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i have been very interessted in the feed
back on the 10th issue of this mag!!

what did you think of all my work. was
it nothing special ? did i make to much
out of nothing? or did it simply rule??

well let's see some reactions and then

the first 4 reactions was recieved be-
fore i released the 10th issue, so they
refer to the mag in general!

it's nice to see your mag comming with-
out big delays! i hope you get into some
more chapters. but keep your eye on the
spell checking. but it's real fun to
read SKYHIGH. i'm sure it will enter the
charts in every magazine (if it isn't
i personally think listing the birthdays
on date is better than the name! that
way you just check whos birthday is com-
ming up. a real calendar does work in
the same way. and listing the addies in
aplhabetic order is good. we refresh the
addies each two issues (MAGNESS) to keep
the people voting.

anyway, i hope you will continue this
mag for many years to come.i know i will
do the same with MAGNESS!

ps. it's a good thing to see another mag
featuring key control!!

    (jan albertus - magness main editor)

  yo jan!!

  thanx for your reaction!! by beeing a
  mag-editor yourself, you know how much
  work there's connected to a magrelease
  therefore i'm extra happy to see that
  my work is appriciated!!
  well to answer you questions!

  more chapters! well actually there has
  already been new chapters included! i
  am talking about : 'oxy-intern' -
  'pri-music chapter' & 'thanx to' so i
  would say that, that part has been
  taken care of!! -
  the spellchecking!!! yeah you are ab-
  solutely right. i should correct my
  chapters, but i'm so lazy (in that
  area!!) -  but ok i'll take a better
  look, ok??  (NO MOR SPEELERRORS!!)
  concerning the b-dates.. yes i know a
  calendar works that way, but also a-
  nother mag has their b-day chapter in
  this way!! i therefor changed my way
  of showing the dates!! besides i do
  all the hard work and cut out all the
  nearest dates! just to make it easy
  for the readers!!
  i personally think my way of arranging
  the addies is the only way to do it!
  BUT i must say that you have solved
  that problem very well!! your addies
  are always updated. very smooth!!!

  i'm happy that you'll keep up magness
  for a long time, it sure deserves it!!

                            best wishes
                                BIZ KID

the text is usually great! the loader is
a little slow, perhaps not clear the
logo after a new chapter is choosen?
the gfx are always cool. sometimes a few
addies are old. overall a nice mag that
is definitely worth continuing!


  yo gop!

  a very direct reaction from you!! i
  like that!! ok let me jump right into
  it. a slow loader!!! well yeah i guess
  you're right.take a look on this issue
  and see the improved speed..
  i don't know what you mean by clearing
  the logo ??? sorry!!
  i know that some of the addies might
  be a bit old now and then!! but that's
  why i need the help of the readers to
  send me all kind of corrections..
  basically i belive the system works
  rather well. so i don't think it's a
  i hope the 100% version of skyhigh 10
  made it to the land down under!!

                            best wishes
                                BIZ KID

hello biz kid!

your mag is coooool! skyhigh #2 was one
of the first mags which i saw after i
entered scene. it's just cool! keep this
high quality!

            yours nephelim/fatum/entropy

  yo blase!

  first a big thanx to you again!! you
  made a big step for the high quality
  in the last issue..
  skyhigh has changed very much since
  the second issue. one thing especially
  is the quality who has gone skyhigher!
  what a bad joke!!! i'll do what i can
  to keep the quality high - ok!!

                            best wishes
                                BIZ KID

yohei biz kid!

i read many skyhigh-issues already and
now i finally had some time to write a
little reaction...
at first i can say that your mag is
really one of the kicking ones around,
it's released often, has good + interes-
ting text and other cool chapters, even
if they are all releated to the scene.

a little note to the birthday chapter.
the first mag who had this chapter was :
MAMBA!! well, they made no extra chapter
for it, but ther weren't few data either

the news are good, and the charts are
long, but you have at least to make 5-10
lines on the vote-sheet for this cate-
gory to get an objective result, really!
the lot of addies are also a interesting
thing - what about inserting a little
remark if they are from the latest vote-
sheets or not? else it's only a good
'addy-lexicon' for looking up special

raz/cml really did a great job in coding
the mag - it's easy to use (also because
of the key control) and looks good. it
even would get better if the musix could
be changed while reading the text or not

last but not least a sheet-spreader list
at the end of the charts or somewhere
else would be a nice addidtion!

