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              tha biz-mix!

yo yo yo, welcome to another edition of
             'tha biz-mix!'

last time i emptied my head for a lot of
wacko thoughts.
i haven't got any feedback yet. i guess
no one disagrees then - or??

i would like to get alot of reactions on
the c-64 scene today!!
so come on dudes! sit down and shake yar
head a bit!!
let all these thoughts slip out of your
head and put 'em down in an text-editor!
no matter what editor you use i'll con-
vert it to skyhigh - format!!
so don't be shy!! every single thought
is highly appriciated!!

ok enough about the c64 scene today!!

a lot of newcomers don't know shit about
the history of the c64 and its scene.

i still remember the good old times when
we saw a lot of good and revolutionary
code from the groups.

who can remember when 1001 crew made the
first sideborderscroll or the legendary
tmc with all his great demo's such as


 try take a look back and remember all
the dope routines which was invented in
the past.

routines as :

          a simple split screen
        (and later on rasterbars)
            all borders open
              dycp or dysp
                tech tech
             hardware scroll

   and some of the 'latest' inventions

              interlace fli

    well all these routines are today


but just think back some years and
everybody would have sworn that alot of
them couldn't be done ever...

        but they did anyway.....

who remember the war between sodan and
the 1001 crew.  not to mention the :

    federation against danish elite..

yo these were the days were we saw a lot
of cracks from groups like :

               dynamic duo
                1001 crew
              the softteam
               u.s.a team
          swedish cracking crew

      and the list goes on forever

well at the time there was a whole lot
more games than today. but at that time
you could make alot of money by selling

       well more nostalgic talk..

try sit back and remember the times.

remember the music-wizards  ..

                people as

               ROB HUBBARD
              MARTIN GALWAY
                MATT GRAY

yeeaahhh boy - these were the days...

but nowadays a lot of people don't give
a shit about things like that or a lot
don't even know about all that...

and that's wrong. so i'll try to give a
hand, and help you.

more specific then i am looking for
information about everythig concerning
the scene:

information like :

- who cracked the 1st game
- who started making intros
- who started making demos
- who made the first magazine
- which groups where at the beginning
  and up to now
- which group is the oldest and still
- which person/group invented a new
  routine (date/year)

         and so on and so on ..

loooong time ago it was my idea to start
up a chapter bringing some c64-history!

i asked and encouraged people to mail me
some facts or stories from the past!!
but not much happend! - actually only 1
guy did so..
diz guy was devil of noice (yeah i guess
you've heard that name mentioned in this
magazine before!)

he collected some facts on the founding
on horizon!

he and i would like to thanx boogaloo
for the great help he has given!!

ok check it out yourself!:

          - ----------------- -

in 1988 there was a fusion between

in october '88 they discovered the fli
but never released it, the first fli
was later released by BLACK MAIL...

in the beginning of 1989 MSD (micro
systems digital technology) joined,
and ruled ever since....

they were: BOOGALOO, EXILON and RUSH.

msd's most famous demo was and still is
BONANZA, with the first D011 scroll
ever made...

in the beginning of 1990 2 more members
joined, from the at that time very cool
fairlight: pernod and judge...

horizon have always been ruling the
scene, and they still do...

their demos are known to be 2 years
ahead of all the others...

          - ----------------- -

well you's a lot of information
that i presume you didn't knew!!!

and that's what it's all about..
sharing stories, memories and knowledge
with eachother!
but i can't manage to do it on my own.
i need the help of all you out there.

especially the old-timers are wanted.
so come on all you out there. all you
who once in the past founded one of all
these famous groups!

who started legends like :

dominators, ikari, 1001 crew, sss, afl70
...... (and the list goes on and on!)

at the moment lot's of groups are gettin
rebuild. -groups like alphaflight 1970,
vision or the fake ikari..  there must
be someone who knows the story!!
why not share it with the rest of us??

please mail it to me and i see to that
it will be brought to the masses!

well i better stop for now, but please
do me a favour and think about it! try
to remember things which happend in the
scene back then! write it down and share
it with the rest of us!!

         and my addy once more :

            biz kid of oxyron


and over to another suject!
our anti nazi demo! - this demo is THE
project of 1994. i will work 100% to get
it released with at least 10-15 parts
from different groups.
but let's check out who has joined in by

         anti-nazi demo members


noice      DEVIL       coder, org.
 ---       draz        graphics
 ---       decoder     music
oxyron     BIZ KID     graphics, org.
camelot    RAZ         coder, org.
fiction    yoda        code
no name    gigabyte    spreader
           maja        spreader
slash      poeba       cover
guilty     vertigo     code
 ---       fct         gfx/covers
 ---       kathulo     (amiga)
 ---       filth       music/covers

but we want more.. a lot more..
why not be a part of this very important
list!!! - why not join forces!!

     what we are searching for is :

    coders   - singlecoder or groups
    musician - musiclabels or groups
    gfx'er   - gfxlabels or groups

          but all is welcome..

some technial details!

grafix - all formats     (fli,
                          sprites a.s.o)

music  - all formats      single, double
                          quadro, octa

code   - the program should make a jump
         to a specific adress when space
         is pressed. it should be pos-
         sible to change this jump.
         please send a crunched version
         aswell as a raw file, and rem-
         ember to inform us where we can
         change the jump.

what you make in your part is all up to
you..  also the quality is not that im-
protant, what is important is to be a
part of this anti-nazi demo..

what really counts is to fight a battle
against the growing nazism..
we have to show our disrespect for this
phenomena; for this lowlife attitude!!

well i hope several guyz will join in
after this encouragement.

later a note will be made and spreaded
for the masses..   i (biz kid), raz and
devil will work out a note with more spe
cific informations and spread it.
i guess this note will get spreaded at
the x-mas party in denmark!!!

ok that's all for now.i hope to see your
name on the list next time!!!!
until then ....see ya......

                                BIZ KID
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