Skyhigh 04 ch14 Yugoslavian Rep.

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yo pals welcome to a small introduction
of the yuogslavian scene!

     this is an idea i'm working on

i try to get some different scenedudes
to write a scene report from their own

this first sceneland report is written
by a cool pal of mine :



if you would like to help me making this

new idea succeed then it would be very

highly appriciated

the best way to start would find an
upscroll-editor! (if you don't have one
then let me know and i send ya one - no
problem -)

well the subject is free as long it's
about your country (and your scene)

       well think about it pals!!!

    ok let's move on with the report

       ... scene in yugoslavia ...

hi everybody,

this is nucleus/TEMPEST typing text'bout
scene in my country - YUGOSLAVIA ...

well,scene is very poor but it's growing
up right now ... in yugoslavia we have
following (real) groups :

group     have members from

-TRANSCOM (yugoslavia)
-MYTH     (yugoslavia)
-CHAOS    (yugoslavia)
-TEMPEST  (yugoslavia,macedonia+holland)

and dudes that import something new from
forigners are:

-demon /tempest - macedonia
-and i,nucleus ...

so,everything that come to yugoslavia
is brought by us ...

our scene have toooo much pirates and
cause is that in yugoslavia,piracy isn't
prohibited and selling games is very
MONEYFULL job  ...

but as i said before there are some real
groups on yu-scene,and here we have two
mags on serbian language.
myth have "REVIJA 64" and chaos have
their "PROPAGANDA" (i like them both).

but,now i am trying to force some dudes
to swap with please give
them a chance ...

i think this is enough for now i'll keep
you informed about further happening on
yugoslavian scene ...


      yo yo yo that's actually it..

well thanx pal for letting us in, in the
yugoslavian scene for a moment.

well next time i hope i can bring you
another scene-report from around the

    so come dudes and gimme a hand..

                                BIZ KID
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