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  well time for some reactions on this



you had a very cool music in your note,
but the music in the reader-part i dis-
liked a bit.
if you had taken the music from the loa-
der into the reading-part it would be a
bit better.
what about a manual-music-changing or in
every chapter another music ?


- yo happymaker thanx for your reaction.
  about the music. well it's a matter of
  taste. someone love one kind of music
  and someone another. i myself loved it
  and that's the reason why i choosed
  these tunes. that you didn't like 'em
  was tuff luck(no offence!!) i'm sorry
  to say it so straight but that's the
  truth. well mayby you just love the
  tunes in this issue.

- about the manual-music-change!!
  actually it was planned to be finished
  in the second issue.but yedo/ozone is
  problably the most laziest coder on
  earth and i had to call him all the
  time to make him code it.
  and as i got it (very much delayed) it
  didn't work. the sucker didn't test it
  before mailing it.
  but i try to kick his ass to finish it
  for issue #03

  by the way the idea of a new tune for
  every chapter was realized in the 1st
  issue. but i takes to much blocks so i
  quitted that.

  ok i think that's it for your reaction
  thanx for the nice critics.
  hope you'll have a nice time with this
  3rd issue

                                BIZ KID


jesus christ! skyhigh #2 was a fucking
cool issue. the amount of text was a
whole lot better this time.
i like the different musics the most.
it's nice to hear a different music all
the time while you're reading the mag.
please use this same outfit for a couple
of times and then change it, ok!


- yo scow thanx for your coool reaction
  well this is the second time you're in
  this chapter - cool.
  yes you're right the amount of text
  has increased since last issue as pro-

  i better use the opportunity to ask
  all you readers to send in stuff like

       stuff for 'spread the word'

  coz that's what makes this magazine
  alive.and that's the way of increasing
  the text issue after issue.

  and you scow are doing a brilliant job
  to keep this mag alive and expanding.

  keep up that fine work pal...

  ok about the music: so ya liked it.
  good coz it proves my answer to happy-

  well i sure use this outfit for a time
  but i am doing some thinking about a
  new and cooler outfit so watch out!!

  ok thanx again homie. enjoy this issue

                                BIZ KID


as i remember you didn't change anything
in this 2nd issue.mag isn't bad,but i
think here is nothing special,everything
is as in many other mags.try to improve
and try to correct your charts,coz there
are many things getting stupid.i was
really pissed off as i noticed that ther
are 2 lame polish groups(agnus and crazy
boys)- i do not think it's worth to pub-
lish groups which got only 1 or 2 points
(on the lowest positions are much more
cooler...) (sorry but i can't read -ed!)
i havn't time to explain you it more,but
i think you know what i mean.

                            keep cool!!!
ps. zak sucked alot!!

  yo maja first thanx for your reaction!

  well let me answer your questions from
  the beginning!!
  first;there actually was some minor
  changes such as only 2 tunes and two
  chapters for interviews.
  about improving the mag(so it wont be
  another boring mag in your eyes) sure
  i would love to improve the mag..
  but how. send in some ideas and i'll
  think it over no problem amigo...
  (this goes for the rest of my readers
  concerning the charts..well i guess it
  is up to anybody to judge if some of
  the groups are lame or not.
  but we can't deny the fact that some-
  one actually voted for these groups
  and therefore they ofcoz has to be in
  the charts.otherway i would cheat the
  charts and i don't do that (ok)
  furthermore you dont think groups with
  only 1 or 2 points shouldn't be on the
  charts at all. well why not.i my self
  think anybody deserves a chance.this
  also gives a fair view of the bottom-
  positions right??
  i'm sorry but i couldn't read the last
  tuff luck.but i hope i answered your
  questions anyway,else write again.

                     you too keep cool!

                                BIZ KID
ok here comes a letter i have written
out of some reactions i got from diffe-
rent dudes:

some guys think it's lame that a group
has more than one magazine. people keep
referring to oxyron-mags:

               update ????

well i better correct a few things first

update is NOT a oxyron mag.
and as i know then pravda is dead(but it
is only 99% sure)

that leaves us with 3 mags!!

well i myself can't see anything lame
about that. nooooo

as a matter of fact i see this as a sign
of activity and for sure not lameness..

-ok people continues why not make only 1
 oxyron-mag together and join forces.

yeah sure i see your point but at time
being i have no interesst in doing that
it would also ruin our reputation as the
most active group of all times.
besides i guess we(oxyron)are also known
for being a bit crazy-just think about :

              comalight 4.5
         toetet onkel dittmeyer
            comalight sqr 71

   so why not have 3 mags instead of 1

ok i think ya'll got my point now!!
so i guess it's time to end this with da

  put on your shitkickers
                    and kick some shit

                           ok see ya'll

                                BIZ KID

  why don't you have single crackers in
  the charts?

  cool that you keep the addys in the
  mag forever!!

hello abuse thanx for your short but
clear reaction..

first i don't like the crax at all (well
allmost..) coz i doesn't play games very
often. and in my opinion people look for
thegroup who cracked the game and not th
person who did it. well this might be as
wrong as it can be. (give me some input
on this subject dudes!!)

another thing is that i hope the dude
(musician,coder or gfxer) that does a
piece of cool work he does it for the
whole group and not for his own sake!!

and for the addys.yes i myself find this
 but i has been my idea all the time to
collect the biggest addy-collection of
all time so keep on dending your addies.

                                BIZ KID
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