing asslickers is just way out
  of line!!
  i think the word & the act friendship
  is rather misunderstood by you! ( no
  offence) but i really in my wildest
  dreams can see what it is wrong with
  some nice words and a pad on my shoul-
  friendship? maybe! but asslicking no
  fucking way!
  and last -don't get too skyhigh- hmm
  what's your problem? i have tried (and
  i really think i have succeeded) to
  keep exactly the same style the entire
  time. even after skyhigh got the
  success it got! i even wrote it in a
  previous issue that i would do what
  ever i could to stay on the ground!

          friendship does rule

                                BIZ KID

your votesheets and mag are very good.
but try to place more tunes in the menu,
now we have a choice out of three, but
maybe you can take more tunes.


  yo remco!

  you're not the first one who ask me
  this question!
  and i'll have to repeat my answer :
  no i will not install more tunes!!!!!
  ya have to remember that i exclusively
  present 3 new tunes in every issue!
  ofcoz i could put in more tunes taken
  from various notes or demos! but why
  should i?? my idea (and my pride) is
  to present brand new tunes made
  specially for skyhigh! furthermore i
  think 3 is an ok amount of tunes!!
   - btw thanx for the nice words!!
  have fun!!
                                BIZ KID

         hot - hotter -> skyhigh

great mag!!! 1 of da best in da scene.
cool texts, cool outfit, cool menu.
2-sides-diskmag -> that's COOL, coz of
da many chapters.
nothing could be cooler.
the MONSTER EDITION was fantastic! stay
on editing in diz way! and stay cool!

by da way (exclusive tunes)

  yo rra!

  cool thanx for cool reaction from cool
  you!!! hey do you like the word cool?
  he-he, just joking!!
  serious, it seems that you are very
  satisfied with my magazine! i like dat
  so be sure to find skyhigh for a long
  time to come!!
  enjoy diz cool one!

                                BIZ KID
  by da way (exclusive tunes) ?

skyhigh = MEGACOOL!


  yo sebastian.

  a short but very clear reaction from
  you! thanx!!
                                BIZ KID

as always skyhigh rules! as always turbo
loader suxx!
only km's/taboo loaders are good for c64
change it, that's sux! cool outfit, good
articles, gfx by bk. pacman was really
funny. i kill him!

  yo marcin!

  evrything besides the loader is cool!
  well not bad eh! i can see that your
  reaction is a bit old! so i believe
  that we installed the faster loader
  after you wrote it!
  it should be pretty fast by now!
  so it's you who killed pacman!! no
  wonder he wasn't there in issue #12
  (that's why ramjam!) he-he!
  ok marcin have a cool one and enjoy
  this issue as well!
                                BIZ KID

weren't you the guys who only wanted
negative reactions ?
well, i like the mag, but i HATE the
loader... it sux, it's fast but why not
try a irq-loader?

  yo gerald!
  no i have never said that i only want
  negative reactions! i have asked for
  more constructive feedback, that's all
  so, the loader suxx! you say it's fast
  but it suxx!! hmm... what exactly is
  it you don't like?
  if i should use a irq-loader what
  would the benefit be? - a little clock
  turning while loading (as sometimes on
  the amiga or pc!)
  honestly i don't really need that!
  as long the loader is fast and get the
  job done i don't see any reason to in-
  stall an irq loader! -sorry-
  if you have more to say please let me
  know - ok!!!        good luck!

                                BIZ KID

yo bizkid.... here's DEVIL/NOICE
hmmm... in the "MONSTERHIGH", u wanted
reactions on the two group article, n'
since i'm such a terrible n(o)ice guy, i
thougt: why not drop some lines to my
friend???? so i'll just cut the crap and
start with some real writing...

i totally agree witht you, bizkid,
a person should not be able to be in
two groups at the same time, we in NOICE
don't allow anyone to be in two groups,
they'll just have to choose, only NOICE
or not NOICE at all..... we have one
exeption thoug, and that is one of our
sysops: JOYRIDE, i don't think it
matters that much if a sysop is in 1,2
or 3 groups. the reason that a person
only shall be in one group, is that you
can't give all when your in two groups,
and then comes a choice, wich group is
gonna get the coolest of my work????
i don't like that thougt, i mean what if
a coder was in two groups... nah, don't
think soo... i could NEVER, and then i
mean never, join two groups, for two
reasons. 1:st, i'd NEVER leave the NOICE
crew. 2:nd i think it's real lame to be
in two groups.

another little reaction, about the
bizmix in skyhigh 11.... well, i simply
agree with you in that matter to, what
the fuck is going on in this scene????

i mean when people insult some of the
top sceners without any reason.. are
they jealous or sumthing???? different
people before have tried to get famous
by insulting sum of the best people in
the scene, then i mean aaron of fair-
light, now i have absolultley nothing
against FLT, they're nice guys, and the
thing i'm talking about took place sum
years ago. but it all resulted in almost
everybody hated aaron for what he had
done. well, now that's prescribed. and
i surley hope we will have no more of
those goddamn silly insults, and try to
build up a more pleasant scene for all
of us. noone has ever made a good name
on insulting anyone.

