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           about jason of epic

+ handle & group ?

 hey, my handle is jason and am a member
 of epic

+ real name ?

- mikkel peter terp-hansen

+ birthdate

- 22.03.77

+ give us a small introduction of your-
  self! (age, country, personal facts,
  sparetime, other interests  and so on)

- hmm, i'm 16 years old, actually i'm
  born in copenhagen,which is,if you do
  not know it, the capital of denmark.i
  have dark blond hair, blue eyes, some
  says that i weight a few kilo to much
  but i really don't care as long i do
  not look real fat..well, beside my
  computer i work in a supermarked and
  last but not least i have a girlfriend
  which take 95% of my sparetime!.hmm,
  some claim that i use far too much ti-
  me on her, but i don't me
  girls are alot more important than com

+ how did it all start?

- it all started back in 1987, where me
  and a friend formed a little lamercrew
  but soon i got the offer to join t.m.w
  also known as the moonwalkers, here i
  stayed for about 1.5 year, then at the
  daniax party i got the offer to join
  "laser inc".at that time rex, vic, and
  flexi, now camelot also were members!.
  i really enjoyed this group, and after
  the laser crisis back in 1990 i really
  fighted hard to keep the group going,
  well, we had lotsa troubles keeping
  the group together and in the late
  october of 91 all members joined the
  crackergroup "unicess".here i stayed
  for only 2 months, becoz i got the
  excellent offer to join my sofar best
  group "epic!".i really enjoy being a
  member in this, according to my opini-
  on real cool group

+ what is your memberstatus and job in
  your current group ?

- that was a tough one, well, i'll try
  as good as i can to type down the
  current memberstatus but don't expecet
  it's 100% up to date :

  jason               the torch
  crossfire           tg-acme
  doom                vortex
  mason               sat
  iceball             loyality
  the fresh prince

  + some more which i really can not
  find because my room is in a total
  mess..well, my job in epic is mainly
  original-supplying but as the marked
  seems very empty i find it really hard
  always to supply the hottest.that's
  why i also do some traditional swap
  to be honest i'm not the fastest
  swapper, but who seems to care?!?

+ how did you get your handle ?
  please tell us the story!

- well, there ain't much of an story, i
  just watched one of the known horror -
  film called friday the 13'th where the
  monster is named jason. i simply stole
  the handle from him..i know that some
  LAMERS are carrying the same name, but
  all of them are fake.there is and will
  always be only one true jason!

        tell us about your faves!


+ favourite food?

- pizza + all kind of junk

+ favourite drink(s)?

- red baron, beers, tequilla sunrice,
  bloddy mary, wodka and whisky

+ favourite music?

- u2, depeche mode, sort sol, d.a.d

+ favourite girl(s)?

- beside my girlie: sherilyn fenn!!!!

+ favourite movie ?

- demolition man

+    favourite

     demogroup : light

     crackergr.: red-sector

     coder     : flamingo

     magazine  : the pulse

     composer  : jeroel tell

     grafixer  : vic

     cover des.: lame!

     sceneland : denmark, where else?!?

     demo      : produkt-handler

     game      : giana sisters

+ and last :
  favourite friend(s) in the scene

- well, i've had a lot during the last
  couple of years.but here is the ones
  who has ment most to me:

  doom,crossfire + the rest of epic
  steve/regina, frodo,tlc/sirius c. (pc)
  met+mm/mayhem, nsd/success, flexi/cml
  bird/bronx, baze/illusion, ghost/ex-
  dominators sat/epic and ghoul/???

+ well that was the faves, and among 'em
  was favourite friends.
  what about dudes you hate/dislike in
  the scene. ?
  if you got some please tell us who -
  and why you don't like them !

- well, there's a need to mention
  any names but they are all members of
  vision, these budfuckers find it very
  amusing calling up in the middle of
  the night and talk like pigs!.they are
  just to lame to pay any respect!.well,
  anyway all people are laughing of them
  it's only the danish section of vision
  that i can't stand!.

+ what is your plans for the future ?
  both in the scene and in private !

- well, if we start with my future plans
  about my computer, i can tell you that
  i'm not considering quitting, i'll
  stay till the sad end of the life of
  our loved commodore 64!..and i'n the
  real life i'll hopefully join a kind
  of college which in denmark is named
  "the gymnasium"..after that i would
  like going at the university studing
  danish or biologi who knows!..

