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Intro scrolltext

amok_ presents sex'n'crime #17 . volker writing... yeah guys,i hear you all cry ' what's that? where's the intro we are used to watch every month....' well the reason is that this issue is a bit different to the others: this time the textstuff wasn't written by omg!! this guy was in holiday for 4 weeks and so another member of amok had to do this work.his name is rene_  ! that's also the reason for using this intro instead of the old one.i don't like this intro (the graphix are pure shit!) , especially if i look at the coder of this (he's able to do better stuff,i think!).credits for this intro: coding by typhoon/amok , graphix also by typhoon (hey stefan bitte nicht nochmal,ja ??? bei ueber 100 members wird sich schon ein graphiker finden lassen..!), music of course by the vibrants! finally remember that this is just a short holiday issue(the second and last of its kind,as the school starts again next week!) ,next month we are back as strong as ever.... i'm going to cruel all now so hack space or read all my bullshit again! bye... amok_ 1990_


sex'n'crime #017               july 1990
1.........editorial  6............movies
2.....english scene  7............charts
3..rumours and news  8.........interview
4.............mixed  9..........contacts and previous  0...........mailbox

graphics.....................hein design
music(only this time!)..........vibrants
print-routine v2..................volker

send your articles, rumours, news,
game-previews and votings to:


in case you know anything which might be
of interest for SEX'N'CRIME, or you're
running a conference, call these lines:

germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
germany:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
denmark:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
norway:      XXXXXXXXXXXXX
holland:     XXXXXXXXXXXXX


heyahoo boys!
this issue 17 is the worst s'n'c ever!
why? well, omg told you in the last
issue that this issue won't be released.
but: he told me (rene/amok) to write
this issue as he found noone else to
do that job. so here i am and i have NO
experience in doing a mag, so have mercy
it's my first! i also skipped the
reactions in this issue as i've nothing
to write in that chapter. as replacement
i took a report about the uk-cracking
scene in which was given to me by DMC of
DOMINATORS (thanks pal!).
well, finally i repeat that this is my
first mag and so i hope you'll enjoy
this a bit at least!


English Scene


the 6 month period between christmas
and july has been a very eventfull and
positive time for the uk-cracking-scene.
the main groups during this period being
and DCS. during the beginning of the
year,though,you would have found that
only IKARI+TALENT existed out of the
groups i mentioned before.
during the past few months though, each
of these groups have emerged to be a
major forces in the world scene.
IKARI+TALNET picked up from where they
left off last year, releasing very cool
versions and fast cracks. this, in many
ways was thanks to the speed of BOD and
JUST ICE. nowadays, though, JUST ICE is
not doing much, whereas BOD releases
quite alot, yet mostly the single loader
games, due to his ability in cracking
multiload games, yet he still releases
the odd first realease in the states.
the first big move was when DEAN and
at first, they released almost all games
and usually first releases due to their
ability to get very fast originals. most
of the time though, their versions were
bugged. nowadays, REBLE MC (ex-dean) and
RICHIE are not as productive as they
used to be, as seems to be trend
during the first three months of the
year two old legends reentered, namely
NATO and DCS. they are cracking steadily
yet are no-where near as large as they
used to be.
during the march-april period, the
biggest event occured in the uk-scene,
maybe the euro-scene so far this year.
FUSION, the old prodigy was reborn. it
consisted of two groups, TWILIGHT ZONE
in the uk and DCS in denmark. DOGFRIEND
was never in the group, due to popular
misconception! this was only a rumour,
and i, for one, believed it also, but it
was never true. i hope the subject is
closed now. the uk-section decided to
leave due to inactivity of the other
members. we decided to join MANOWAR.
during our time of about two weeks we
produced three cracks with two being
firstreleases! so we finaly joined
months before. now we are cracking
almost everything and very fast! i'm
sorry if this is a bit biased, but what
do you expect!
one of the new groups formed in 1990 is
THUNDERTRONIX, better known as TNT.
they are based in ireland and are doing
very well for themselves. they have, in
my mind, one of the best coders in the
uk, namely MANTIS. he is currently
coding a game with many new routines,
etc... hopefully he should get some
demos out soon!
another group which is mostly associated
with cracking, yet not in the uk, is
who joined AMOK a few weeks ago.
but they gained three new mambers,
DEEK,BIZZMO and TDM, being the
ex-masters of reality, who mainly dealt
with compunet! they are, in my mind the
best DEMOGROUP in britain, although deek
is based in scotland. he used to work
for SONIC GRAFFITTI, and so you may have
heard some of his musics in different
games. nowadays, sonic graffitti work
with SYSTEM 6581, this being MOPPE
(ex-oneway) and zizypus. hear the music
in blood money.


