Skyhigh 04 ch13 Tha Biz-Mix

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        yo yo yo and welcome to

   another chapter called tha biz-mix!

well last time i wrote a message to all
i want to write the story of the c64.
but i only got one article and it came

            yo thanx alot pal

but it's is way 2 little for a beginning
for my i'll wait.

but please send me all kinds of info
about the history of the c64 scene..

               info like :

       who cracked the first game
      who made the first intro/demo
       who invented a new routine
             first groupwars

                and so on

      ok enough about that for now

          this time i bring you

              DATALIVE '93

              party report

yo yo yo a small report from the best
party ever:

          D A T A L A M E  '93

soon you'll realize why i call it like

allright ya'll!! - as you problably know
then the datalame party took place at :
24th and 25th of april in the former
east-germany at the location - dessau -

- on friday the 23th of april i BIZ KID
packed up my little car (a fiat 127)
and drove about 135 km south and ended
up in schleswig. when i arrived in the
city i had to go to a super-market named
divi(or something like that)..

i was told that there should be a tv-
tower right next to it..

well no problem i saw the tower from the
highway..  but but but  - then i came
downtown. and then i couldn't see that
damn tower anymore...

i guess i saw allmost the entire city
before i found the fuckin' supermarket

there i called up machine/oxyron and he
came and guided me the rest of the way.

        well at last i was there.

at the same time following oxyron-dudes

     tts - axis - scrapper and yazoo

we said hello and went inside...
after have seen our contribution to the
demo-competion and other stuff(like the
demo from the suckers in paradize) we
were all rather hungry.
-we decided to find a place to get some-
thing to eat..

we entered the place and ordered some
burgers,sausages and chips.

       suddenly a BIG BAM sounded.

and everybody was scared shit - and all-
most deaf.

well what happend??

a dude had a fake-pistol which went off
inside the small store.(don't ask me how
 or why - it just happend!!)
the dude was thrown outside and the damn
police was called..

well we ate our food not saying much,as
the police entered the room.they started
asking lot's of questions (but not me
coz i was dane!!) the police went and so
did we!!

i won't tell any names but the guy who
did it has got a new handle : YASHOOT

back at scrappers place we tried to get
some sleep.but that's not easy when you
constantly have to listen to a guy sayin

       rauchen - trinken - rauchen

     got ya yazoo!!   he he he he!!!

next morning (or should i say night) at
allmost 4.30 we packed up our shit and
went to pick up peace/oxyron..

and then we continued south...

lots of hours and kilometres later we
arrived in dessau.

at first we couldn't find the partyplace
but at last we succeed.

     but what the hell was that!!!!

we arrived 2 or 3 hours after it opened,
but no-one's there. except for 20-30
people inside...

we paid the entrance-fee and went in!
but what a lame-place...
there was almost no people there..
well we unpacked our stuff and got our
gear connected...

then we went for a round in the building
but it just became more and more lame..

      what the heck could we do!!!

on the invitation it said there was room
for 400-450 freaks.-but all in all there
wasn't more than 60-70 dudes(half of'em

     l a m e  -  l a m e  - l a m e

well we was told that there would be a
demo-competion anyway - so we stayed!!

i became more and more bored and started
boozing..(what else could i do!!!)

in the meantime charlie and his lovely
lady andrea (both varsity) arrived.

we talked a bit.(hey you two - i hope ya
had a nice ride home to austria!!!)

 - yazoo,some amigafreax and me went to
the local mc.donalds for some burgers.
here we met some girls which showed us
way to a small 'pub'. -we drank a few
beers and went back to the party...

i was in the mood 4 booze so i continued
boozing some coke'n'bacardi and coke'n'

well i got a bit drunk and went to sleep
next to tts.

at 7 in the morning we were woken up by
charlie/varsity..   the competition was
about to take place..

first some music tunes was played.
then the piccys was showed and last the

i'm not sure if there was more than thes
but we saw contributions from :

              lore of arts
    trl-designs (a music coll.?????)

and then we(oxyron)had to show our stuff

after that i went to sleep again.coz i
was so fuckin' tired...

    about 10 o'clock i woke up again
the whole oxy-posse was about to pack
their shit and going home.
i asked if we shouldn't wait for the
results. - but they had got the result
while i was sleeping.  - and

        OXYRON took the 1ST PRICE

 and i guess syndrom took the 1st price
 in the music-compo!!
     (but don't be to sure on this)

well we packed our stuff and said bye to
all our friends..

(better mention a few of the dudes who
was there....)

       andrea and charlie/varsity
           frank/lore of arts

           hi to all of you..

well at last we left the lamest party

the way home was hot like hell...
the sun was shining and we couldn't open
the windows as we drove on the highway.

but every 100-150 km we had a small rest
my little car had to be tanked full rath
er often...

besides seeing a few nasty car-accidents
(i saw a car flying through the air -and
i don't think they survived  -- yak!!)
we arrived in flensburg...

i had to drop axis at his place before
going to denmark... i did some shopping
and then i drove the last 100km home..

  and finally (after more than 1250km)

               i was home

home with my girl - a shower and a nice
soft bed... yeahhh!!!




well as you might understand the party
sucked like hell...

                 but why

          coz YOU wasn't there

             and how come??

how come you didn't show up? i was there
as the only dane. i drove more than 1250
km in only 2 days. but i was there!!!

come on dudes don't let the scene down!

           show up next time!!

i personally would love to meet more of
my contacts!!!

          ok i guess that's it

you reporter from the D A T A L A M E 93
is off !!!

 yo that's it for the biz-mix for this

     better load anotha chapter now

                                BIZ KID
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