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    again some reactions for the mag

            GIGABYTE/NO NAME

i'm stunned!!! skyhigh is really a cool contains loads of text that
is exciting,nice grafix and cool music!
i really don't have more to say.. just
that i hope you will continue making
this mag for a long time

                    yours sincerely

                   gigabyte of no name

- yo gigabyte thanx for your very warm
  words.i feel so happy everytime i get
  such reactions.
  it's such reactions who really makes
  me work even harder in the future.
  so don't worry about the future coz
  i'll be there to find (together with
  skyhigh) - no problemo...
  well no more to say..
  enjoy this issue...
                                BIZ KID

    next reaction comes from :


hello biz kid!

usually, i prefer reacting on good mags,
but yours is so bad that it's worth a
negative reaction.
there's absolutely NOTHING special con-
cerning the text.just the usual stuff.
this is too less to compete with other
new mags such as inquiry and arise.and
how long the reader has to wait until a
chapter is loaded.(the loading-sequence
(music...)sucks,by the way)
i don't put so much attention to the out
fit of a mag,but yours is really without
style.the swinging logo is ugly,and the
chapter-choosing aswell.and as i said,
the loading-sequence is getting on my
stop'skyhigh',needs too much improvement
to become a really cool mag. so stop
doing it! because :

1. there are to many mags in the scene!!

2. 'skyhigh' is doubtlessly the worst of
   the three (!!) oxyron-mags!!

3. you should concentrate on doing disk-
   covers!you're much more talented in
   this subject!

if i would have written a reaction on

                            see you

yo pat!!

holy cow!! what a reaction,you must have
been very pissed as you wrote this..
(well let's get serious!!!)

ok 1st : thanx alot for your reaction!!
even if it's not exactly that kind i am
looking for. BUT i'm glad someone writes
me negative stuff instead of some ass-
licking shit...

ok let me give you some respond on your

well you say that there's nothing about
the text... i say it depends...
i'm not that kind of type who fills up
my mag with boring non-scene stuff
what i mean could be:music-lyrics
                     how to mix a drink
                     or kitchen-reciepts

sure i dont mind if some of the chapters
contents such things, but i believe the
main part must concentrate on scenestuff
what i mean is : i make a scene-mag with
scene-stuff for the scene-dudes.

2nd you say that this is to less to com-
pete with new mags a inquiry and arise.
-well that's good!!coz it isnt and never
has been my intention to compete with
anybody with this mag.
i'm not making this to be the no 1 mag.
no way. i make this for all the scene-
dudes who likes or love mags - i make it
for my own pleasure (coz deep inside my
heart i really love doing this..) and
last : i make this to keep this wonder-
full scene alive.

            ok about the mag:

so you don't think my mag got style.
well - you might be right. i don't know.

i find the logo ok - not cool but plain
ok.(as a matter of fact it is a bit old)

i don't see your point about the chapter
choose - i myself find it cool...
but i guess that it's a matter of taste.

and last the loading sequence!!
yes you're right.. it is slow...but i
think everybody have a kind of cartridge
now'a'days so actually it's not that bad

   i'm sorry but i will NOT stop doing
              s k y h i g h

for these three reasons.

1. there is not (and never will be) to
   many mags in the scene...

2. 'skyhigh' might be the lamest oxyron
   mag there is.but that's for sure no
   reason to stop - and again i think
   it's a matter of taste...

3. i don't see no reason why i can't
   concentrate on both mag and covers..

ok i'll end this answer with saying :

i think you have a bit double standard
of morality..

 first you want me to stop doing my mag!
 but you don't mind to fill in a vote-
 sheet. and you for sure want me to put
 in your addy (which i did!!)

 i don't think these things goes alike

             GET MY POINT...

ok i better end now.. i hope you will
not see this as an attack (i didn't see
yours as one.) and i hope you see this.

and last i am thinking on a new and much
better design and a faster loader...