Rumours and News

          * ROUMORS AND NEWS *

SUCCESS is X-RAY is alone again.
pyle and arrogance joined LEGEND.
colin and bronx joined XRAY.

DEEK of GENESIS is now also in the
RAISTLIN of GENESIS changed his handle
into ROBERT and joined AMOK.

not SPITFIRE cracked the ACTIONs version
of tiebreak, but mr.lee (who did the
protection). spitfire called mr.lee
during the job and cracked the game step
by step as it was told him be mr.lee!

TRIAD is back in the cracking-scene as
tycoon and injun rejoined them.

warning! these plk's are observed by the

BACCHUS of FAIRLIGHT left the scene
after one month of hard work as he'll
marige soon. in reaction also ROWDY
left the scene.

there's a new dutch group called
RUTHLESS. they got 15 members from ATG,
KING left the scene.

WALKER left ONEWAY and joined WARRANT,
left again and joined PARAGON.

ENJOY (ex-class) joined BONZAI.
and infocomie joined NATO.

SONNY left bonzai and joined DOMINATORS.
he dropped LETHAL NEWS and will do
another mag instead. ANIMAL rejoined
DOM. DRAKE (ex-dom) joined EXTASY.

MR.MAD if CULTURE droped the c-64 and is
now working on pc. slash (ex-sphinx) is
back as mirage/culture and he's doing
some grafix for cultures new papermag
SHOCK which is edited by druid and
skater. the first issue is just out yet
and they really have cool gfx and it's
built up like a disc-mag. news,charts,
interview... but nothing special...

twist,sonix (ex-cosmos),red,mb and nps
(ex-wwe) formed the new group CONFLICT.

STING of PARAMOUNT codes a game together
with PD who's doing the grafix. they
stole some routines from STING and
DR.DEATH who got angry and in reaction
they left PARAMOUNT. now they formed the
new group CREATION.

ACCU left ACTION,changed his handle into

ACTION lost their contactplk... don't
any longer!



               * MIXED *

"hey bigheads!
 you all complain about the charts and
 only lamers would vote in it. so well,
 you are just like some politicians...
 you've a big mouth but nothing else!
 send your votes in and you might change
 the charts soon so they look fair to
 you. but, if you won't send... you
 shouldn't complain at all. if you don't
 send votes, the editor has to think,
 you all are happy with those charts.
 i hope you know what i mean...
 sorry for my bad english... this is
 written in a very hurry."

"the biggest news (in the states) would
 be that OUTLINE has died after just two
 editions and original software has
 dried up so much that even the top us
 group (NEC) has now resorted to
 importing from europe. it is an
 indicator that our c64 is quickly
 losing support from the software houses
 (at least in the states). in the past 3
 or 4 weeks, there have only been 3
 original programs released. the groups
 apparently have two choices...
 import or die (or wait forever for a
 company to release something in the
 states)."            JOHN/PURPLE DRAGON

