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          about zyron of antic

this interview was supposed to be in the
previous issue of skyhigh..but somehow
zyron didn't manage to get it ready in
time... but what the hell, you'll get it
now then....

 ? skyhigh
 ! zyron/antic

  first of all thanx for sharing your
  personality with the rest of us.
  -but let's get started the boring way!

? please tell us your handle and group.

! zyron/antic.

? and your real name ?

! johan aastrand.

? when were you delivered to the earth?

! 13/04-73.

? ok that was the most important things.
  but pleaz give us a small introduction
  of yourself.
  (personal facts : hight - hair colour
                    eye colour - glasses
  sparetime, other interests, job/school
  hobbies and so on!!)

! i'm 21 years old and about 1.90m tall.
  i have blond hair, blue eyes and i
  don't wear glasses.
  at the moment i'm unemployed and it
  suits me fine, i can just do what i
  want through the whole night if i
  feel like it. i miss money though.

? for how long have you been into the 64
  scene. or in other words : please tell
  us when you entered the world of the
  commodore 64 - and it's scene?

! it started when i bought my c64 in
  1984, i played and copied all those
  games on tape. later on, in 1986 i
  think, i started to crack games as
  well. i stopped with that in 87-88
  when i started to code demos and

? in which groups have you been before?

! only unknown local groups like:
  sgc,wiz,quari and deceit.
  (doesn't mean shit to you, right?)

? your handle 'zyron'
  is there a special story to it?
  please tell how you got it!

! uhhm... i don't remember, perhaps
  i've taken it from a game or

? what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

! i am, as you might know, the composer
  of antic. i also code a bit and do
  some swapping with about 65 contacts.

        tell us about your faves!

? what do you prefer to eat?

! food!

? and what do you like to drink?

! beer.

? to what music do you listen?

! pink floyd, depech mode, doors,
  alice in chains, nirvana, pogues,
  front 242 and much more...

? your favourite girl(s)?

! mine!

? what movie was the coolest you ever

! naked lunch.

? and your c64 favourites

     demogroup : all active ones+more.

     crackergr.: no way!

     coder     : depeh,tron,kf...

     magazine  : revealed,skyhigh...

     composer  : galway,p.r.i....

     grafixer  : creeper,joe,electric...

     cover des.: sorry!

     sceneland : whole milky way is cool

     demo      : all!

     game      : well, mayhem..?

? and last :
  your favourite friend(s) in the scene

! you can't favourise friends, can you?

? yeah a whole lot of things you liked.
  but what about things you dislike!

  is there any particulary phenomena or
  mayby dudes you do not like in the
  scene. give us the story!!

! i don't dislike anyone just bcoz they
  don't think like me. i respect
  everyone eventhough i might not
  agree in what they say.

? what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

! to LIVE, which means having FUN!

? the c64 scene unfortunately can't live
  forever !
  when it dies (in a lot of years!!)
  what will you then do?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc, or simply
  quit the entire compy-scene?

! i'll probably quit or wait for the
  rest of my life for the c65 to be

? people often talk about a lamer.
  but what is a lamer?. please give me
  your definition !

! it's a word which is easy to use when
  you can't find words which is as easy
  to use as lamer......? (of course!!)
  we're all lamers according to some.

           about your contacts

? do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many - name a few.)

! as told before i have about 65
  contacts, you're one of them.
  but when this interview is out i've
  probably dropped 25 of them...

? do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  from your contacts.?

! legal, legal, legal!!!

? do you use cheated stamps ?

! nope, but soon i will, i think?

? why/why not?

! why for not because!

? magazines! some people say there's too
  many - some say there's not!!
  what do you think?

! i like magz coz they're fun to read
  and they can be released on a regular
  basis which is good for the swappers.

? they for one thing sure keep the scene
  alive, but what about demos?
  what do you think about the quality of
  the demos produced nowadays?

! since i like demos and have always
  collected every single one i guess
  you know the answer: 64-demos rule!

? what is your advice to all the demo -
  producing groups, concerning their
  future productions?

! lda #$colour ;this method doesn't
  sta $0286    ;work on the old c64.
  jsr $e544    ;
  lda #$colour ;ALWAYS do like this
  sta $d021    ;coz i hate when i must
  jsr $e536    ;change the code to see
               ;the part!

? if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

! coders       : depeh

  musicians    : zyron

  gfx'ers      : creeper

  swappers     : incubus

  modemtraders : ???

  others       : the rest of antic!

  (don't say no imagination!)


? what do you say when i say :

  group      : friendship.

  coca cola  : parties.

  friendship : group.

  c-64       : THE computer!

  amiga      : a computer.

  girls      : sex.

  beers      : ireland.

  magazines  : interviews.

  groupwars  : unnecessary.

  sex        : girls.

  parties    : coca cola.

  interviews : magazines.

  and last 'skyhigh' : canabis.

? yo we are getting closer to the end

  i'll hereby give you the word to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

! yo! the end is surely getting nearer
  and nearer if you say so. i wonder
  how many questions there are left.
  probably two or something like that.
  uuhhh... yes,
  do support demo of the year '94 by
  sending a simple part to me.
  (guess where you can find my addy!)
  the deadline is moved to the 1:st of
  june and the demo will be released at
  the triad-party in jonkoping, sweden
  on 17-19:th of june.

? if there's some guys you want to greet
  or give a special message then why not
  use the opportunity right here?

! yeah, why not?!
  i'd like to thank my mum and dad,
  my grandmother and grandfather,
  my aunt, brother in law and my uncle

? yeah that's it..
  we reached the end of this interview.
  so i better let you of the hook for

  i'll end by thanking you for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  i hope you'll stick to this beautiful
  scene for a long time!
  have a cool time in the future.

  thanx homeboy!!

! right, we did reach the end of this
  interview and you did a really great
  job with it. it woz really GREAT to
  sit up until 3 am to answer all
  these questions.

  thanx pal!


       he is just so funny - he he


   that's it for now! - so better load
          another chapter now!!

                                BIZ KID

   i must have the last wo..zzz..zzzz..z
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