                                see ya

                                BIZ KID

ps!  i'm glad you like my covers!!!

       pheew! that was a long one.
          ok next one is from:


well what should i say.this magazine is
just fucking cool.although you've only
done 3 issues so far it beats mags which
have released over 10 issues.
hey,could you change the music for each
issue,because it would be a lot cooler
this way.
oh if you change the outfit,please do
plan the new outfit well,because a bad
outfit can ruin hundreds of blocks of
text.what i mean is that if you take a
fast look at a mag;if you notice that da
outfit is a piece of pure shit,you will
problably think that the mag is 'just
another' and ignore it.
i hope you get my point.
anyway,keep on publishing diz magazine
as often asyou possibly can.



yo scow!

well as you could see then someone find
this mag 'just another' and then THEY
problably just ignore it.
that's ok with me - no problem...
but words like these from you and giga-
byte; that's what makes me continue!!!
well about the upcomming outfit :
i will for sure design a very cool one
in the future. i don't know when it will
be finished but one day you'll recieve
a brand new edition of skyhigh with it.

concerning the music - i don't get your
point. actually there has been new music
in every issue. try to compare 'em!!
(only the loadertune in 2 and 3 is the

ok that's it                    see ya!

                                BIZ KID

     ok here comes a few short ones

let's start with this one

-your mag has a nice outfit.
-keep it being released regular!

and about the logo - it is a simple one
but it's cool.i like it tho' it's
nothing special


  yo what can i say!!
  thanx for the nice words and look out
  for the new outfit..
  and enjoy this issue..

                                BIZ KID

yeah man,your mag really are cool!!
lot's of text when you think about the
fact that you are all alone. well to be
honest i read it from one end to another
but mayby you should put the possibility
to change music,as you talked about.
mayby a change of logo would be noce too

keep up the good work!!

                    IBANEZ/NO NAME/TMD

  yo pal thanx for your nice reaction!!
  well i say as i did to the others -

  watch out for the new outfit, with a
  new and cool logo and the opportunity
  to change music.

  and i keep up the work for sure...

                                see ya!

                                BIZ KID

hey i saw the second issue of skyhigh,
and i think it's a cool mag.
cool zax,grafix, the only thing i regret
is that there's not enough text and ar- go on and long life..


  yo pal - a shame you havn't seen the
  3rd issue coz there's alot of text.
  (about 600 blocks)
  and i still try to increase it..
  about the amount of articles.there
  might be a new one sometime.

  i got some plans with some dudes who
  are about to write some articles for

  what about you ?? - what about writing
  a scene-report from france??

  well think about it pal!!!

                                see ya!

                                BIZ KID

-cool mag! you had to little votes 2 get
the charts fair but i guess it will be
better in the future.
-i spread your sheets and will continue
supporting you...
anyway, cool gfx and text
continue your god work biz kid!!!


  yo bumboo my man!!
  thanx for the nice wordz!!
  i guess you're right about the charts
  but take a look at this issue.much
  better eh!!!
  talking about support. yeah boy please
  keep supporting me...
  by the way cool ya liked my'support'
  to you(the jamaica-logo) and even more
  cool that you used it..
  good luck with jamaica pal!!

                                BIZ KID

cool mag.especially 'spread the word'


  well the shortest reaction ever seen.
  -well yeah i myself find that particu-
  lary chapter very cool..
  not more to write
                                BIZ KID

hi there biz kid!
yehova coolie,nice mag ye got here!
oxyron really kick the scen with mags!!
well,yer mag is the ruling no1,if ye ask
me,but who does? i love to read the cewl
chapters,and the FAIR charts ye got..
simply da ruling uno!
load of smirk heir,but daz the facts!
i love diz mag!
                          yours truly

                          fli of migs

well what can i say!!
i hope you love this issue just as much
as the others.
what the heck is 'smirk heir' some sort
of code???
well any way enjoy this issue!!!!

                                BIZ KID

i like skyhigh.i saw skyhigh issue 2 - 3
i think it is a good diskmag.i want more
music coz it is very boring to read all
text with same music

                      long live skyhigh


yo sleepwalker!!  another happy reader
aint that cool..
about more music - it's comming up,just
wait and see
                                BIZ KID
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