"hello there.
 i should have written this letter weeks
 ago when i got s'n'c #15, but i just
 forgot it. i am JERRY the leader of
 to my surprise i could read that we are
 in war with CENSOR. we are NOT. some of
 the censor guys visit me now and then.
 i have been swapping with dragon all
 since he left triad a year ago. when
 dragon can't take care of me for any
 reason, bob jumps in and sends to me.
 does that sound like a war? what might
 be behind this is that i hate the mere
 thought of by taito/censor. i did a lot
 of work on his 1541 and he refused to
 pay me a very low sum for my job.
 several of the other censor guys also
 think that this stinks!
 AARON/FLT stole some unfinished demo
 files from censor. these files were
 fucked up and released. that kind of
 behaviour is outrageous. i, personally,
 will support censor 100% when they go
 to war against aaron. two very good
 crackers were offered to join flt. when
 they heard what aaron has done they
 refused to deal with flt.flt has severe
 problems in finding originals. LIGHT
 has even bigger problems. the solution
 those marmelade brains came up with is
 to cooperate. i suppose they will sit
 there feeling sorry for each other!
(ed.:the FLT/LIGHT coop splitted after
 just a few days...)
 i have come to know some of the
 suppliers that send an occasional
 original to flt. i am about to write
 to them telling them the story of
 aaron. i will also suggest to them not
 to send one single original to flt
 until aaron is out of flt. i will also
 let flt know of my actions. my hope is
 that aaron is kicked out of the scene.
 this hobby is about friendship and fun,
 not a platform for possible adolfs!"

"two cool guys (artists) are searching
 for a cool group..if you're interessted
 then write/call:

             only together


News and Previous

         * NEWS AND PREVIOUS *

monthly GRAPHIC and MUSIC competition:
RULES: everybody may participate with
       one or more musics or graphics.
       no particular rules what the
       graphics have to look like...
       you may use any known format.
       the music must not be longer
       than 20 blocks.

AWARD: your work will be linked in front
       of SEX'N'CRIME and spread all
       over the world. (easy way to gain
       publicity and to enter various
       graphic- and music-charts...)

ps: in the last 2 months we received
    graphics from more than 70 people
    but only very few musics.

in the coming issue of ASM (german soft
magazin) there should be the first test
of the AMOK-game KILLOZAP.

on the campingsite "la union" in
order an invitation at:


               * MOVIES *

yahoo serious (greg pead) acts the
importantest physician of the 20th
century: albert oinstein. ofcourse you
can't await a seoious movie from a guy
with that name... so this einstein
harvests apples in tasmania (and not in
bern, all's relative!), splits beeratoms
and invents the rock'n'roll...
my and others oppinion: "it's simply
genious... watched relative!"



AUGUST:    gremlins 2, hunt for the red
SEPTEMBER: robocop 2, exorcist 1990
OKTOBER:   boys are back in town,
           die hard 2, cabal
NOVEMBER:  young guns 2
DECEMBER:  rocky 5, two evil eyes, night
           of tho living death
JANUARY:   the bridge of the re-animator
FEBRUARY:  basket case 2, naked gun 2,
           predator 2
MARCH:     scenes from a mall, zorro,
           the haunting of morella
APRIL:     maxim xul
MAY:       childs play 2,kiss and be
JUNE:      nightmare 6, bill'n'teds
           excellent adventure 2,time of
           the beast
JULY:      hollywoods new blood,
           evil death 3



             * THE CHARTS *

 01.  GENESIS          (01) 452  germany
 02.  ikari and talent (03) 395  england
 03.  illusion         (05) 307   norway
 04.  legend           (02) 257  belgium
 05.  dominators       (04) 229  denmark
 06.  fairlight        (11) 164   sweden
 07.  censor designs   (06) 158   sweden
 08.  action           (09) 155  germany
 09.  x-ray            (08) 148  germany
 10.  paramount+afl    (12) 125  germany
 11.  crazy and lotus  (07) 118  germany
 12.  extasy           (--) 100  finland
 13.  nato             (10) 094  england
 14.  dynamix          (--) 082  germany
 15.  transcom         (14) 066   france
 16.  lazer            (16) 060  austria
 17.  class            (--) 053  denmark
 18.  dcs              (--) 050  england
 19.  f4cg             (13) 046    italy
 20.  depredators      (15) 037  denmark
 21.  occult           (--) 035  germany
 22.  x-factor         (--) 033  denmark
 23.  triad            (--) 031   sweden
 24.  science 451      (--) 030   sweden