but don't take all the words too serious
just don't forget that the better a mag
is, the more you can critize, and the
more important it is for you to get it

i'm waiting for issue #10 (or is it al-
ready #11)

                      yours antifan/eqx

  yo christian!!

  thanx for your very nize reaction.
  first i have to say that i ofcoz take
  your words serious!! that's why i have
  this reaction chapter.. to get your
  opinions, ideas and suggestions for

  and then i have to say that you are
  absolutely right about getting it more
  and more and perfect.
  i put a lot of honour in making this
  mag perfect issue after issue!!
  it might sound a bit slimy, but i be-
  lieve that i owe it to the readers to
  make every issue as great as possible.
  it's my way of showing my respect to
  the massive support i get!!!

  and to some answers to your questions!

  inserting a small mark on 'new' addies
  hmmmm, it might be a good idea! i sure
  will think about it - ok!!
  changing the tune while reading the
  text?? you are not the first one who
  bring this idea! i will ask raz about
  it and then maybe....
  and last : your request for a v-sheet
  spreader-list is already reality!!
  check out 'thanx to' for the creditz!!

  ok christian that's the words from me!
  i hope you're satisfied with'em !!

                      have a cool one..
                                BIZ KID

 reaction to 'about magazines':

yesterday,when i got the skyhigh#10 and
arrived at rrr's chapter,i already saw,
that it was AGAIN such a reaction to
our mistake-the cruncherreviews.
mr.rage was the maineditor of the nitro
when we released nitro#14.the issue was
ready in december 1993,but released in
the second week of 1994.when sgt.pepper
quitted the scene the whole group had
splitted,as the former cool organisation
went lazy from one day to the other.
mr.rage wasn't interested in the c-64
anymore and went to pc.the active guys
in excess forced him to release nitro14,
as all texts were finished.after 1 month
he did it in a hurry,as he wasn't inter-
rested in the quality.he simply wanted
to finish it.he never read the cruncher-
reviews he got from knows really
nothing about the difference between
packers and he wasn't able
to edit such a chapter.
if mr.rage would have looked once in the
chapter he perhaps could drop it,but he
simply was to uninterested in the c-64.
we saw the shit when he send it out to
our swappers,but it was too late.nitro
was already spread like hell.too late to
remark it in a note spread with nitro.
we remarked it in nitro#15 and we had to
answer 14 reactions concerning cruncher-
i decided to take the job of the main-
editor again and released the 15th issue
in early march without any wrong infor-
we soon will do cruncherreviews again,as
it was planned by luka/excess since a
long time.the style looks a bit like the
one rrr explained.stay tuned!

     nitro still a serious diskmag!

             RED ROCK/EXCESS

hi dennis! thanx a lot for your reaction
about my article. please keep in mind
that it was as a comment about the "mag-
scene" in general, unfortunately the
"cruncherreview" example fitted into the
story so that the whole article looked
like an only attack against your maga-
zine "nitro".

my intention was to complain about all
the various mags that are really worth-
less in MY opinion. anyway, i think i've
hit my mark when you start to think over
how to improve your magazine and that
the review will be worked out once again
by another editor.

furthermore i don't care about if a mag
is destinated for the modem or mailscene
i'm only interested to read an interes-
ting mag with competent stories. i can't
remember to have slagged about the news
into your mag and the source of the news
(i don't care if the news come from the
votesheets or from a sub in a bbs - it's
important the check the truth of the in-
formation given.

best wishes for nitro (and some regards
to alien prophet for his nice graphics).

signed: rrr/oxyron/alphaflight

hiho biz kid! nice mag.. eh,nice that i
was in the charts! now this mag is cool!
as you are a gfx'er i suggest a little
graphic-change for every second or third
issue! anyway your mag is quite cool!
...tatoos are cool!

  yo carsten!!

  yeah i also think skyhigh has gotten
  cooler after you were in the charts!!
  no serious....thanx for the words, but
  changing gfx every 2nd or 3rd issue???
  no i don't think so!! think about your
  favourite paper-magazine.. say : 64'er
  (the german papermag) changed it's
  logo every month... well wouldn't it
  loose some of it's personality???
  i think so. so i won't change so often
  but ofcoz there will be some changes
  now and then...
  yeah tattoos (3 t's) rulla!!