/DEVIL of NOICE 1994-07-01

  yeah henrik!

  thanx for the nice words, and for the
  cool reactions.
  i don't really know what to say, coz
  everything has been said before!
  but it's alwasy great to see someone
  with the same opinion!
  i still think that being in more than
  one group i stupid! you wrote why, so
  i won't do it again. and also the part
  with insulting has been said before,so
  i'll leave this one aswell!
  last i would like to say thanx for the
  chapters by you.
  stay as you are : a great friend!!!

                                BIZ KID

yo skyhigh staff!

it's becomming a solid mag, truly worthy
of being top-5! you only need some varia
tion in the chapters, hotter news and
bigger charts as top-25 is NOT of 1994,
have the all the way down!
furthermore, 3 new tunes for every issue
is not good. music must also give some
recognition. biz kid should get rid of
his 'friendly guy' image and go back to
the roots with the 'tough guy' image!
as for rrr criticizing our gfx & outfit:
we have new grafix and a new outfit is
comming. 57% for the text is really un-
fair but each to his own opinion. at
least you (rrr) are not afraid to put it
in somebodys face. even though it's my
own sometimes, go on with this good
oh by the way biz kid, how can you say
that our 'here we are' is a parody on
your 'oxy internal' when 'rrr speaks' is
a perfect parody of my 'nasty and mean'
(he he)
keep on writing, i'll keep on reading it
all & spreading.

         nastiness, inc./entropy
 staff editor of the tribune since 1989

  you barry you old pirate!
  well what a pleasant surprise to get a
  reaction from one of the best editors
  in the scene today! (oh no i should
  drop that attitude)
  well i can't understand why you say
  that i'm getting too nice! did i use
  to be a 'tough guy' in the 'old' days?
  hmmmm, sounds strange, but i'll work
  on it! i'm glad that someone verbally
  hit me in my face and tell me that i'm
  getting soft! i'll change it - deal!
  hotter news and bigger charts! well
  about the charts, i guess i'll pass it
  on to scrapper!!! and the news : well
  i haven't got a modem so i have no
  possibilities of getting hotter news,
  furthermore i don't think it's that
  important. i think it's more important
  to inform da scene of what has happend
  since the previous issue!
  so i should stop using new tunes!
  well fuck i won't ( hey i'm getting
  tougher already - he he) no serious i
  won't stop. i'm proud of the tunes,
  and then you can recognize my mag on
  the fresh tunes!!!
  last i'll saythe same to you & elvira
  keep writing!!! i looking out for the
  new outfit! (the preview looked great)

                                BIZ KID

the last reaction seems to be rather old
eventhough i just got it! but i decided
to bring it anyway.

skyhigh - great mag!
p.r.i's articles - cool!!!
i wait for articles about gfx in the
sanme style!!!
great game 'raz-man' - who will do the
first release - he he he!
more reviews (demo reviews,cover reviews
i like skyhigh on 2 sides, becoz :
more skyhigh = more text = more fun =
more skyhigh
what i don't like in skyhigh #10 ? :
i don't like the demo part! the demo was
fucking unstyled, like the rest of your
demos! (where is the design???)

to oxyron :
remember about design in next comalights


  yo pawel!

  i guess, you thought your reaction
  would never hit my hq! but it did! so
  here we go:
  yep i myself also think that the chap-
  ter from pri was cool. doing a chapter
  about grafix in the same style sounds
  like a cool idea. i'll for sure think
  about it - ok!
  concerning reviews ; as a matter of
  fact then skyhigh has started demo-
  reviews in this issue. the chapter
  will be edited by mad/padua, so that
  side is cleared out. and who knows,
  maybe other kinds of reviews will
  skyhigh on 2 sides! well maybe one day
  another 2 sided issue will hit the
  scene. (maybe around issue #20 !!!)
  wait and see!
  so you didn't like the demo part in
  issue #10!! well i think it was cool!

  biz kid for oxyron :

  oxyron has always beem (in)famous for
  our lack of design. we do the hardest
  rutines and not much design.
  but that has deffently changed now.
  take a look on comalight #12 and tell
  us to remember the design!!!!!
  coz the lamers in oxy has now both the
  hardest rutines and superb design!

  take it away -                BIZ KID

ok- that was the last one for this issue
so all which is left, is to press the
button and load another one!
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