(PLM = Place Last Month)

             BEST DEMOGROUPS

 01.  CREST           (01)  307  germany
 02.  horizon         (09)  219   sweden
 03.  origo           (02)  201  finland
 04.  blackmail       (05)  183  holland
 05.  cosmos designs  (03)  167  austria
 06.  censor designs  (10)  156   sweden
 07.  buds            (06)  135  denmark
      light           (13)  135   sweden
 09.  artline designs (--)  130  finland
 10.  genesis         (07)  121  england
 09.  flash inc.      (--)  117   norway
 12.  megastyle       (04)  088   norway
 13.  triangle        (11)  059  denmark
 14.  x-ample         (08)  057  germany
 15.  bonzai          (--)  054  denmark
 16.  beyond force    (14)  041  finland
 17.  ruling company  (--)  035  holland
 18.  ancient temple  (--)  030  austria

              BEST CRACKERS

PLACE NAME       GROUP         PLM   PTS
 01.  SNACKY     GENESIS       (01)  268
 02.  sauron     illusion      (02)  130
 03.  antitrack  cosmos        (03)  129
 04.  bod        talent        (07)  112
 05.  goblin     genesis       (05)  089
 06.  dogfriend  dominators    (08)  077
 08.  arrogance  legend        (--)  063
 09.  powerplant legend        (10)  062
 10.  just ice   ikari         (06)  045
      doc        ikari         (--)  045
 13.  injun inc. triad

             BEST DESIGNERS

PLACE NAME      GROUP          PLM   PTS
 01.  HEIN DES. DENSITY        (01)  266
 02.  orc       blackmail      (03)  234
 03.  bizzmo    genesis        (02)  205
 04.  gotcha    crazy          (06)  123
 05.  scrap     genesis        (04)  102
 06.  vip       crest          (09)  100
 07.  flex      artline design (07)  081
 08.  tpa       x-ample        (10)  078
 09.  the sarge fairlight      (--)  074
 10.  robert    blackmail      (05)  057
      redstar   logic          (08)  057
 12.  fox       bonzai         (11)  050
 13.  damien    genesis        (--)  032

PLACE NAME        GROUP        PLM   PTS
 01.  JCH         VIBRANTS     (01)  302
 02.  drax        vibrants     (02)  246
 03.  link        vibrants     (04)  202
 04.  c.deenen    mon          (03)  186
 05.  e.v.santen  20cc         (06)  185
 06.  deek        genesis      (07)  148
 07.  laxity      mon          (--)  143
 08.  j.tell      mon(?)       (--)  129
 09.  j.olsen     amok         (05)  124
 10.  m.schneider x-ample      (--)  072
 11.  moz(ic)art  shape        (09)  067
 12.  r.ouwehand  ---          (08)  047
 13.  zardax      origo        (--)  036
 14.  j.bjeregard ---          (--)  031

in case your brain is on vacation, you
better won't bother to vote at all...



             * INTERVIEW *

this time we forced ARROGANCE of LEGEND
to answer some questions. this interview
was given to us by DAMIEN of GENESIS and
it's made when he wasn't in legend and
SUCCESS had just died a few days ago.
so some answers might not be on the
actual stand.


