Skyhigh 01 ch03 News and Rumours

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- wrath designs is dead.

- oxidy joined fairlight.

- also ed and avalon joined fairlight.

- static and fozzie rebuilt gothic des.

- eliz joined gothic designs.

- visage left the scene.

- zzap/betrayal was kicked out of wrath
  before they died,and not because they
  died as he is claiming.

- crossfire/epic has ripped grfx form

- enduro/intruders joined fairlight.

- ranger/noice joined fairlight

- rcs has quitted.

- hooper has quitted

- tucislade joined rebels as coder.

- pixel has joined bronx as grfx'er.

- also dice joinde bronx as grfx'er.

- mr.mouse/xentax/blaze quitted the

- peace/xentax/blaze is now the new
  leader of xentax.

- according to chrome/2000ad amiga dev.
  2000ad will mayby start up a 64 dev.

- bizarre/trance joined amnesia as a
  second group.

- legend is NOT dead!

- haegar of trance renamed into :
  fat freddy..

- antichrist is back in genesis and so
  is sorceress.

- calypso/x-f4cg joined topaz beerline.

- mr.ammo/blaze joined triad

- alpha flight is back in the scene.

- split got kicked of sunrise. he is now
  considering an offer from :
  turbo b/blaze  as swapper in blaze.

- stash renamed into mc-byte.

- code 18/ll joined legacy.

- motley/gp got caught by the police.

- stiff and mercy/x-triad joined epic.

      well that's the news for now.

  don't forget to send me some hot news

           for the next issue.

  ok i'm outta kid
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