+ when the c64 dies(hopefylly many years
  from now !!!!) what will you do then ?
  jump to the (l)amiga or pc. ?
  or simply quit the whole compy-scene?

- hmm, i'm considering buying a S.N.E.S
  and then start on that scene, i really
  don't know!.i've heard that the equpm-
  ent is very who knows??

+ please tell me what a lamer is in your
  opinion ?

- a lamer is a person who enjoy calling
  up in the middle of the night, and the
  n just say nothing.also people who
  slag just bcoz of the fame is veeery
  unintelligent.i also find it lame when
  people at the copyparties are stealing
  others cpu-stuff, real lame!

+ what do you think about the elite

- well, i really don't care, who is the
  elite??.anyway i find it real fun when
  a swapper is advertising with the word
  s : only elite are welcome!..he he the
  person who writes such shit do not
  belong in the elite-scene!.nearly all
  sceners consider themselves as elite
  personally i think, that people who
  can produce something which can impres
  s the rest of the scene, belongs to
  the real elite!.just tobad that there
  ain't many of them left

+          about your contacts

+ do ya have a lot of contacts ?
  (how many)

- contacts??, well, those days are over
  once i had about 100, now i have
  reduced to about 35-40.i don't need
  many more!.but i can always use a few
  who are able to supply me with the
  very latest!.

+ do you prefer legal stuff or cracks
  or mayby both from your contacts.

- well, i prefer cracks, but only when i
  got them from the group which have cra
  cked them!.ofcause i also like demos
  but sadly not many of them are release
  d nowadays!.

+ do you use cheated stamps ?

- - noooooo!!

+ why not?

- a few years back in time i got busted
  for cheating, this costed me an amount
  of about 1000 dkr, next time i'll have
  to pay about 10.000 dkr and my economy
  can't afford that!

+ about demos : do ya like 'em ?
  is there to many or to few ?

- i love demos but only 3-5 groups are
  able to code something which is worth
  paying attention.there's alot of lame
  demos, but shamly far too less cool
  ones released!

+ and the same for mags ?

- well, oposite the demos here is far to
  o many i only read: the pulse,revealed
  and propaganda (skyhigh aswell ha ha)

+ if you had the opportunity to build up
  a new group - which persons would you
  like to join ?

- i would like to builda group where
  members should be drunken or stoned al
  the time. this group should consist of
  danish patriots, just as crazy as myse
  lf!!, people like :xfire, doom, baze
  and a few others


+ what do you say when i say :

+ group :

- epic

+ coca cola :

- room

+ friendship :

- cool

+ c-64 :

- orgasm!

+ girls :

- sexy clothes

+ lameness :

- fuck with condom

+ beers :

- tuborg julebryg

+ magazines :

- playboy

+ groupwars :

- exciting, interseting

+ demos :

- ruuuules

+ parties :

- h0nsek0dsuppe(he he)

+ interviews :

- hrmph, ok really amusing!

+ and last ' skyhigh ' :

- you are skyhigh when you have smoked
  some good joints + fucked the japanese
  who work in the h0nsek0d's shop!

+ ok we are close to the end now.

  so now you got the opportunity to say
  what's on your mind.
  the word is free !

- kill a postman fuck a duck.god save th
  queen, mikkels leverpostej gaar an!..
  doom har en sk0n krop!.bee high all
  day!.kill poul nyrup!.uffefriend rules
  e.u ruuuuuules..ok, send me some money
  keep fucking your sisters dolls and
  keep alive! at the herning party
  we'll be there and drink anyone w!o
  dare challenge us under the table

+ is there some guys ya wanna greet or
  tell something then better do it now .

- i would like to greet my mum and dad
  because they have made me!i would like
  to greet doom/epic because we both lov
  e "HONSEKODSSUPPE"and "makrelsalat"..
  and last but not least XFIRE becoz he
  often tells me to do more

+ allright dude.that's it.
  we reached the end of this interview.

  i want to thanx you a lot for taking
  the time to help me with this.

  thanx a lot homie  !!!!

- it's my pleasure, don't forget the
  h0nsek0dsuppe cult!

well this dude really sounds wacko!!
but that's how life is i guess - hehe!!

    ok better load another one now!!
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