                                BIZ KID

yep biz kid!
i look at every issue i get from dennis.
i don't like your menu, but the textread
ing part is good. text is good, and the
mag comes often.
as you are a good grafician you have no
problem with gfx for the mag!! hold the
speed of releasing and hold two sides.
nitro, splash, immortal flash are ruling
with it, so do it too.

  yo firelord (i don't know your name!)

  first thanx for the roses concerning
  my skills as a gfx'er. always nize to
  get some appriciating words!!
  so you don't like the menu! well what
  is it you don't like? the design? or
  the icons, or... ???  it's a bit hard
  to give a proper answer when i do not
  what you're refering to..
  concerning the release-periodes! yes i
  will do what ever i can, to get it out
  on a regular basis. but i don't think
  you should expect it as a 2-sided mag
  in the future.. the reason is that it
  takes one hell of a time to finish it
  then, this again mean a longer time be
  tween each issue...
  but if many people want me to make it
  2-sided i'll reconsider - deal??

                            best wishes
                                BIZ KID

  ps. no i didn't know that you are the
      brother of sentinel...

your mag has the best design! but try to
make a better loadingsystem 'cause there
were many bugs!

  yo smurf!

  the best design!! wauh not bad...
  please write again and explain about
  the loading bugs. i haven't seen any,
  and you are the first one who mentions
  it. maybe you meen the bug in issue 10
  if so, then you should read the edito-
  rial to get the answer..

                      ok enjoy this one
                                BIZ KID

dear jesper!

was quite a big shock for me your neat
the best issue so far or whot?
although the amount of text in the
previous issue was more than just ok,
i appreciated the new chapters aswell.
this issue should make the mag take
over the top spot in lots of mags.
i also liked the extra chapters alot
although i see no need for them in a
serious mag like yours as the dudes
(should!) vote for the text and the
outfit of a mag and not for games.
when i said i liked'em i just wanted
to express my recognition to the
producers and to underline the fact
that they are just a good variety in
the mag and no more!
as from the past i know that many dudes
like to judge a mag by such 'extras',
there are even dudes who reduce the
points a mag achieved in their reviews
because it didn't have a stupid intro!
but hey pal,i didn' want to discourage
you with my kinda negative atitude
towards these 'extras'.
your mag is superb and kicks ass!

proud to have written a critic and non-
asslicking reaction ...

yours sincerely,
                            FCT / GUILTY

  yo marco.

  actually i had another reaction by you
  in this chapter, but i deleted it and
  used this (newer) one instead!

  ok to the answers. yes i also think
  that monsterhigh was the best issue so
  far. whether it is taking over the top
  spot or not - well, it's up to the fu-
  ture and the readers to decide..
  i'm also very happy that you liked the
  new chapters, i think that the mag in
  some way needed 'em. be sure to find
  them in upcomming issues of this mag!
  concerning the 'ekstras' well you dont
  think they are needed in this serious
  mag. actually they were just ment to
  be in that particulary issue. just to
  celebrate it.. and ofcoz to surprise
  the readers. i have no intention to
  bring them in the future (maybe razman
  will - dunno yet!)
  but who knows maybe i'll bring a piccy
  or a small demopart now and then!!
  (i know a piccy might find it's way to
  denmark from finland (yep you know who
  i'm talking about)).

  last i must say that i didn't find yer
  opinion about the extras negative. no
  way.. as a matter of fact i was happy
  to get a reaction on that subject...

  ok my good friend, time to end this
  answer for now. enjoy skyhigh in the
  future, and be sure that i'll keep

                              stay cool
                                BIZ KID

  ps thanx for the chapter!!

hey biz kid!

i wazn't joking, ofcoz i liked your pre-
vious menu and outfit, but the new menu
with a 'pc' or lamiga function looking
like a wanna-be-windows just suxx!!
remember this is a c-64  and not a lame
pc/amiga! else da text is extremely good
and outfitis damn cool! i just hate the
menu,and nothing else! thanx!

                        fli of equinoxe

  yo leif!!

  great that you are writing again, so i
  can see that your words were for real!
  so you don't like the menu! the outfit
  is cool but the menu suxx!! hmmmmm!!
  a bit strange way to explain your opin
  ion!! - the text-reading part is cool
  and the menu is lame. well how come??
  you say that the menu looks like a :
  wanna-be-clone.. nonsense... on the
  contrary i think it's cool that this
  10-11 year old commy can do the same
  as the 'new' lamigas and pc's...
  be sure ill remember this is a c64 and
  not a lamiga. (i always will !!)
  well one thing keep popping up in my
  head : you use the term 'lamiga'. that
  is fine with me... but why the hell
  has you then left the cool c64 scene
  and started on the lame amiga 1200 ???
  something doesn't quite match....
  but thanx anyway...

