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 hello, and welcome to the 7th issue of

              S K Y H I G H

yes once again i (biz kid) strike back
with yet another issue of this magazine.
this time it's the seventh issue..
how time runs fast...
it doesn't feel like more than a couple
of months since i started up this mag.
and now it's allready issue!!

mayby some of you remember the 1st one?
i wasn't even sure if there would be a
second one..
but i still don't get it.. you folx have
seen this mag a lot of times, and still
you spell it in two words.

                W R O N G

       skyhigh is only one word!!

when i see skyhigh spelled in some mags
it's almost everytime in two words,well
how come?? - c'mon it can't be that hard
to do it right??      please!!!
ok no more nagging for now!!.

right now the time is 01.55 in the night
raz is here at my plaee (he lives about
300 km from here) actually it's the 1st
time i ever see him!
well tomorrow he is going home again.but
he can (or we can) be pretty proud, coz
we have finished this issue of skyhigh +
a gfx-collection containing gfx from my
brief time in the 'real' scene. - yeah
actvity really rulez..

          but why do i say so??

because i'll like to see some activity
from you readers/fellow-sceners..
as you probably saw in the last issue we
are trying to make this anti-nazi demo.
but more about that in 'tha biz-mix!'
what i would like is you to get up of
that nize warm chair and join in! start
coding a part for this mindblaster!!

but that's not all. i could need your
help a little bit. as mentioned before
it's my intention to create the biggest
addy section collected in any c-64 mag
ever. the way i do it is to keep the
addies in every issue. this means : if
you're in - you'll stay in..
i'll ofcoz update the chapters everytime
but it's a fuckin hard job.. every month
lots of dudes join another (or a new, or
a second) group. dozens of groups dies,
but also dozens are founded. i do hear
about some of it, but deffently not all.
and that is my problem, becoz it's one
heck of a task to know everything that
has happend. and honestly - i don't!!!
here i would like the help of all you
out there! try to load the chapter with
your addy, check it for handle, group
and your name. is it fully updated then
it's ok, but if not then please drop me
a line and i'll correct it...this ofcoz
also goes for other addies you see in da
mag. you know :
scratch my bag and i'll scratch yours.
or in other words, we have to help each-

second i could need some help for one of
my chapters. the chapter is about boards
i don't have a chance to check if the
numbers are correct or not.. i have got
no modem. but i know some of you have.
i need a person who could edit this par-
ticulary chapter for me. he will get ab-
solutely free hands. all he has to do is
to keep the numbers and the groups up-
dated.   you know how to reach me!!!

i'm also looking for more spreaders to
spread my votesheets. this time 40 of my
sendings disappeared. that caused a lot
of problems for me; i had to send again,
and spend more money on disk and stamps.
more boring copying a.s.o. - but that's
not all. i also had a 3 or 4 weeks delay
becoz of that. this again caused that i
didn't recieve as many sheets as i would
useally have. that's why the charts is a
bit poor this time. but i'll strike even
harder next time...
ok forget about that for now..

     what do we got in this issue...

i won't tell you here he he!! -  why ?
because it is boring. no i guess it is
better if you find out yourselves...


well i guess i'll throw some credit now.


         first the intro creditz

      code..........raz of camelot
      old kid of oxyron
      music............dos of adsr

           and the mag-creditz

------ code by------
-- raz of camelot --
        ------- gfx by --------
        -- biz kid of oxyron --
                 ------- text by -------
                 -- biz kid of oxyron --

               music by :

tune 1 :   athana disk (exclusive)
           the syndrom of tia & crest

tune 2 :   ex 4 skyhigh (exclusive)
           echo of excess

tune 3 :   careless b. (exclusive)
           jvd of focus

yeah you're right all 3 tunes are made
especially for skyhigh. very cool!!
i would like to thanx you 3 guys for
doing the really are some cool
friends.  thanx!!!!!!!

but keep in mind i'm always in search 4
more good tunes for upcomming issues!!
just remember to place the tune like diz

          tune : $1000 - $1fff

now it is time to thanx my cool friends
who have spreaded some sheets for me.

cold beers and hot ladies will be delie-
vered to :

          happymaker of reflex
       jazzcat of afl'70 & rebels
            maja of ex-sacred
             luka of excess

  you're doing a great job my friends!!

unfortunately things went wrong for this
this issue (the missing sendings) but
next time i'm sure there'll be a lot of
fresh sheets!!

some dudes has offered their help to
spread it even more..
one is jerry of triad.. thanx alot pal!!

also echo of excess has offered his help
thanx to you too pal!

well one hour has passed since i started
to write this chapter. raz has just fi-
nished the short intro for the mag..
so what we need now is to write a scroll
text. i'll let raz write that, and inbe-
tween i'll pack all the chapters...
well 3-4 very productive days will soon
be over. we have had a great time.
a mag and a gfx collection - coool!!!

   ok i better stop this craptalk now!

enjoy this issue and wait out for the
next one.this will feature some funny

         untill then stay tuned
              and remember

   heller brug tungen end faa ungen!!!

(in english : better use your tounge
              than get the young one!)

                i'm outta here  BIZ KID
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