+hi thomas! please tell us something
 about yourself... age, name etc...
-hi. ok! my real name is thomas! i'm 19
 years old, have blond hair and
 metalteeth! at the me' i am working in
 a warehouse but i'll stop that shit and
 going to study computers-technology!
 i am a kind of damn coolie, wearing
 earrings on both sides and all that
+since when do you have your computer
 and what did you do since that day?
-i bought my first computer, a c64, in
 1985! after going the usual way of a
 lamer (collecting games) i got
 interested in all those illegal
 activities! my real carrier started
 when i joined SHARKS, after that i
 built up SUCCESS with some friends!
 now we are in cooperation with X-RAY.
+what are your jobs in success?
-i am cracking, coding and swapping.
 but i think everybody knows that!
+what was the hardest protection you
 had to crack?
-i can't remember anything that was too
 hard for me, but the protection of
 'gorbian tomb' isn't that bad!
+what are your future plans?
-SUCCESS will make a break till
 september and X-RAY is alone again.wait
 till then and ya'll see a new ruling
 german group! everything else is a
+what do you do if are not terrorizing
 your poor c64?
-oh man, i do a lot of things beside
 compi... having nice times with my
 girlfriend tanja (by the way, i
 celebrated my 5 month anniversary
 yesterday), watching videos, going
 strong with my friends, smoking,
 playing tabletennis and doing anything
 i want to!
+what do you think of the scene nowadays
-i dunno whay everybody tells that the
 scene is lame nowadays... i really do
 like the scene with all those cool guys
 i know...
+what or who do you think is the best...
-my personal favourite groups are:
 movie:   evil death
 persons: OMG,ANTICHRIST and MCA.
 drinks:  southern-cherry, cola-beer
 food:    pizza, hawaian-toast and
 music:   (real:) rap. (compi:)
          vibrants, authentic arts,
-do you have something like an idol?
+no,not really!
 ha! but i would like to become like ROY
 or SYNDICATE of DIELAMIX one day...
-what was the worst/best thing ever
 happened to you?
+worst: that i had to leave school! i
 really loved it!
 best: that i haven't met roy/dielamix
 in denmark at the dom-party! i will
 kick him later!
-who are your best friends in the
 MCA/AUTHENTIC ARTS and some more...
-well... that was it.. now get off here
 and kick some lamers, eh?
+yeah! bye..



              * CONTACTS *


you once again reached the end of
another sex'n'crime... this time a bit
earlier than normal because i had to
skip the reactions (which make a big
part of a sex'n'crime)...
but anyway...
hope you are not too angry with me for:
- my bad english
- this short issue
- this rather bad issue

thanks to all guys who helped me with
this and also YOU!


the text of this issue was finished on
13.7.90!a bit debugged and installed one
week later and finally spread in venlo!

a short note to CREST:
you might haven't noticed it up to now
but there's a big BUG in your DEMO
'The Bubble Tale'! this demo is maybe a
bit old but as i am not a swapper i got
it first 3 weeks ago...
but the problem:
in two parts you moved some hires-pic's
by using linecrunching(quite nice!) .on
my compy(128'er !) all worked in the
normal way but when i came to a friend
who is hacking on a very old c64 (wenn
es euch interessiert baujahr 1983) all
fucked up! i had the same problem,when i
did a hardscroll-mover some months ago!
this (fuck) is caused by some REFRESH
CYCLES which get lost.after installing
some stuff (e.g. nop) at the right place
(i need quite a long time...) all worked
100% on all computers... so look for
these mentioned bugs in your next demo,
coz good demos need professional code !
if you don't believe me try it yaself...
(das war jetzt echt nicht 'boes gmeint,
sollte nur ein tip fuer spaeter sein.ich
finde eure demos persoenlich sehr gut!)

bye and sorry for a bit german text from
            volker of amok !
(p.s. don't laugh 'olle' !)

                THE END




    this sex'n'crime was spread by:
              BLUE NINJA
contact me:
the blue ninja /tms (y)

D64 MD5: c44121914685949e4519607625b99a32 威龍 精力剤 インポ すすきの デリヘル 人妻 風俗 精力剤 勃起薬 熟女 デリヘル 勃起 不全 デリバリーヘルス 男性下着

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