                   reconsider leaving!!
                                BIZ KID

the monster-edition (#10)was quite cool.
news'n'rumours were extreme old!!!
nize new votie.. keep on releasing.
                                 / l.o.c

  yo martin
  thanx for the nize words.
  yes the news were quite old, but just
  remember that issue #10 had a month
  delay...  and who cares anyway?
  i sure keep on releasing

                                BIZ KID

hi jesper!

i followed your mag from the beginning,
and i can say that it is one of my favou
rite mags at the moment.
go on with the good work, and keep up
that friendly style.
by the way: i wan't to see more covers
done by you.
bye says chaotic of black code design

  yo jan.

  that makes me very happy to hear that
  you have kept on reading this mag, all
  the time.. i'll do what ever i can to
  keep it your favourite in the future.
  and about the style...  sure i'll keep
  my friendly style too, coz remember :
  FRIENDSHIP RULEZ. and last the covers,
  yep i might soon do another cover for
  the scene. so just stay tuned - ok.

                 what about a bcd part?
                                BIZ KID

hi rrr!
this is regarded to your comments on
SUN DANCER and what he wrote in
the pulse / february edition:

i also didn't get the point why the fuck
he differentiates between hires and
single colour graphics,haha!
maybe someone should tell him that
multicour-pictures are even called that
way when just one colour is shown.
i didn't write this to be the almighty
one now but eh,i noticed the same shit
in the pulse / march edition, chapter:
demo reviews.
well,i'm not the kinda dude who absolu-
tely likes your graphics but if i were
you i wouldn't even care about him.

                    see ya in hell,
                    FCT / GUILTY

hi fct! thanx a lot for your reaction
concerning my article.
i'd like to mention that it's very dif-
ficult to ignore a statement written in
the most important diskmagazine.

best regards,
yo biz kid !

the following small reaction is three
lamers from the outtascene...
guess who ?
no,not alf,not the jesus and for sure
not anton krzeslo.
no,it's from echo/cp,leech/cp and

well,this time i am first.(otherwise
leech will fill up all the memory again)

ok,i will start with the negatives to
yer birthday issue:

- the cheated 'swapper-chart',as leech
never ever deserves the 2nd place (ha!)
- the sucking version was first at my
place,and i really thought 'that suxx!'.
fortunately you also spreaded a 100%

and the positive things :

- 10 exclusive tunes,that's cool !
- the extras were really a neat idea as
  a kind of 'relax-part'...
- my interview was in (yo!)
- the new gfx was neat...
- the music-reviews were nice,and surely
  'not!' cheated...
- and nothing more...or ?

ok pal,echo's mind is empty so i(leech)
took over the keyboard.
well,your mag is great.while reading it
my beer got cold.can you imagine that ?
your mag was the first that reached it.
congratulations.i also liked the pac-man
game by raz.but i lost always.why didn't
you ask a cracker to train it ? it would
be much nicer then...
hmm,also the amount of text was ok.there
was more than enough.keep it up.another
positive thing was that i had new stuff
to spread.i'm waiting for the next cool the way,the charts were not
cheated.i know that ! echo talks shit!
by the way,do you think the amount of
the sheets i sent you was ok ? this time
there are also many sheets for you.hope
you can use'em all.ok pal,keep up this
cool style,as i think your mag will be
number one least until network
will be released once again,hehe...
and now let apis of equinoxe write
something sensless.
leech's off...
yo biz-kid,apis is writing now!!!!!
at first some positive reactions about
your mag...

- your mag isn't stinking like some
  others.(cool musics,text,extras,etc..)
- it was cool that you've enough sheets
  to count fair charts.
- that was very good that you've got a
  new v-sheet with more place to fill.
- a cool idea with the cover for the
  10th issue of your mag.

cool that i don't have to write any
negative reactions to this issue this
time.i think that the next mega-issue
of your mag will be cooler than fire
and hotter than ice...

                            and echo !!!

  hey you 3 outscene lamers....
  keep beeing as you are. true friends!!
  that's it and that's that!!
  (outof memory error.......)

                                BIZ KID

yep that was the reactions for this time
it seems that skyhigh #10 has been a
great success...
this fact is ofcoz a kick in my ass to
continue this magazine for a long time
to come...
if any of you have a reaction for either
rrr, scrapper or pri then please mail it
directly to them. it takes a lot of time
if i have to send a disk to germany be-
fore it returns at my hq here in denmark
so please help me by doing me that small
favour - ok!!

  see you somewhere else!!      BIZ KID
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