Skyhigh 02 ch11 Tha Biz-Mix

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  yo alot of dudes have asked for some


             about biz kid

            so here we go!!

          handle     :  BIZ KID
          group      :  OXYRON

well my real name is jesper j0rgensen.
im 22 years old - (23 on the 28th of feb
         i'm about 1.90 cm high.
    i have green eyes,and blond hair.
     (i'm trying to get long hair.)

    i live in a small village named:
           -  vester nebel  -
  near a town named kolding in denmark.
  (together with my girl in our house)

                 my job

 i work in a factory called:rahbek fisk
i make 'fishfingers'
     (or in german : fischstaebchen)

      i work from 14.00 'till 22.00
 and i therefore use the nights for the
 the commy!!!


    i got my commy back in 84' or 85'

     i lamed around for a long time
doing nothing but collecting and playing

then i almost quitted all computer-acti
vities for a long time.

then i started up again,but only laming.

  i tried to contact a lot of groups.
          (back in 90' and 91')

    but no one wanted me as a member.
so at that time i wanted to sell my c64
 (but luckyly no one wanted to buy it.)

then one day (beginning january 92')
yedo of ozone called me up and told me
that he was looking for a grfxmember and
asked me to join.

i joined and we made some stuff.(which
was never released!)

-then one member left and suddenly then
we were just 2 left members in ozone.

well i made some logo's for blaze and
then they asked me to join. and i did.
it was about 8 or 9 months ago.

but as you sure know then blaze is dead
      and 3 members joined oxyron.

these were  :    SCRAPPER
                 BIZ KID

 (the 4th blazer is MACHINE but he was
 in oxyron allready.)

    so now i'm a member of the famous

               O X Y R O N

     my status is grfx and swapper.

     besides that i make a mag named


it was a product of ozone,but as ozone
 is dead,i continued it on myself.
 so in a way ya can call it biz kid-mag

 (yeah i know that it sounds strange!!)

 i got an old c64, which is laying in a
corner now 'cause i bought a newer one.

(so if you're interested it's for sale
very cheap!! )

      then i got 2 1541 disk-drives

          a final cartridge iii

         action cartridge mk vi

           an arcade joystick

            a 12'' colour-tv

        and a hell lot of disk's

 my mainjob is as you know to do grafix.

 i use these grafixprogrammes :

           advanced art studio
       koalapainter  (very little)
      amicapaint(also very little)
        logo editor (or centauri)

            sagaeditor (fli)

        and different font makers

(if ya got some cool grafix-programmes
 then please let me know )

 furthermore i'm a swapper,with about
 30 - 35 contacts for the time being...
       (i got 'em all in 1992 !!)

 - but i want to increase the amount of
 contax in 1993...

         --- other interest ---

      i love almost any form of art

          specially visual art:


             salvadore dali
                mc esher
             boris valejero
              robert crump
              michael kvium

             and some others

 i love surrealism and 'future-bio art'
     (or cyberpunk.) and fantasy-art

 i used to do graffity some years ago.
          that was alot of fun.
  listening to hip-hop we made a lot of

          mureals around town.

     hip hop is my biggest passion !

i'm down with the cool hardcore-gangsta

        i love rap posses like :

         ice cube 'n' lench mob
                  ice t
                 das efx
              fu schnickens
                 tim dog
              public enemy
     the whole 'native tounge' posse
               boogie down
            naughty by nature
               monie love

         and a whole lot more...

            HIP HOP RULEZ...

      furthermore i'm into tattoo's

  i love tattoo's - i got some myself :

             - on my back -

i got the top of an indiansquaw(with sum
nice titties) popping up behind a black
panther (which is tearing it's way thru
my skin)

-then i got a dragon also tearing it's
way through my skin.
and a huge tiger on the lower back!
it's only outline at the time (i have to
get it filled when i got the dough)

on my upper right arm i got a face of a
sweet woman mixed with a rose looking
through my skin.(blackwork)

   but when you meet me ask to see 'em

              and remember


              GET A TATTOO

  so as ya see then i'm a mixed nature

i hate to be like the rest.and i love to
be different in a cool way.

my plans is to stay with this cool c64
until the very end.

  i want a lot of cool scenefriends !!!

         'cause FRIENDSHIP RULES

  and last. i hate people calling other
  people lame for no reason,

there's just one reason why they do that


     and then i hate disk stealers.

      well i think that's about it

  no one more thing, i love 'coca cola'

if you got any questions then write it
down and i'll answer it. or simply just
wait and go to the horizon party in swe-
den 'cause i'll be there for sure....

i'll end this with the latin designation

           ' HUMULUS LUPULUS '

               which means


(the cool shit you find in your beer!!!)
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